The Skulls

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Chapter 20

Alexia POV

When I got into the cafeteria everyone stopped talking and glanced at me. Again the whispers started about me.

Carry on people cause you will be scared the shit out of your life now.

I went and bought a sandwich and sat down in the chair in the far corner of the room.

I could see Aria's and the other's curious glances but I ignored them and sat down. I watched the clock. Just any minute now they will be here.

Suddenly we heard a loud gunshot in the distance. I also saw the teachers come in with Uncle. He was a bit confused but remained at the back to see who caused the noise.

Just then they came in. I saw Ryder, Rachel, Sam, and many others. There were about fifteen members here. Behind all of them was Liam. He had also come here. Idiot. I think he told Finn to look after the warehouse.

All of them had worn Black jeans with black T-shirts and they had covered up their tattoos.

Their faces were covered with caps and masks. Not the skull mask but the plain black ones which covered their whole face except the eyes. And even I couldn't identify some guys.

This was a shock to the teachers as this is an elite school and people don't usually attack and cause a scene in this school.

“What are you people doing? Bringing guns to the school and aimlessly firing them. There are students here for god's sake. And play these games somewhere else.” Uncle Caleb came forward and tried to make them go. But for now, these won't back off till I have had my fun.

People don't just get away by making fun of Scarlet.

“Just shut up Grandpa. We are here on someone's orders and we won't go till we have had our fun. And I truly mention we are here just to have some fun and then we will be off on our way. ” Ryder said holding the gun in uncle's face. Uncle narrowed his eyes and shook his head.

“I won't allow you to play these stupid games in my school. ” Uncle said looking at Ryder in the eyes.

He might have not recognized Ryder yet. Otherwise, he would have backed off. My family and gang know how much I hate being disrespected. And they are here to avenge.

“Dear Mr. Caleb Jones. Would you like to live to see tomorrow or do you wish to die now.? Just get out of our way and we will not pay a visit to your house. ” Rachel said looking at uncle.

This time Uncle looked shocked and slightly nodded his head and went to the side where aunt stood next to him.

“Mr. Jones. What are you doing, letting criminals get into our school and threatening our students? I can't believe this. ” Mr. Preston the history teacher said coming forward.

“Mr. Preston. I would like you to step back if you value your life. I won't go easy on you. ” Said Liam's voice from the back and the men parted ways for him to come to the front.

He stood at the front now with Rachel and Ryder beside him.

His eyes scanned the whole room and for a second landed on me. I could imagine him smirking now. I slightly smirked at him before he moved his eyes and saw the girls and Brittany who had made fun of me.

“Now I heard there are a lot of sluts here and I would like some girls to come with me. As you see there are plenty of men with me who are very thirsty right now. ” He said laughing evilly. Sometimes Liam gets too out of hand. But I know not one member would touch a girl inappropriately. But they might just be threatening them and letting them off.

“What the hell is going on here? This is not a club for you to take the girls away. And I won't allow you to do these things in my school. ” I heard Alex's booming voice. I knew that he knew the reason the boys were here but he kept on acting.

“Very well. Who do we have here.?The one and only Xander Black. I heard you have a very hot sister. Where is she? And we all know that you aren't getting any portion in the property without her sign. You are just a waste piece of shit. ”

Ha. Here comes the main reason for which I have called them here. I have to lure Brittany into my trap into thinking that Alex is sad due to the property.

“That's not the reason. My sister loves me. She will give me my share.” He said sounding a little hurt.

“We don't know that buddy. And by the way where is your sister. I would love to fuck her hard. But no problem we have your other sisters here. We will gladly take them with us. ” I heard Ryder sat laughing.

Alex acted like he was very angry and tried to punch Ryder. But not too hard as Alex himself would have to take care of him later.

Liam tried to pull Alex back but Alex kicked his legs and freed himself. The boys started shooting aimlessly. I don't care if anyone gets hurt. They hurt me all the time. This is payback.

“This is fun isn't it?” I heard aunt say from my side.

“Sorry but not sorry. and if anyone gets hurt call Dr. Smith and get them treated for free. But I won't be doing easy on them as they hurt me too much. Let them deal with the pain of scratches and shots. ” I told her angrily.

“I know dear. I am very much enjoying this with you kids. ” She said looking at the fight going on. Even Seth and his friends have joined with many of the boys trying to hit my men. But of course, they don't as my men are trained hard daily.

Just then Sam took out his knife and scratched Jessa's arm. She screamed in pain. One down two to go. I had instructed them to harm the three girls not the others. So everyone was using the knife instead of guns at it could harm even innocent students.

But I had also asked them to harm Alex and the others with plastic knives which would not harm them but it was for a show. It would just cause some small scratches which would heal in two days.

Ryder took his knife and cut Tia's arms while Rachel had kicked Brittany on the face and had smashed her face to a wall nearby wall. Rachel was being very brutal. But the amount of hate I have for them is nowhere near this.

Liam went towards Alex and kicked his legs and punched his face. Not too hard but enough to cause a small bruise. I have to act as if I am going to be shot by Liam and get some cuts myself.

I went towards the washroom and called Liam. Let's stop this now and get back to schoolwork or rather go hike due to the fight in school. I know this is going to come in the news tomorrow and that tomorrow they are going to close the school.

This was fun but needs to be stopped. The boys get overexcited due to all the fighting. Hell, even I get excited. Too bad I couldn't join in the fight. But next time it's me in the front lines.

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