The Skulls

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Chapter 18

Alexia POV

I just got very angry that Dave had managed to send someone to our house. It was not Brittany's plan. She doesn't have as much of a brain. Only a slut who uses her body and sleeps with everyone in the school.

But I couldn't have been rude to them as they didn't know. They are not trained to find spies like the others. I should do something about it.

“Ari call Seth and his friends to the training.” She nodded and went back.

I went down to the gym where Finn and the others were training. Just then Seth with his friends came down.

“Finn. I want you to train them. If anyone is following them they should know how to escape. ”

“Ye,s boss. ” He said and took them out.

I went back to my office and started to do some work.

-----------after a week-----------

It had been a week since I had the meeting and two weeks since I came to the city.
The school was pretty much the same with some students bullying me and the sluts going behind my brother.

It was nighttime now almost 8.

I was working in my office in the warehouse when I heard my phone ring.

“Scarlet. ”

“Can we do the meeting today?. Please. ” I heard Damon's voice. He was the leader of another gang called the vipers. We had an alliance with them. Damon was a sort of a friend but sometimes he used to be very rude. And I would have to put him in his place.

“Alright. Come to my club. ” I said.

“Thank you. ” He said and cut the call.

“Alex. ” I called through the intercom.

After a minute he came into my office.

“I have to go to the club to finalize a deal with Damon. So you and Liam can come with me. The others can stay here. ” He nodded and went to tell the others.

I took out my gun and hid it in my waist. I also took two of my favorite knives and strapped them to my thighs.

I went down where everyone was present.

“Everyone can go home except the ones having the guard duty. You have to stay alert. Finn, you have to stay back today. And I want Rick and Brandon to come with us. ”

“Yes, boss. ” They said in unison and nodded.

I went to Ryder's car at it was the only car here. Liam and Alex came with me. I sat at the back with Liam driving and Alex in the passenger seat. Rick and Brandon were following us on their bikes. We drove towards the club.

“Tomorrow there's school again. You know seriously I hate going to school. ” Alex said.

“Oh shit. I forgot to speak with Uncle Caleb. He's going to roast me alive. ” Liam said groaning. “He had asked me to come to school today to speak about school on behalf of you guys. ”

“Good luck with that Liam. ” I said laughing.

We reached the club and entered through the front entrance. The whole club got silent and everyone started looking at us.

We ignored everyone and went to the VIP room where we discuss deals without any interruption. Rick and Brandon were following us and came inside.

“Rick.” I nodded my head at him to check them.

“Scarlet. Even after doing business for about five years you still don't believe me huh. ” Damon spoke.

“No Damon. We don't believe everyone blindly. ” Alex said glaring at him.

“Ok man. Cool down. ” Damon said raising his hands.

After Rick finished checking them we sat down on the couch.

“So we want to start a business in this city.” Damon started.

“How can we help you?” Liam asked.

“I want you to lend me some money. ” Damon said looking down.

“Why is that?” I asked.

“I lost my money for the hospital bills of my mother and some people had betrayed me as you know. Now there's not much money coming from the gang. So I will start this business and then I will pay you back. ”

“How much do you need? ” Alex asked.

“10 million. ”

“I can't have you betraying me later. So Liam will be giving you a contract tomorrow and then we will give you the money. ” I said and got up with Alex and Liam following me.

“Thank you, Scarlet.”

I nodded and went out. Just then we heard screams and shouts of people. Someone had attacked the club.

I looked at Liam and sent him down to take care of them. Alex stayed with me.

“Alex go with Liam.” I said sternly.

“No. I can't leave you alone. ” He said and took out his gun.

“I can take care of myself, Alex. You should go down. ” He hesitated for a second and then went down.

I took out my gun from my waist.

I started shooting people. They were the members of The Demons. Just as I was about to go out someone shot my shoulders. I ducked but the bullet grazed my shoulders and blood started seeping out.

“Shit. Alex and the others will kill me now for my carelessness.” I shot at the man who had shot me. “Rot in hell fucker. ”

I leaned against the wall and held my left shoulder which was now bleeding. Suddenly Liam and Alex came out of nowhere and started shouting at me.

“Alright, guys I am fine. The bullet missed my shoulders and it was just a scratch. Not to worry. ” I said and got off the wall and started going towards the car.

“Your bleeding Scarlet. Can't you be careful at least one time?” Alex started shouting.

“It's nothing bro...” I started but he cut me off.

“Don't you it's nothing bro me. Let's go home now. I am calling Dr. Smith now.” He said and started calling the doc.

I sat quietly in the back of the car. After few minutes Liam and Alex came and sat in.

“You act like a kid most of the time. I forget sometimes whether you are the older one or not. ” He scolded looking through the mirror.

“I am sorry. ” I said not looking in his eyes. Alex could be pretty scary if anyone one of us got hurt. He acted like an older brother sometimes. I smiled at him.

“What are you smiling for? ” He asked.

“Stop it, Alex. Let's go to the house fast. Stop lecturing her. ” Liam said trying to control his laughter.

After about an hour we reached our house. Alex had already sent Rick and Brandon back to the warehouse.

I got out of the car and went in and tried to go to my room. Keyword tried because before I could even reach the stairs I was blocked by Ari, Mari, and Rachel. Ryder was standing in the side watching everything.

“Where do you think you are going Miss Scarlet. ” Rachel said glaring at me and pressing the word, Scarlet.

“U-Umm... I-I am going to my room. ” I said looking at the floor. Hmm, the floor seems pretty interesting today.

“Don't you even think that you can escape us.” Mari said. Her hands on her hips.

“I have already called mom and informed her of your carelessness. Wait till she calls you.” Ari said.

“What? Noo... Please. Why did you call her? And it was just a scratch. Not much. You guys are simply overreacting. ” I said. Mom is bad news. If she hears that we were hurt she would fly from any corner of the world. Don't get me wrong I love my mom but she can be too scary when we are hurt. And I am the one always getting scoldings from her for my carelessness.

“Alright. Girls leave her. I have to check the wound now. ” Dr. Avon Smith said. Thank god he is here. Or else these girls would have roasted me alive and the boys wouldn't even help me.

I went and sat on the couch.

“So what happened this time Xia?” Avon asked me.

“Ugh... A bullet went through my shoulder. ” I said.

“Be thankful that the bullet just grazed through your shoulders. You wouldn't have been able to move hands again if it had been just a little down.” He said.

I nodded. I didn't know what else to say with the others still glaring at me.

“Now you can go and rest. ” I nodded and went towards the stairs but again to be blocked by them.

“You can't escape Xia. ” Alex said in a deathly voice.

“Ugh... Dr. Smith a little help would be nice over here. ” I said laughing awkwardly.

“I am sorry Xia but I can't help you. You have become very careless nowadays. And it was just three months back when a knife had gone through your stomach and you had passed out for a week. ” He said.

“What? When did this happen?” Everyone screamed together.

“ Avon that was not necessary you know. Why did you tell that now? ” I said glaring at him.

“Sorry Xia. ” He said smiling sheepishly.

Everyone started cornering me to the wall.

“I will see you tomorrow if you are alive. Bye Xia. ” And Avon fled from here.

“Umm. Guys Avon told me to rest and I have to go to my room. Just excuse me. ” I said and tried to go out of the circle they had created around me but I was pulled back by the collar of my shirt.

“Not before you are taught some real values, dear sister,” Liam said and all of them started to close up on me.

“Ahh... God, please save me. ” I said loudly.

“There's no one who can save you now dear sis. Not even god. ” Alex said smirking evilly and they pounced upon me.

That's it. This is my end.

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