The Skulls

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Chapter 11

Seth POV

Alex was so funny. We all were having so much fun laughing and taking. It felt so good to laugh with these guys. They aren't what everyone says. They are also normal human beings who have a heart.

Alex ran out of the office and not even a second later came back.

Scarlet nodded at Liam and he called someone. After a few minutes, a man whose hands were covered in tattoos came into the office. He must be the tattoo artist. He greeted them and proceeded to make the marks on our wrist. After that, we all went downstairs and sat in the couch of the living room. Sometime later, Alex got a call, and he went upstairs. Just a minute later, Aria and Maria went upstairs behind him.

We all kept talking and after a few hours all of them came down.

Ryder went to check the lunch, and we followed behind him.

“What the hell is this?” You both have spoiled everything. ” Ryder was shouting at them.

“We are sorry. ” They both said, hanging their heads down.

“Anyone order pizza. We will have it. And Brandon and Rick, You both will be going and bringing all the groceries.” Alex said.

After sometime we had pizza, and we went to the living room again.

“What shall we do now? ” I asked.

“Shall we watch a movie? ” Ryder said.

Just then we heard a phone ringing. It was scarlets.

“Excuse me.” She said and went to her office.

Alexia POV

All of us were talking in the living room when my phone rang. I checked it and it was dad.

I excused myself and went to my office.

“Hey dad. ”

“ HOW CAN YOU FORGET TO CALL US ALEXIA SOFIA BLACK. DO YOU KNOW HOW WORRIED WE WERE? ” I heard dad shouting. I hate my middle name and he knows it.

“Dad, sorry. I got caught up in some issues here. ”

“It's alright. So tomorrow you have to go to school. Don't you dare skip it. I warn you”. Dad said.

“OK dad. ” I said, sighing. “Bye Love you. ”

“Love you too.” he said and cut the call.

I went to the third floor where it was the home theater. The second floor was our office and fourth floor was the swimming pool. We didn't have any guest rooms as we didn't have anyone coming to our house.

All of them were already watching some movie. I turned it off. I heard groans from all sides of the theater.

“Do you guys know the time now?” I asked after switching the lights on.

“Shit. It's training and work time in the evening. ” I heard Liam say.

“Just today sis. Allow us to skip it.” I heard Alex say.

“Alright. ” I said and saw instant smiles on their faces. “ Defeat me in a fight, and you get free time today.” All of their smiles vanished. They shook their heads and walked out to the gym.

I laughed at them and followed them.

Everyone were training in the gym, that's when I got another call.

“Scarlet. ” I said in my business voice.

“We are in the club, scarlet. Come and finalize the deal. ” I heard his voice.

“You know, Damon. You don't get to order me. And I am busy today. Come and meet me in my club after two days.” And I hung up.

I went towards others and started training with them.

*After an hour*

“So we will be going now. Bye.” Carla said and I nodded at them. They drove off.

“I have to go to school tomorrow. ” I said, falling on the couch. It was now almost 6pm and everyone had gone to their homes. I removed the mask and threw it away.

“Why are you so sad about it? ” Ryder asked.

“I have to act like a nerd. ” I said, sighing.

They started laughing at my face. I just huffed and turned my face to the TV.

“The Scarlet, who is the leader of the skulls, is said to be in England. Our sources have claimed that she was seen in her club with almost all of her members. Who is Scarlet? And why does she cover her face all the time. Even after she is known all over the world from almost two years, no one knows her real name and face. To know mo... The reporter on the TV was speaking.

“Don't they have any other news than the shit that goes on in my life.” I said annoyed.

“Sis, you are a celebrity now. ” Alex said, laughing. Everyone joined him. And I just tuned them out.

“Dinner is ready, Scarlet.” I heard Sarah's voice.

“Let's go. ” I said and we walked into the kitchen.

After dinner, we went upstairs to our rooms.

“What shall we do now? ” Aria asked.

“Uhh... Xia and Alex, we have to do some work. As we all were busy the whole day, I didn't remind you. ” Liam said.

“Alright.Let's finish this work quickly. ” Alex said,, and we went down to the office. Aria, Maria and Ryder came and sat in the couches in the office. They were also working on something in their laptops.

After about two hours we finished the work, and we went to our rooms and said our good nights and slept.

I was woken up by my alarm at 4am. I changed out of my clothes into track pants and sports bra and wore my shoes and tied my hair in a ponytail.

When I went to my room everyone were coming out of their rooms, but Alex was nowhere to be seen.

I smirked at them and I went into his room. He was sleeping soundly. Aria went into his bathroom and brought out a bucket of cold water. We both smirked at each other and threw it at Alex. He woke up with a start. He saw all of us and groaned. He shivered a little due to the cold water.

We laughed at him.

“Hey. Lazy ass. Get up. We have to train.” Maria said.

Alex groaned and got out of his bed. We went out of his room and waited downstairs.

After five minutes he came down. And all of us went out of the mansion to jog.

After two hours, we came back to the house and went to rooms to get ready for school.

I went to shower and washed my hair. After showering, I combed my hair and left it loose. I went to my walk-in closet and took out my uniform. It was a white shirt and red skirt with a black blazer. In the blazer there was the symbol of the school with the name. We also had to wear a tie, which was red. We had to tie our hair in ponytails. So after I dried my hair, I tied it.

It was my grandfathers dream to start a school,, but he couldn't do it. So my mom had started it to fulfill his wishes. Now Lawrence schools are world-famous and also students from rich to poor could afford it.

But this uniform thing was totally stupid, even though I liked the outfit. We had to wear white socks with black shoes.

The boys also had the same style, but they had black pants, white shirts, black blazer and a red tie.

I wore brown colored contacts on my eyes and I also wore glasses which were too big for my face. I had to try to look like a nerd by wearing these glasses. Urghh I hate glasses.

After I got dressed, it was close to 7.30am. The school starts at 8.30 am,, so we had one hour to get to school.

“Good morning.” I said as I reached the dining room. Everyone where waiting for breakfast.

“Morning.” Everyone replied.

I just smiled at them and took my seat at the head of the table.

“ So I will be dropped near the school by Ryder, and also he will be the one to pick me up. And guys, don't you dare act like you know me in school.” I said looking at Alex when I was saying the last part.

He nodded his head. We finished our breakfast and went to gather our bags.

Alex, Aria and Mari had gone to their cars and drove off to school.

I waited for about fifteen minutes and went out with Ryder. He dropped me at about five minutes distance from the school. He waved at me and took off. I sighed and walked towards the school.

I reached the gates and went in.

Let's start this day in hell.

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