The Skulls

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Chapter 15

Seth POV (from when Xia joined the school)

We were all in the parking lot chatting. Just then I saw a girl walking in through the gates.

She looked pretty but she was wearing glasses which were too big for her face. The uniform was looking as if it was made especially for her. It hugged her body nicely. Her eyes were brown. She was also clutching her bag tightly and looking down as if she was shy. She seemed like a nerd but one could never say.

By now all the students were looking at her. She just ignored everyone and walked towards the office.

Everyone went on with their gossiping and spreading the news.

“Did you see the new girl? ” I asked going to stand with Xander and his sisters.

“Yeah. But who comes at the end of the year?” Xander said. “She must be mad to come at the end of the year like this. ” He laughed.

“She must have some reason of her own. Don't say that. ” I said still looking at the way where she went.

“Someone has crushhh... ”He said smirking.

“No way. ” I said looking everywhere but him.

“Yeah Yeah. We know.” He said smirking again.

“Alright, boys. Enough of this. Let's go to the class. It's time.” Maria said.

We nodded and went in. The new girl was standing just opposite our lockers. My sister Carla was speaking to her. Gosh, I need to know her name.

Just then Brittany and her minions came following us. I just hate this fake plastic Barbie. She acts as if she is the owner of the school. But the actual owner was standing next to me.

Xander and his sisters were the heirs to their mother's fortune. But what their father was working was not known to anyone. It was as if he didn't exist. There were only some people who knew about him and his work.

“Hey, Xanderrr... You're very sexy. Do you mind coming home with me today? I am all alone.” She said whispering in his ears but all of us could hear her.

Before Xander had joined the school this girl used to follow me. But after she came to know that Xander is very rich and owner she started following him and always tried to get his attention.

“Not today Brittany. Just leave me alone for some time, will you? When am ready I'll come to you. ” He said winking at her.

She hugged him tightly and kissed him on his lips.

“Bye handsome. I will be waiting. ” She kissed him again and went off.

“Eww... How can you be with her man? She's like glue and she doesn't stop following you. ” I said looking disgusted.

“I know man. But there are some things beyond our control.” He said looking at the new girl.

Carla said something and pulled her blazers. The girl suddenly pulled her hand back and pulled the blazers down. She seems to be hiding something. I tried to go to her and speak but just then the bell rang and everyone went off to their classes.


Now it was lunchtime and I went to the cafeteria with Xander.

We sat at our table which was in the middle of the room. My friends Chris and Daniel were also present at the table.

After some time I heard Carla's voice, “ Guys. This is Xia, the new girl.” She introduced.

Wow, pretty name for a pretty girl.

“Hi. ” She said looking down at her shoes.

All of us said our names and introduced ourselves. She just smiled at us and sat beside Xander. We were all talking and laughing.

Just then came, the she-devil, aka Brittany.

“ Why the hell are you sitting in my seat? Bitch. ” I heard her loud screeching voice.

She went next to Xia and pulled her blazer. Quickly she slapped her hand away. And she got up from the seat.

“ You dare to slap my hands, you whore. Don't you dare sit next to Xander Black. ” She said pressing on the word Black. This girl is really a bitch. Always a gold digger.

“ I am sorry”. Xia mumbled and proceeded to sit next to Aria. But before she could sit, Brittany pulled her arm and pushed her down to the floor. I tried to help Xia but couldn't because Xander was holding my arm and shaking his head. I looked confused but sat in my seat.

“Don't you ever sit near them Bitch. ” She said screaming.

Xia just nodded her head and went to another table in the far corner of the cafeteria. Carla was looking at her sympathetically as she was the one to call her to sit at the table. She just smiled at her.

“Good riddance. She won't bother any of you again. ” She said smiling at The Blacks. They looked a bit annoyed and I swear I heard Aria and Maria snicker when she said that. But it might have been my imagination.

Just then I heard a voice from the speaker.

“Miss Xia. Please come to the office room. The principal wants to meet you. ”

She sighed and got up from her seat.

“Looks like the bitch is already in trouble. ” Brittany's minion Tia said. Everyone burst into laughter. She just ignored them and went out.

Why does the principal want to see her? He is pretty strict and if he calls anyone to meet him in his office then the student is dead. Cause he won't spare them and would call their parents even for small mistakes.

I hope Xia has not landed in any trouble on her first day.


Next day...

I got up at 5 am and went jogging and exercise a bit. When I reached home it was already 7.

I took a long shower and got dressed in my uniform. I just held my blazer in my left hand and loosened the tie a bit.

I went to the kitchen and saw Carla making pancakes.

“Good morning. ” She said looking at me.

“Morning sis. ” I smiled at her.

I helped her to set the plates and we sat down on the kitchen island.

After having breakfast, we both got into my car and drove towards school.

“You know, I am really sad for Xia. It was because of me that she was bullied on her first day.” I saw tears in her eyes.

“Hey. Carla don't worry. It was not your fault. ” I said trying to console her.

“No, it was my fault, Seth. I am the one who is responsible for her bullying. Even Mr. Jones called her to his office. I hope she is alright. I have to apologize to her for causing her trouble.”

I didn't know what to say. Of course, it was not Carla's fault. But I couldn't say anything for her to stop blaming herself.

We reached school and saw Aria and Maria standing next to their cars and speaking with Chris and Daniel. Xander was nowhere to be seen.

“Hey...Where is Xander? ” I asked.

“There is some family problem so he is at home. ” Maria said.

“So you don't have to go? ” Chris asked.

“We have to go but we will be going in the afternoon.” Aria said looking at him.

“Oh...Ok. ” I said.

I tried searching for Xia but she was also not present. The bell rang and we went off to our classes after planning to meet during the break.

The classes were very boring and it passed very slowly.

Now it is lunch break and I was standing near my lockers with Chris and Daniel.

“She is very hot man. ” Chris said.

“Who is hot? ” I asked.



Both of them said together.

“Wow. Someone, no my two best friends have a crush. ” I said smirking.

“We know about your crush also Seth. ” Daniel said smirking.

“Oh really. Then tell me. ” I said challenging him.

“Our dear best friend has two crushes.” Chris said teasing me. “One is the bossy Scarlet Skull. And another one is the nerdy Xia. ” He said laughing.

“No, it's not. ” I said trying to defend myself.

“We know all your secrets, Seth. ” They said laughing.

I just ignored them because they were telling the truth. I had a crush on both of them. They are both so beautiful. And I can't take my eyes from them.

“We haven't seen them in a while. ” Daniel said.

“Yeah. There was news that there's going to be a meeting this week about the new warehouse.” Chris said.

“Let's see boys. We will get the message from them.” I said.

Just them Carla came with Aria and Maria.

“OK. Bye guys. We gotta go. ” Maria said as she got a call.

She took the call and started speaking.

“Ok. I will bring it sis. ” she said and hung up.

“Hey you have only one sister and that is Aria right?” Daniel said looking confused.

“ I am her sister but we have another big sister who is the actual heir. We are the younger ones. She is the oldest and everyone follows her. She is also very bossy.” Aria said smiling.

Her sister must be very nice for her to talk so admiringly.

“She can be pretty daring and she is a badass.” Maria said laughing.

“Where is she now? ”I asked.

“She works somewhere. And she has just landed here. We are going to meet her now. She is gonna continue Dad's work. Dad is going to make her the sole heir for all of his and mums fortune. ” Aria said.

“So Xander is the second child? ” Carla asked.

“Yup. Aria is the third and I am the youngest.” Maria said.

“Don't you guys feel jealous that you are not going to get anything?” Daniel asked curiously.

“We both don't mind it a bit. But Xander gets a little hurt due to this. ” Aria said looking faraway.

“Alright. Let's go Aria. We are pretty late now. Xander will have my head if he doesn't get his food. ” Maria said and pulled Aria with her. “Bye guys. I hope I see you tomorrow. ” She said laughing.

We waved at her.


Aria POV

We knew that the target was hearing everything about what we were talking about. We always plan and talk and we had seen it standing close by and listening to our talks.

Now we were in the car going to the warehouse where the others were waiting.

“I wonder what that person will do now Ari. ” Mari said laughing evilly.

“We have to say this to Xia and she will be very happy. ” I said laughing with her.

“It has fallen directly into the trap of THE SKULLS.” Mari said smirking.

“We have done our job now. It's all up to him.” I said and drove off.


Anonymous POV

I heard them talking with Seth and his friends. The Black fortune is in the hands of a girl but I will steal it from them and take what is very dear to their heart.

We will be the most powerful after this. But it will take a few weeks. I just have to wait.

They have fallen into the trap of THE DEMONS. I will take you down BLACKs.

I will destroy everything you hold dear to the heart in front of you and you will be begging for my forgiveness. It will be in front of this so-called heir. She is called the princess for having acquired the fortune. Princess my foot. I will destroy you for this and I will avenge her. That's when you will know not to mess with me. I know your secret but I don't know your face but I will find out soon. This time it's me who is going to win the game.

Let the show begin.

I laughed evilly.

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