The Skulls

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Chapter 16

Seth POV

We were in the classes when we got a message from an unknown number to come to the meeting of the skulls in their new warehouse.

Unknown: The meeting for the members of The Skulls is held today at the new warehouse. The location is sent to you. Everyone be present by 4 pm. Do not be late. The new messages and place links will be sent through this number to everyone.

The Skulls


The meeting was today. I saw Chris and Daniel get up from their seat. I got up and proceeded to go out.

“Mr. William. You can't go out in the middle of the class. ” The teacher spoke. I didn't even know the name of this new teacher.

“I am sorry miss. But there is an emergency at home. So I have to go. ” I didn't wait for her response and went to my locker to take my bag.

Chris and Daniel came with me and we got into our cars. After about a minute Carla came running and sat in the passenger seat.

“Let's go, Seth. We are already going to be late. ” One thing about Carla was she hated being late. Pretty punctual student.

I started the car and Chris and Daniel followed me in their car.

We reached a closed-off forest but a guard was standing at the entrance of the forest.

“Mark. ” He said with an emotionless face.

I held my right hand out and showed my mark. Carla did the same and he let us in.

I saw many people were here guarding at the front. High protection.

We drove into the forest for about fifteen minutes and reached a big clearing. In the middle was a big glass warehouse or you could say mansion. Behind the house was a building of about seven floors. It was pretty hidden from the view. I think it was for the members to stay.

We parked our cars and got out. We were the only ones in school uniforms. The other members who were here were all above the age of almost twenty. I think we were also the youngest. We just went in.

Rick and Brandon the boys who were in the leader's house the other day were at the entrance.

“Everyone get in. Go to the meeting room. As this is the first time for all of you, just follow Brandon. He will show you the way.” These two were very strict today, unlike the other day.

We followed Brandon and the place we huge. There were several rooms here with different nameplates. Some were training room and interrogation room and even weapon room.

There were no offices here but only one, which had the nameplate 'leader'.

There were many people here almost a hundred. We entered a room which had the name meeting room. There were many chairs and a long round table. It seemed as if they had it built for this purpose. The chairs were very close to each other. At the head of the table, there were three chairs.

All of us sat at the table and people started coming in. It was now one minute to four and everyone was looking at the door. Any minute the leaders will be here.

Just then the doors opened and they walked in. Alex was in the middle with the other six following him. What happened here.

He sat down in the middle chair and Aria and Liam sat beside him.

The other four including Scarlet sat close to them. I could identify Scarlet and she was the one with black hair and come on she was hot. I just had a liking towards her.

I got a bit confused about this change.


Alexia POV

We sat in our chairs and saw that everyone was there. I made Alex sit in my chair and Ari sit in Alex's seat. Liam sat in his usual. I sat in Ari's seat.

They started the meeting and I could see the confusing glances of some members. My father's trusted men had already arrived and were sitting in their seats.

I could see Dylan shifting in his seat. There was a bead of sweat on this forehead. Of course, he had to be nervous. All of us in the room were his enemy.

In the meetings, we used to discuss if anyone was not obeying the leaders and discuss the work for everyone. Today we were doing the same thing but it was Alex leading the meeting.

I suddenly got up. Everyone turned in my direction. For them I was Aria. Any new members could not identify the real scarlet. But the old members could tell it was me by looking at my hair. It was black but the sisters had light brown hair. And I also had rings on each finger in my right hand which said 'Skull'. I was the only one who wore it so that people identify me. But I knew that Seth could tell I was not the one sitting in my place. He observes a lot.

Alex got their attention back to him.

“Gentlemen. Eyes up here. Not on her. ” He said sternly.

“But Sir, she is interrupting the meeting.” One member spoke up. He was a new member called Wilson.

Finn who was in the room tried to get up from his seat but Liam motioned him to sit back down.

“Don't worry about the girl, everyone. Let her do as she wants. She will be having her punishment from us later.” He said with a glint in his eyes. I know what his 'punishment' meant. He wanted me to treat them with food today and I don't mind my punishment one bit.

“Sir. I would be happy to take your punishment. ” I said with a calm voice. I could see Alex and the others trying to hold their laugh.

“Continue the meeting. ” Ari said.

Everyone ignores me and started to speak about their problems. This type of meeting was held every month. But this time it was with me and many other members of the main gang.

“So today there are many new members from the main gang. Finn who is the leader of them is also present here. ” Liam said.

I was roaming the whole room and looking out the window.

“Sir she is very distracting. Tell her to sit in her seat. ” Dylan spoke this time. Everyone got silent. This was the time we were waiting for.

I went and stood behind his chair. “What's your name? ” I asked calmly.

“I don't have to answer you. You are just a stupid nerd who keeps messing with the computers and luckily the sister of Scarlet. We all know that Scarlet is the main leader and she is sitting next to Alex. I answer only for her. ” He spat angrily.

“Wow. You got pretty good information about us huh. I like it. And I would also like to torture you to the brink of death. ” I said in a deadly voice.

“You can't do anything to me Aria. I am the official member here and you can't just torture anyone. ”

“Oh. I am not torturing anyone but Dylan who is a member of the demons or should I say was a member and who came to spy on The Skulls. And crashed their meeting. Did you think we are fools to let you in? It was me who said Finn to let you in. You would be dead a long time ago if it was not for me. ”

He suddenly got up and held me with a knife to my throat.

“If you value your sister, Scarlet get up and come to me. ”He said.

I started laughing. Everyone joined me.

“This is just funny. Isn't it guys. He's holding me with a knife and asking me to come to him.” I laughed.

“W-What is she talking about? Aren't you Scarlet?” He said looking at Ari.

“No, I am Aria, 'the stupid nerd who messes with the computers'. ” She said mimicking him and laughing.

He left me to go and said, “ Then who is this?” He said horrified.

“Scarlet. ” I said showing my new tattoo. “Isn't it pretty guys? ” I asked the others.

“It's cool. ” My oldest member Sam said. He was a really funny guy but mess with him and you are dead.

“Thanks, Sam. Now let's see what this 'spy ' will do to escape. ” I said looking at Dylan.

He tried to run away but was stopped by Alex who had gone to the door and brought him back. Finn brought my chair to where I was standing and I sat in it and crossed my legs. Everyone was bewildered to know that an enemy was sitting next to them.

“Let's see what to do with you dear Dylan.” I said.

“No one gets to crash a meeting of The Skulls and escape it.” I said in a deadly voice. Dylan was crying now. He knew that he had been caught and he couldn't escape.

“Finn I will see what to do with him later. Take him to the cells. It's good that it is a new cell. We will spill it with his blood. ” I said laughing evilly.

Finn took him out.

“Let's start the real meeting guys. ” I said and took my chair back to its place and sat in my seat. Ari had already gotten back to her seat.

“So... ” I started.

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