The Skulls

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Chapter 19

Alexia POV

I woke up on my bed.

I am still tired after yesterday's attack on me by my sisters and brothers. They had all cornered me and started tickling me. I hate them. After about fifteen minutes they let me go and helped me to get to my room. My shoulder had started to hurt due to all the laughing and tickling. But I didn't care. It was rare for us to act like that and we had enjoyed yesterday. But I still hate them.

“Good morning sis... How are You? ” Ari barged into my room and asked.

“Morning. Am fine. ” I said still sleepy. I am still tired and don't want to go to school but I have to go.

“Come on let's go to school. It's already 7.30. The school starts in an hour.” Ari said and I nodded at her. She went out of my room and I went to shower being careful of my shoulder.

I can't take more scoldings from my siblings. It's a surprise my mother didn't call me yet. She would have called by now.

I got out of the shower and wore my uniform. I went down to the kitchen where everyone was waiting for me. But Liam was nowhere to be seen. He must have gone for some work.

“Ryder let's go. ” I said to him and waved at the others. “Bye guys. See you in school.”

I went out with Ryder to his car and he dropped me off a little far from the school.

“Take care of your shoulder sis. If you don't feel well sit in uncle's office or call me. I will pick you up. ” He started.

“Alright, Ryder. I am not a kid. I can take care of myself. ” I said rolling my eyes at him.

“Ok bye. ” He said and drove off.

I started walking towards school and was surprised to see Liam's car in the parking lot. He must have come to speak to uncle. I went in and bumped into Liam on the way to my class. He was not wearing his mask. It was better. He started asking for directions to the office with me as if he didn't know. And from the corner of my eyes, I saw girls glaring at me. Come on can't a guy ask directions with a girl. Yes, I know that Liam is too hot but can't these girls think of something other than fucking.

I rolled my eyes at them and told Liam the directions and went off before he could even respond.

I went to my class and sat at the last desk.

This was English class and it was aunt Olivia's class for me and this class also had all the four of us together.

The bell rang and all the students piled in and started sitting in their seats. Alex and the sisters also sat in the last row a few seats away from me.

Aunt Olivia came and the first thing she did after looking at me was glaring. That's not surprising. I tried not to cringe from her glare. If looks could kill I would be dead already.

I just ignored her class and zoned out.

“Xia. ” I heard someone call me. I looked up and saw my aunt looking at me again. She was the one who had called me.

“Yes. Mrs. Jones. ” I smiled sweetly at her. She tried not to smile back at me and kept glaring.

“I can't have you not listening to my classes Xia. Detention with me after school.” I knew it. Even if I had been paying attention she would have had some reason to give me detention today. I know I am going to get the third round of scoldings on my carelessness from my aunt and uncle.

Oh god, save me.

----------A few hours later. -------------

It was lunchtime now and I started walking towards the locker.

“I missed you girl.” Suddenly Carla came and hugged me tightly. Ouch, the pain was terrible. She was side hugging me and her shoulders were pressed to mine which irritated the wound which had not yet healed.

“Umm. Could you let me go please?” I said looking down.

She left me to go and I noticed a little blood coming out of my shoulders. Shit. I looked around and saw Alex a few feet away looking at my shoulders and then my face. He saw my expression and he nodded his head and made his way towards us.

“Hey, Carla. Can you take me to Seth? I haven't seen him all day. ”

“Oh.Umm... Sure .” She hesitated and then nodded her head. “Xia I will meet you later. Is that ok? ” She asked.

“No problem. Take your time.” I said and smiled at her.

She went away with Alex. I started walking towards uncle's office to find first aid and wrap my shoulders again.

I went inside the office and was glad to see that the receptionist was not present. I sighed in relief and went to uncle's office and went in without knocking. I held my shoulders tightly. It was bleeding heavily now.

“Who dares to barge in my office like that. ” He said angrily but after noticing it was me he calmed down.

“I wanted to talk to you Xia. I know that you have already received scoldings from everyone but I have to say this to yo...What happened to your arm?” He cut himself and suddenly shouted.

“Carla hugged me and it irritated the wound. Can you just wrap it again for me?” He nodded and I sat down in the chair.

“I know Xia. You have received enough scoldings but we care for you. That's the reason for all those scoldings. ” He said softly.

“I know I am careless most of the time but I can't help it. I just... I don't know... ” I started but didn't know what to say.

“I understand Xia. Please be careful next time. Even if it is a scratch all of us love you a lot and can't look at you getting hurt all the time. ”

I nodded and smiled at him.

“You know there are still rumors around that you have called my parents and that you were going to suspend me on my first day at school. ” I said smiling at him.

“These kids and their stupid rumors. ” He grumbled.

I laughed at him. “Your so funny uncle.” I said squishing his cheeks.

“Stop that Xia. ” He said and poked my stomach and slapped my hands away.

“Ouch. You're hurting me, Mr. Jones. ” I said and screamed as he started tickling me.

“Alright stop it. I have class now and I don't want to be late. I haven't had lunch. And I can't exactly say that I have been hanging out with the principal. ” I said and got up.

Just then someone entered the office without knocking and it was Jessa one of the minions of the slut aka Brittany.

“This is what you do to stay from being suspended from the school bitch. Fucking the principal aren't you? ” She said smirking.

“Miss Jessa. I don't tolerate such words in my presence and my school. Detention with me after school for barging into my office and using cuss words in my presence. And you miss Xia it has just been a week since you joined the school and you are already getting detention. And I would be happy to say that your parents are going to be here in the coming two weeks and we are going to have a long talk about your behavior. Now girls please have your lunch and get to your classes. ” He said slightly winking at me.

I narrowed my eyes at him and went out of the office and into the cafeteria.

The rumors had already been spread.

Some were whispering shit about me and I tried hard not to lash out at them. That would mean me telling the world I was Scarlet and I was not yet ready for that.

“I heard that the new girl is fucking the principal to stay in the school. Doesn't she know that he is married.”

“Her parents are going to be here in the next week.”

“She has also been fucking Xander Black.”

“She is just a whore who fucks everyone. ” I heard Brittany and her friends gossiping loudly.

My blood was boiling hearing all that. How dare they say I am a whore. I will teach them a lesson.

I checked my time and saw that we still had about one and half hours of lunch break. Plenty of time to carry out my plan.

I went out of the school and checked my surroundings first. After confirming that the coast was clear I took out my phone and called Liam.

“Hello. ”

“Liam I want you to do something now. ” I told him smirking.

“What is it? ”

I told him my plan and he started laughing.

“That's why you should never mess with Scarlet. ” He said still laughing. I could hear Ryder and Rachel also laugh in the background. Guess he had kept his phone on speaker.

“Alright. I will instruct the boys and girls. Oh And Rachel and Ryder want to come to watch the show. ” He said.

“Ok. But no one should know that they are the members of our gang alright. ”

If they find out the boys are of my gang then it could get pretty hectic.

“They will be coming over in half an hour.”

“Let's have fun guys. And Liam I will ask Uncle to keep recording the footage so that you would know what happened. ”

He laughed and muttered a small bye and hung up.

It's time for fun. I thought and went towards the school and into the cafeteria.

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