The Skulls

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Chapter 17

Alexia POV

“ So we will be giving you guys to spy in the different parts of the town. Seth and his friends will be spying on the school. If anyone is suspicious you will say it to Ari or Mari. Alright? ” I asked.

“Ok. But why our school? ” Carla asked.

“ The Demons leaders daughter studies there. I know the Black kids go there and they are your friends. Don't leave anyone. Anyone who disturbs our gang's peace is an enemy. Even if it is your friend, brother-sister, or anyone. Understood?”

“Yes, boss. ” Everyone said.

“And another thing, if anyone dares to betray me I won't spare you. ” I said with a glare and looking at everyone.

Most of them looked scared and some nodded their heads while some gulped.

“The others will be given their places by Liam and Ryder later. ” I said. “Alright. Any doubts or questions? ”

“No boss. ” Everyone said.

“ Meeting is adjourned. You can do any work today. And there is a building if you want to stay here or you can find your own houses.”

Everyone nodded and I got up from my seat with the other six trailing behind me.

We went into my office and I sat in my chair. The other day on the couch and Alex and Liam sat in front of me.

“I just hate this mask. ” Alex said looking like he wanted to murder it.

“If the mask was a living thing Alex would put a bullet through it already. ” Rachel said laughing.

“So funny Rachel. ” Alex said glaring at her.

“Ok guys. So the plan we were talking about is, as I said there is someone who is the daughter of the leader of the demon...-”

“Who is it? ” Ryder cut me off.

“Brittany. ” Mari spat.

“That slut who is always behind Alex? ” Rachel asked.

“Yup. And she knows that I am Alex and we are the leader to the skulls. But she doesn't know who is my sister.” Alex said.

“So basically they know all the members of the gang except Xia. Right? ” Liam asked.

“She knows I am in the city but doesn't know who I am.” I said looking out of the window.

“So what's the plan?” Rachel asked.

“This is where Alex comes in. Alex... ”I nodded at him.

“Yeah. So I will be her boyfriend and I will torture information out of her. ” Alex said.

“It's very simple. ” Ryder said looking a bit confused.

“It will work, Brother. ” Ari said.

“Alr-” Liam was cut off when there was a knock on my door.

All of us wore our masks correctly.

“Come in. ” Alex said.

“Boss what shall we do with Dylan?” It was Finn and Rick.

“We will be coming down. ” Mari said and they nodded and went out.

“So guys let get this interrogation started.” I said stretching my arms. “I am so sleepy. ”

“Xia you should better sleep. I know you haven't slept yesterday. So we will take care of this guy. You take a rest. ” Alex said.

I nodded and got up from my seat. All of them went out and I locked the door behind them. I went to the couch and let sleep overcome me.

After almost half an hour I woke up due to the alarm which I had kept before sleeping.


Alex POV

I, Liam, and Rachel went down to the basement where Dylan was held. Rachel was our interrogation specialist with Finn. The others had gone to do their work as they were still tired from yesterday.

Some were looking at the warehouse and some had started training, while some were just sitting and catching up.

There were guards stationed near the doors to the basement.

We went in and saw that Dylan was tied from the ceiling. His hands were tied up and he was being whipped.

There were two guards outside his cell. I went in with Finn and Rachel. There was a table with three chairs in the room. I motioned the guards to make him sit in the chair. I went and sat in the chair. Rachel and Liam came to the table and sat beside me.

“So tell me, Dylan. Why did you come here? ” Rachel asked after a few minutes and slowly got up from the chair.

“None of your business. ” He spat angrily.

“Oh. It is my business. You see Scarlet told me to interrogate you and not to torture you. Otherwise, I would have pushed a knife through you when I entered the cell for holding a knife at her. She's being nice to you. And you take advantage of it. Just speak up fast.” She said glaring at him.

“I will not say anything to you bitch. ” He said.

“It's the hard way then. Finn. ” She held out her hand. He passed a knife for her and kept it in her hand.

She slowly slid it through his face and kept on doing it for some time. Suddenly she pushed the knife into his shoulders.

He screamed.

“Now ready to say?” She asked again playing with the knife. He shook his head. “ Again bad choice babes. ” She laughed and stabbed his stomach and twisted the knife. He screamed again and she laughed.

I got up from the chair and went near them. Rachel took out the knife and held it in her hand.

“Are you ready now?” I asked softly. He again shook his head.

“You know you can tell me everything. This girl here will kill you if you don't. I will not torture you. But this girl is the worst.” I said again softly. I heard Rachel and Liam snickering softly. I was the deadliest torturer with Xia. If we both started to torture someone they were as good as dead. But we used to sometimes hold back.

“I can't say anything. I don't know. Please leave me. ” He started crying.

“Oh.No. If you cry now there's no use. You should have thought about it before coming into the Lion's Den. Now there's no use in wailing and trying to escape. ” We heard a deadly calm voice.

“Didn't I say you to take rest Idiot. ”I said without turning back.

“As if I will listen to you stupid. ” She said coming near me. I turned back and saw everyone was there. By everyone I mean Ari, Mari, and Ryder.

“Alright. Enough of your bickering. ” Ari said. “Brandon and Rick take him to the special room. ” They nodded and grabbed him by the arms and took him out.

“Is this dress enough for torture? ” I asked and laughed.

“Of course as long as your not wearing anything white. The blood won't go off from the dress if it's white. ” Ari said looking amused.

Xia shook her head and all of us went out with her to the room at the end of the hallway. There was a fingerprint password that was designed to access only the seven of us. Rick and Brandon were waiting in front of the room with Dylan.

I went and put my hand in the scanner and the door opened.

It is a big white-colored room with a table in the middle and it has many chairs for all of us to sit in.

Rick made Dylan sit in the chair in the middle of the room and tied his hands and legs to the chair.

Xia and I said in the chair opposite to him. The others sat near the table and all of them crossed their legs and sat down. Rick and Brandon went near the doors and locked it and stood with their arms crossed. Finn stood next to us.

“Now you can speak Dylan. ” Xia said.

“Fuck off bitch. ” He spat.

“Finn. ” She said still looking at Dylan. He went to the stove in the corner where he had kept water to boil. The water was very hot now and it was boiling. He brought it to Xia and gave her.

“This is your gift. ” She said and emptied the whole water into his legs. He started screaming and tried to move his legs but he couldn't move as his legs and hands were tied. He started crying and shouting. Of course, no one can take the pain from burns.

“Now tell me. Who sent you?” I asked.

“B-Brittany.” He said crying.

“How did she know where our warehouse is?” Xia asked.

“S-She saw Seth and his friends going together. And she had seen their wrists with the tattoo. S-So she made me wear a similar tattoo and said me to follow them. ”

“Don't lie to me. Or the torture will be more than just hot water. ” Xia said again.

“Fine. It was Dave. Brittany's father and the leader of the gang. He told Brittany to keep spying on the Black kids as in Alex and the sisters along with Seth and his friends. ”

Xia nodded her head. We all got silent for a second.

“Call Seth, Carla, and his friends to my office,” I said after a few minutes.

Rick went out to bring them here. We could not torture them as they didn't know but it was due to them that someone who is not in our gang is here.

“Did you tell her where our house is?” Xia asked.

“N-No, ma'am. I didn't say. I don't want to work for her but she has captured my girlfriend. I don't even belong to any gang. ” He started crying.

I gestured to Mari and asked. She nodded her head.

“Let's see. If your telling the truth we will help you to get away from this country with your girlfriend and we will save her. ” Xia said. “Brandon get him some food and ask Dr. Smith to tend to his wounds. And arrange a bed in the old room. I will decide when he is to be freed. ”

Brandon nodded and went out.

“Isn't he telling the truth?” Ryder asked.

“He is. ” Ari said.

“Let's go to the office. ” Liam said and we went out. “Finn you can go.” He nodded and went out.

Ryder and I held Dylan and took him back to the old room while Xia locked the doors again.

All of us went to my office where they were waiting for us. Rachel went to the door in my office where there were extra clothes. Her clothes were a bit bloody after the interrogation.

“We have got the information that you people have betrayed us. ” Xia said sitting on the couch with Ari and Mari on both sides of her while Liam and Ryder were sitting on another couch. I sat behind my desk.

“Boss we haven't done anything like that. ” Seth said without any hindrance and fear.

“Dylan had followed you people, out of your school by the orders of Brittany who had seen you go out of the class. So basically it was because of your carelessness that the enemy would have found out confidential information. ” Ari said.

“It was not our mistake boss. ” Chris said.

Xia suddenly stood and went to the doors.

“I don't tolerate carelessness. See that you don't bring any other people here.” She said with a glare and went out.

Ari Mari and Rachel also went out.

“You can go now. Just try that anyone doesn't follow you in the future. Alright? ”I said a bit softly.

“Yes sir. ” They said and went out.

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