The Skulls

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Chapter 12

Alexia POV

Everyone where in the grounds and looking at me as if I were an alien. Well, a new kid comes to school after the year almost ends. of course, they would look at me like that.

I saw Alex and the sisters standing next to their car. They were watching me just like others.

I ignored everyone and went towards the office to collect my schedule.

“Hello. My name is Xia. And I am a new student. Can you please give me my schedule?”

“Hello. Here is your schedule and locker key.” She said smiling at me.

“Is the Principal Mr.Jones here? ” I asked looking at the door to the principal's office.

“No dear. He has not arrived yet. ” She replied.

I nodded and murmured a short thank you and went out in search of my locker.

I noticed it was next to Carla, Seth's sister. And my locker was opposite my siblings.

I heard all of the students rushing into the building at once when the bell rang indicating that the school started.

I saw them coming near their lockers and a girl was following Alex like a long-lost puppy. Disgusting! And her uniform, her skirt is only till her mid-thigh and almost showing her panties. And her shirt was too tight that it looked like it would burst out anytime. She was holding the blazer in her hands. She just looked like the slut of the school. And she also had two minions following her. She spoke to Alex and suddenly kissed him. Yuck. She doesn't have manners at all.

I heard shuffling next to my locker and saw Carla looking at me. I smiled at her and she returned it.

“Hi. You must be the new girl. I am Carla. ” She said.

“Hi. I am Xia. ” Looking down and acting like a shy girl. I just don't want to act like this. But I had to do that so no one would recognize me.

Out of the corner of my eyes, I saw Seth coming and standing near Alex. He was talking to him and after a moment both of them were looking at me.

“So which class do you have?” Carla asked.

“Math. ” I replied.

“Perfect. Even I have the same class. Let's go together. Come on.” She said pulling me with her. Oh shit. My blazer went up a bit. I can't let anyone see it. I quickly retreated my hands out of her grip and pulled my blazer down. She looked at me confused but kept on walking.

The day dragged on. It was just boring. Now it is lunch break and went towards my locker to keep my books. I noticed Carla waiting for me by my locker.

“Do you want to sit with us for lunch? ” she asked.

“Umm. Us? ” I questioned her pretending to be confused.

“Oh.Yeah, my brother and his friends.”

“I don't know... I'd better sit by myself.” I said looking shy.

“ Please, Sit with us, Xia. It will be fun.” She said again. Urghh. I can't sit with Alex and the girls. But now I have to. I can't refuse Carla.

“Umm. Okay. ” I said softly.

“Thank you. ” And she hugged me.

We went towards the cafeteria. When we opened the door, everyone were looking at us. Or me to be specific. Even Alex and Seth were watching me. I just continued my act and kept my head down when Carla pulled me with her to the table where they were sitting.

“Guys. This is Xia, the new girl.” Carla introduced me.

“Hi. ” I said looking down at my shoes.

I almost heard Alex chuckle. He knew how much I hated being shy. This is completely opposite to my nature.

And then all the introductions. As if I didn't know who all of them were.

But Seth was looking super hot. His black hair was messy and his tie was loose. His jacket was in his hands. His brown eyes were looking straight at me.

I just smiled at them and sat down next to Alex.

“Did you guys hear what happened to Max?” Carla asked.

“Yeah. Xander and I were there at the time. ” Seth said. “I wish I could see the torture they did to him. ” He said sighing.

I looked at him shocked.

“You keep repeating that Seth. ” Xander said laughing. “Now that you are a part of the gang I think they will call you for the torture. ” He said laughing again.

“I just wanted to see how they tortured Max.” Seth said grumbling.

I just continued to look at him. He saw me and smiled sheepishly.

“It's just that I respect them very much. So I joined the gang. ”

I nodded and started eating the sandwich. I should ask my mother to change the type of food. It's not good. Or I will have to ask Sarah to send me food every day. No, I better ask the food manager to ask them to make delicious food. I smiled inwardly.

“ Xander. Weren't you called by the gang members to their house?” Seth asked. I looked at Xander.

“Oh Ya. I met Alex and he just said that I was brave to go near a dead body and take the note when everyone was scared.” He said smiling proudly.

Ari and Mari snorted. I couldn't help but laugh slightly at this.

“You were called by Alex and he praised you? This is the best joke I have ever heard.” Mari said laughing.

Everyone started to laugh at him. Just then,

“ Why the hell are you sitting in my seat. Bitch. ” I heard a loud screeching voice. It was Brittany and her minions. Everyone looked at her and stopped laughing.

She came next to me and pulled my blazer. Quickly I slapped her hand away. And I got up from the seat.

“ You dare to slap my hands, you whore. Don't you dare sit next to Xander Black. ” She said pressing on the word Black. I was annoyed with this slut now. Can't she just shut up. I already got up from the seat.

“ I am sorry”. I mumbled and proceeded to sit next to Aria. But before I could sit, Brittany pulled my arm and pushed me down to the floor.

“Don't you ever sit near them bitch. ” She said screaming.

I just nodded my head and went to another table in the far corner of the cafeteria. I saw Carla looking at me sympathetically as she was the one to call me to sit at her table. I just smiled at her.

Just then I heard a voice from the speaker.

“Miss Xia. Please come to the office room. The principal wants to meet you. ”

I sighed and got up from my seat.

“Looks like the bitch is already in trouble. ” I heard Brittany's minion Tia say. Everyone burst into laughter. I just ignored them and went out.

I went into the office and knocked on his door. I heard a soft come in.

“Hello, dear Uncle,” I said hugging him. The principal Celeb Jones is my uncle who is my mother's brother. And his wife is Olivia Jones who is the English teacher here.

He hugged me back.

“I missed you too dear. ” Just then I heard someone knock on the door. We broke the hug and sat in our seats as uncle told the person to come in.

It was my aunt Olivia. As soon as she saw me she engulfed me in a tight hug.

“ I missed you, Alexia. You don't come and visit us. Hell, you don't even call us. ” She said as she broke the hug.

“ Sorry. ” I said looking sheepish. “ I was just busy these days. ”

“Oh, it's alright. Why don't you guys come for dinner at our house today? ” She said. I nodded my head and smiled at her. She was like a second mother to all of us. They didn't have a child so they had considered all of us like their own children.

“Why did you call me uncle?” I asked him.

“ Oh, nothing. I got to know that my child is here and called you to meet me. ”

“Alright then. We will come for dinner at 7.30. We also have to go to the club today. ”

They nodded their heads. I looked at my phone and saw that I have English now which was my aunt's class. So we both went out of the office together waving at uncle. She nodded at me and I smiled at her and went to my locker. We couldn't be seen together as it would raise some questions.

I went and got my books and went to her class. The bell rang soon and the classes started to fill. Someone pushed me just as I was about to open the door. I turned and saw Brittany smirking at me. I ignored her again and went to take my seat.

The classes went by and soon school was done. I couldn't believe that it was just my first day and the bullying had started. I have to speak about it with my uncle and mom. We don't want anyone bullying in our schools.

Now I was standing near my locker taking out my bag.

Just then I heard someone behind me. I turned and saw that it was Adam the quarterback of the school. As per Mari's list, he was also a bully with Brittany.

“Hey, nerd. What's your name?”


He suddenly pushed me to my locker.

“ I heard that you went to sit with THE BLACK kids. Don't you dare sit with them. Understand?” He said looking at me sternly.

Who the hell does he think he is threatening me. I tried to maintain my anger and not lash out at him.

I nodded at him looking down. I saw Ari from the corner of my eyes. She started coming towards us.

“What do you think you are doing Adam?” She said looking at him sternly. “Leave her alone.”

His eyes brightened at her looking at her. Eww... He has a crush on my sis. I hate him. I will teach him a lesson. Just wait and watch dear Adam.

“I am sorry.” he said leaving me and looking at her.

She nodded and went near Alex. Adam left me alone and went away. Alex nodded at me as we were the only ones in the hallway.

I nodded at him and went out of the school. I started walking out of the school and went a bit far and stood. After a few minutes, Alex parked his car in front of me.

I got into the passenger seat as Ari and Mari were sitting at the back.

We drove off towards our house.

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