The Skulls

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Chapter 14

Alexia POV

We reached the house after about two hours. We went in and Sarah was still awake.

“Sarah, You could have slept. You should not wait for us. ” Alex said. She nodded and went to sleep. We had a room downstairs for her and her daughters. They didn't have a house so we made her stay here.

We went to the elevator and I pressed the fifth floor. We had stairs as well as an elevator. The elevators were useful when the others got too drunk and we had to carry them.

It was almost 2 when we reached the house. So we went to sleep.


“Guys. You can rest now. ” I said when everyone had come out for training. All of us were a bit tired after sleeping at 2 yesterday.

They happily ran back to their rooms and fell asleep again.

I sat in my office and started to do some work.

After 2 hours...

“Scarlet, breakfast is ready.” I heard Sarah's voice from the other side of the door.


I went down to the dining table and saw everyone sitting in their place. I took my seat and we started eating.

“ Today we have to go to the new warehouse. So Alex, Liam and I will be going in the morning. And I want the others to come in the afternoon. Is it alright?”

They nodded their heads. Just then I got a call.

“Oh. Hey dad. ” I said after putting it in loudspeaker.

“You kids forget to call me and your mom.” He said a bit sternly. “ Liam, You are the oldest there. Can't you remember to call us ” He scolded.

We all snickered at him.

“Serves you right Liam. ” Rachel whispers smirking.

“Shut up.” he whispered loudly.

“Are you telling me to shut up Liam? ” Dad said in an angry voice. But I knew he was seconds away from laughing. It's fun to tease Liam.

“Uhh... N-No U-Uncle James. It was not for you. ” He said stuttering.

“Come on Liam. Don't listen to this uncle of yours. I know you were busy and hence you forgot to call us. ” I heard my mother speak.

“Thank god. ” He said wiping imaginary sweat from his forehead. We all laughed at him.

“Hey, mum. ” All of us said in unison. Even Ryder and Liam used to call her mum from when we were small. So the habit continued. But sometimes they used to call her aunt.

“Hello, my dear children. ” She said.

“Hey...You kids forgot me? Your favorite uncle?” We heard Uncle Lucas say in the background.

“Hello, uncle. ” Ari said. “We didn't forget you.” She said smiling.

“Ahh... You are my favorite niece Ari. Only you understand me.” He said in a childlike voice.

“ Yeah Yeah. Enough of this. ” My dad said. “So how are things there?” He asked getting serious.

“Everything's fine dad. Today we are going to check the warehouse. ”I said.

“OK. The other members will be coming today. Is that alright? They will be reaching at about 3 pm. ”

“No problem. We will finish the work today so the members can get a place in the warehouse.”

“Alright. Be safe kids. Bye.” Dad said.

“Bye. ” We said in unison.

“Guys it's already 7.30. You should go to school. And Alex, Liam get ready. Let's go. ” I said.

They nodded and went to their rooms. I went to my room and dressed in a sleeveless red t-shirt and black torn jeans. I wore my mask and tied my hair in a ponytail. I loved that hairstyle and was bored to change it. I wore black boots and took my jacket in my hands.

Everyone met me downstairs.

“Ari and Mari come from school. Your dresses will be ready in the warehouse. But while coming there wear your masks.”

“Ok. Bye, sis. ” They went to their cars and drove off.

Rachel and Ryder were going to the club to check on everything.

I sat on my bike and drove off. Liam and Alex were also on their bikes.

After about thirty minutes we reached the base. There were some people here.

I got down from my bike and went inside with Liam and Alex following me.

As soon as we entered everyone got silent and kept watching us. We checked everything.

I went to the basement to check the cells. It was a lot bigger than the one in our house. There were more torture devices here.

I went up to the offices on the second floor where Liam and Alex were waiting for me.

I went inside my office. It is beautiful with floor-to-ceiling windows. You could only see from the inside but not from the outside. There is a big table with a laptop and two chairs in front of it. There is also a couch on the side with a small table.

The wallpaper colors are light blue. A bathroom was also installed here. If I had to wait for the night here then it would be helpful.

Alex and Liam also had similar offices next to mine. We also have a special room installed for Ari and Mari. It is full of all the computer requirements.

There is an office downstairs for the leader of this branch. When we were not here the others were not allowed to the second floor.

We are also hiring a new hacker and member for this branch.

It was already 1 in the afternoon. Ari and Mari would be here anytime.

We also built a kitchen if anyone would want it to prepare something for when they are hungry.

I called Mari to bring some food for us.

I went to Alex's office where Liam was also present.

“This is nice. ” Alex said. “But we should ask the sisters to find if any cameras are installed here. ” He added.

“But do you think anyone would want to betray us?” I said smirking.

They laughed.

“That's true.” Liam said.

Shortly after we heard a knock and someone entered.

“Hi, guys. ” Rachel said coming in.

“How is the club management? ” Liam asked.

“It's pretty good. Everyone is doing their jobs correctly. ” Ryder said.

“Alright. ” I said and sat on the couch.

After a good fifteen minutes, the sisters came in bringing food for all of us.

“Love you, sis. Thank you so much for bringing me food. ” Alex said hugging Mari tightly.

“Alright, you dumbo. Get off me now.” Mari said glaring at him and hitting his arm.

“That's not the way to speak to your elder brother Mari.” He said acting like scolding a child.

“Just shut up idiot. ” And she smacked his head.

“Ari...Your sister is being violent with me. I am so innocent yet she keeps hitting me. ” He said making puppy dog eyes and going to Ari and hiding behind her back.

“You will get it from me today Alex if you keep acting like a kid. Your seventeen for god's sake and you keep disturbing us. ” Ari said now and hit him in the back.

“I know now. You all are in the same gang. I am the only one left out. I will tell to mom about this. ” He said in a telltale voice.

“Shut it stupid. Act like your age. ” I said tired of his antics.

“Alright. Only because you said, Xia. Cause you're my favorite sister. And I hate you both.” He said looking at the sisters and sticking his tongue out.

“We have finished our job scarlet. It's all up to the Idiot.” Maria said smirking ignoring Alex.

“Good. He will finish his job. Did it hear your every word? ” I asked.

“Oh yeah. Pretty clearly if I should say. The so-called princess will be in danger.” Aria said laughing.

“But it knows the princess secret. ” Mari said.

“That's not a problem sis. I will take care of it. I just want it to go according to the plan. Then we will be having the last laugh. ”

“We don't understand what you guys are speaking. But better explain it to us. ” Liam said looking at each one of us.

“Everything will be understood at the end of the show brother. ” I smirked at him.

“I know you guys will not tell us anything right now. But it's ok if it helps all of us.” Ryder said.

I nodded. “Of course it helps everyone. Especially the demons. I will tell you what the plan is after this meeting. ” I said smiling.

“Oh, I get it now. ” Rachel said laughing loudly. “They are gonna be dead at the end of the show. ” She added.

“You are hundred percent correct sister. ” Alex spoke at last. He had this crazed look in his eyes which terrifies everyone.

The story has begun now my dear friends.


After about an hour...

“Ari call all the gang members for the meeting. Rachel just help her. ” They both nodded their heads and went out.

“Ryder ready the meeting room with Mari. And Liam and Alex you prepare the speech and help me. Is it alright?” I asked.

“Yeah. ”

“Yup. ”

“Yes ”.

All of them said in unison. I shook my head at them. Give it to them to act like small kids.

I went to my office and started working on adding some members.

My phone started ringing. I saw that it was Finn, the head of security who was standing in the forest to check the entrance.

“Scarlet. ” I said.

“Boss there is a new person. His mark doesn't look like the normal ones. Something is going on. I don't think he is an actual gang member. ” He said.

“Send me the face of the man. ”

Not even after a minute, I received a pic. It was not our member. I knew that. But he was from another gang.

“Don't worry about him. Send him in. And alert all the guards to just keep an eye on him. ” I said and cut the call. This should be fun. I will torture him to speak everything.

“Hello, Ari. ” I called her.

“Yes. ”

“There is some other gang member here. I will send you his picture just tell me his information. ” I said and hung up.

After fifteen minutes I got all the information about the spy. His name is Dylan. Let's see what happens now.

After some time there was a knock on my door.

“Come in. ”

“Everyone is here sis. ” Alex said.

“Coming... ” I said and wore my mask correctly.

I went down with all the others following me.

Let's get this meeting started.

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