The Skulls

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Chapter 2


Alexia POV

After an hour we reached the house.

It was actually a mansion on the outskirts of the city. It was the only house in the area.

I called Ryder and asked him if anyone were there in the house.

“Only Liam is there boss”.

“Ryder I asked you to call me scarlet and when we are alone call me Alexia or Xia”.

“Ok Xia. “He said.

“Now let's go and surprise Liam”. I said smiling.

I went inside the house followed by Ryder.

“I will do something about it Alex...” I heard Liam taking on the phone with someone. My guess was Alex.

Just then Liam turned and saw me. His eyes widened.

“I will call you back”. And he cut the call.

“Xia? Is that really you. How? You said you were coming after a month.” He asked confused.

“You know I couldn't wait. Dad told me to come today. And yesterday I lied to you guys.” I said smiling.

“I missed you Xia.” He said and hugged me.

I hugged him back.

“How is the business going on Liam?” I asked after breaking the hug. “Wait, lets go to my office”.

I saw some members looking at me.

I ignored them and went upstairs followed by Liam and Ryder.

When we reached the office I took off my mask and sat down in the chair.

Liam sat opposite me. “Ryder take a seat”.I said.

“Let's get down to business now Liam”.

“So Scarlet...” he started.

After an hour he finished explained to me all the happenings in the gang.

“Now Xia you can go and take rest. There are clothes in your room. Alright?”

“Ok. Anything else?”

“No. And do those three know that you were coming?” He asked.

“Nope. I planned on surprising you guys.” I said.

I got up from the chair and went to the fifth floor where we had our rooms.

Mine was the biggest room in the mansion. It was fresh and inviting. I had a large king-sized bed near the window.

There was a large walk-in closet all filled with clothes of my choice.

There was a secret compartment in my room to hide my weapons.

The wallpapers were of blue color. The bed had soft plushy pillows and blankets.

There was a nightstand near the bed. The windows were floor to ceiling and I also had a balcony.

My luggage had already been brought the maids. So I started unpacking.

When I finished packing it was already 2pm. So I went down to the kitchen to grab some food.

I dressed in a Blue Jeans and a white crop top. I didn't wear a mask. I could say the people I was a new maid or something.

I saw two girls. One was about thirteen years old, and the other girl was ten. And one women cooking food for everyone.

They hadn't noticed me still. So I cleared my throat.

They suddenly looked up at me and widened their eyes.

“Miss I am really sorry. We haven't finished preparing for dinner.” The older women said.

“No it's okay. I can help you guys. Come on. What should I do?” I asked her.

“No. Miss it's fine. We will finish it in fifteen minutes.” she said.

“So what's your name?” I asked the girls and the lady.

“I am Sarah. And these are my daughters Nora and Mia. We work here as maids and prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner. We also do everyone's laundry.” Said the older lady.

“I know this is not my place but can you tell me something.” I asked as I didn't want to impose too much.

“Sure dear. Ask anything.”

“Umm… Do you get paid enough?” I asked her as I had to know whether they were treated well or not. As I was the owner of this house, so I had the rights to ask.

“W-We umm…” she started to speak but was cut off by a boy coming into the kitchen. She whispered something in her daughters ears, and they ran off and hid somewhere.

“Hey bitch. Where are your daughters Huh?” he asked.

“Please leave us alone sir. Don't do this to us…” She started saying, but he cut her off and shouted.

“ Shut up bitch” And proceeded to slap her.

Quickly I went and stood in front of Sarah.

After a second there was a loud sound resonating though the silence.





I was angry that the men working for me had no respect for women.

The people nearby came and saw what was the noise. Among them was Ryder.

He saw me and his eyes widened. He came fast towards me and inspected my face where it had turned red due to the slap.

He turned angrily towards the boy. And grabbed him by his throat.

Just then Liam came down to the kitchen.

“What the hell is happening here?” He asked. “Ryder why are you trying to kill Max?” He asked bewildered.

“This fucker slapped her”. He said pointing at me.

Liam saw my face and stood shocked.

Even though I could have stopped him from slapping me. I wanted to see where this goes.

I go near Liam and say, “I want to speak with you in your office.” sternly.

He gulped and nodded his head.

I went near Sarah who was still standing shocked from all the events.

“Sarah. Call your girls. And I want to meet you three in Liams office in fifteen minutes.” I said to her softly.

She nodded her head and went to call her girls.

I turned and saw that Ryder had put him down. And he grabbed Max by his collars and looked at my face.

I nodded my head for confirmation and saw Ryder take him to the basement.

All the others had dispersed from the kitchen when Liam had entered.

I went upstairs followed by Liam. In a few moments Ryder and Sarah and her daughters were in the office.

I sat down behind the desk while I gestured Sarah to sit on the chair in front of me. Liam took a chair and sat beside me. Ryder stood behind Sarah.

The girls were really frightened. They stood holding each other's hands tightly. Nora who was thirteen was crying silently. Mia was looking at everyone with wide eyes.

“For how long has this been going on?” I asked Sarah.

“For a-about s-six months. We c-came here eight months a-ago.” she said stuttering as she was afraid.

I went and sat near her. And hugged her tightly.

“Don't worry Sarah I won't let anything happen to you.” I started comforting her and her girls.

After some time Nora asked me, “What is your name sister?”

I smiled softly. “I am Scarlet. The owner of the house and all the boys.”

“So you are the leader of the gang?” Sarah asked eyes widened.

“Yes” I replied.

I talked to them for a little time and then I consoled them and sent them to their rooms to take rest. They had too much in their mind right now.

Soon Alex and the sisters will be here.

I was now excited.

Today was 'The night'.

I had arrived at the perfect day.

It's time to have fun.

A/N: This is the second chapter.

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