The Skulls

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Chapter 13

Alexia POV

We reached home after about an hour. We got out of the car and went to our rooms. I got out of the stupid uniform and went to have a shower. After showering I wore blue jeans and a white crop top and held my mask in my hand. I wore my Nike shoes. I went to Liam's office.

“Is the new warehouse ready Liam?” I asked him sitting in front of his desk.

“Yeah. We can go there tomorrow and check if you want.”

“Ok. Let's go tomorrow. And Aunt Olivia called all of us for dinner. So let's go there first and then to the club. ”

He nodded his head.

We were building a new warehouse in this city as there was no actual warehouse here. They were using our house as the base for a few years. But there was no actual leader for this city's gang. So we were here to sort it out. And the main reason was to destroy the rival gang called Demons. Who the hell keeps such names.

We hated them because they were powerful in Europe and had killed my grandmother Sofia who was my father's mother and also aunt Shelly who was Ryder and Liam's mother. So we would not spare them for killing them. They would die a really painful death for killing our beloved ones. This had happened a year ago and we were here for revenge.

I told Alex and the others about the dinner. They eagerly agreed. Our aunt was the best cook in the world after our mother. They both cooked delicious meals for us.

All of us got dressed in the same attire dark Blue Jeans, Black shoes, and black skull mask, and a red T-shirt which showed all our tattoos on the same right hand. All of the seven of us had got the same tattoos from our shoulders to the wrist.

We went to the garage. I took out my Ferrari SF90 Stradale. Alex, Mari, and Ari sat in my car. And Rachel, Liam, and Ryder sat in Liam's car which is BMW x6.

All of us got in and drove off to Aunts house.

After two hours we reached their mansion. We parked the car and got out. Rachel rang the bell. Soon the door was opened by uncle Caleb.

“Hey, uncle.” Rachel said hugging him.

“ Rachel... You are here my dear daughter. ” Uncle said hugging her tightly. We all went inside as we were still standing near the door.

“See uncle forgot all of us after seeing Rachel. ” Alex said pouting while going inside.

“Yeah Uncle. You forgot me, your favorite child. ” Ryder said acting like a child.

“Alright, Alright you guys.Enough of your acting. ” He said rolling his eyes.

“Uncle... Don't you have manners. Being the principal of the best school in the country and you roll your eyes at your children.” I said fake gasping. All of them started laughing at me. I smirked at them.

“Oh, my dear Rachel. I haven't seen you in ages.” Aunt Olivia said going to hug her.

“ Not you too aunty. You both forget all of us as soon as Rachel is there. ” Mari spoke with fake tears in her eyes.

All of us started laughing.

“It's not like that dear. ” Aunt said bringing all of us for a group hug.

“We were just making fun of you Aunt. ” Liam replied. We laughed again.

“Ok. You guys. Let's have dinner now.” All of us nodded our heads and went and sat at the dining table.

After dinner Aunt brought out chocolate Icecream. I love chocolate ice cream. We helped her to bring it to the table.

After eating and catching up with them I noticed the time was almost 8.30. We had to go to the club. This was a nightclub. The one on Friday was a Fight Club. Both the clubs were close to each other.

“So it's time to go now, aunt. We will take your leave now. ” I said getting up. All of them got up with me.

“ Oh. You have to go now. I thought you would stay for the night. ” She said looking a bit sad.

“Oh, aunt. We will see you tomorrow in school and we will come again. It's not like we are leaving the country now. ” Ari said.

“Alright. Don't you guys forget to come again. Or else you will face my wrath. ” Uncle Caleb said looking stern. Not to lie but it was pretty scary. All of our family members were really bad when they were angry. That's why Uncle was the principal of our school. He was also the part-owner with mom.

“ Ok ok. We will be coming again. But today we have to go uncle.” Rachel said.

They both nodded and we hugged them and went out of the house. After fifteen minutes we reached the club. There was some commotion outside in the front. But we went towards the back to park our cars.

“ Guys wear your masks now. ” I reminded everyone.

They nodded and we got out. Alex said he will check it out with Liam. I nodded and went with the others inside the club.


Alex POV

I and Liam went towards the front to check what was happening. We didn't want Xia to see to every small thing.

“What is going on here?” Liam asked in a very intimidating voice.

“Sir, These people are not leaving. They keep fighting with all the people who come to the club.” A guard said.

“You people are not allowed to come to this club again. Get lost. ” I said looking at them. There was a long line of people standing, waiting to go in. But these idiots were stopping everyone from going in.

“ And who the hell are you to tell us to leave Huh? And we will come here whenever we want. You can't stop us. ” A man who was standing in front of everyone said. I assume he was some sort of leader to them.

“Oh yeah. I am the owner of this club.” I said laughing.

“How dare you say that? You can't fool us. We know that Scarlet is the owner.” Another man said.

“ The name is Alex Skull.” I said smirking. “Guards take them out and don't let them come to the club again or else... ”

They nodded fearfully and pushed all the boys away from here.

After that, we entered the club through the front entrance. We were wearing our masks so people kept their distance from us.

There was loud music and people were all dancing and drinking and some were kissing at the corners.

We went upstairs to the VIP room. This was a special room only for us. From this room, we could see everything happening in the club downstairs and other VIP rooms.

Everyone was sitting on the couch and drinking. We joined them.

“What happened outside?” Mari asked.

“Nothing. Some people were fighting with the others in the club. And we took care of them. ” Liam said laughing.

“Come on guys. Let's go home. You kids have school tomorrow. ” Liam said smirking at us.

“Shut up Liam. Your only three years bigger than us. ” Xia grumbled.

He stuck his tongue out at her.

“Alright, guys. Let's go now.” I said.

Ryder and Rachel were fully wasted. I held Ryder and Liam held Rachel. All of us went down. The guards bowed to us.

“We will be going now. ” Xia said the manager.

He bowed and nodded his head.

I went to Liam's car and made Ryder sit in the backseat. Rachel was also made to sit in the backseat.

“I will go with Liam. It's too annoying to handle two drunk people. ” Ari said and sat in the passenger seat.

I, Xia, and Mari went to her car and I sat in the driver's seat.

“ Alex, You can't drive my car. Get out. ” Xia said.

“Come on sis. You can't do that to your favorite brother.” I said pouting slightly.

She sighed and sat in the passenger while Mari sat in the back.

We drove towards the house.

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