The Skulls

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Chapter 21

Liam's Pov

I was now fighting with Alex and not to lie it was pretty fun. I have to have a real fight with Alex someday. It has been a long time since we have had a proper fight.

Just then I got a call and I knew who it was. Xia.

“Boss. ” I said.

Everyone stopped fighting and looked at me.

“Yes, boss. We are working on it. We will bring someone. ” I said without even letting Xia speak. I have to act like talking to my boss.

“Let me speak you dimwit. ” She scolded me. “Just punch Alex and call back everyone. And stop this fight now. Those sluts got what they deserved. Everything else will be seen later and call Avon to treat the students who were injured. ” She said everything in one breath.

“Yes, Boss. I will take care of him. ” I said smirking and cut the call. I knew Alex could hear what Xia was saying as he was so close to me.

“Boys get back. Boss has ordered us to go back. ” I said and punched Alex in the face. He went a bit back due to the force and glared at me. Shit. I winked at him and stepped back.

From the corner of my eyes, I could see Xia try to go somewhere. I tried to ignore her but almost everyone was looking at her. She was the center of attention.

I saw Wilson grab her by her arm. This kid acted too high and mighty. I have to teach him a lesson and how dare he touch Xia.

“Where are you going Bitch. The game is not done yet. ” He said and kicked her stomach. Mistake number two. This guy is dead today.

I saw everyone from the gang let out a breath. They were scared. The guys whom I had brought here were the trusted men.

Everyone knew Xia's identity except Wilson and of course some of the new members but they were not here now.

She glared at him slightly. He again slapped her. I heard some students gasp.

“That's enough Wilson. Let's go. ” I said.

“But sir. This girl is so hot. Let's have some fun first. ” He said still holding Xia.

The men were all trying not to hurt him right now. And all the six of us were the worst in trying to control our anger. Alex had balled up his fist tightly.

“Wilson. Don't think Boss will not be notified of this. They will know. And I will beat you up when we go back.” Sam said furiously. He was shaking with anger as well as us.

I didn't think this would go this way. I wanted Xia to be happy but here she was again being insulted.

“Fuck it. Wilson gets your hands off her. ” Surprisingly it was Uncle Caleb. He doesn't normally cuss. This was a surprise.

All the students looked at him shocked.

“Shut up old man. I am warning you to keep quiet. ” Wilson spoke angrily.

Xia was silent all this time. She must be burning with anger.

Just the Wilson took his knife and plunged it into Xia's shoulders where she had been shot yesterday. Xia groaned loudly. The knife must've hit at the same spot she got shot.

I went towards them and pushed Wilson away. Xia had fallen on the floor. There were slight tears in her eyes. She looked at me and slightly nodded her head in Wilson's direction.

I understood what she wanted to say and I punched Wilson in the face.

“I told you guys that you are not allowed to hurt anyone seriously and you Wilson just broke the rule. Beware of the boss's wrath today. Your time starts now kid. ” I said looking at him angrily.

I saw Seth come towards Xia and held her being careful of her wounded shoulder. This was surprising. He cared for the most dangerous person in the world. I looked at him a little shocked.

Blood was seeping out of her sleeves and was falling to the floor. Her shoulders were fully red. Blood had covered her full shoulders now.

Rachel had already called Avon and his assistants to come to check up on the students and especially Xia.

“I am sorry umm... ” I tried to say acting like I didn't know her name.

“Xia. Her name is Xia. ” Seth said looking angrily at me. “You wanted to play this game right. Now see it has injured an innocent girl. Because of your careless self.” He shouted at me.

I saw the men had held Wilson tightly in their arms and not letting him move.

His punishment will be decided by Scarlet herself.

“Look Mr. whoever you are. I don't take disrespect easily. And I said sorry. Our doctor will be taking care of her. It is the least we could do for my carelessness.” I said sternly.

I saw Alex and the others come near me and kneeled next to Xia. She was still laying her head on Seth's shoulders. He was looking at her scared.

“Everyone go back to your homes. The school is done for the day. And even teachers can go home. Tomorrow the school is given a holiday for the mess that has happened today.” Uncle Caleb said loudly.

All the students and teachers went away and I motioned the men to check if everyone had gone from the school.

I sat down on the ground tired. I looked at her and she nodded.

“You keep doing this always Xia. It's because of your carelessness that you get hurt always. ” Alex said looking at her sadly.

“Oh, my poor girl. ” Aunt Olivia came running towards Xia and sat down. “I told you I wanted to talk to you about your behavior. But you go and get hurt again. ” She scolded her at the end.

I saw Carla, Seth, and his friends look confused at our talks.

“You guys must be pretty confused right,” Ari said looking at them.

“Yeah. Now that all are gone you people talk as if you have known each other since forever. ” Seth said looking at all of us.

“That my dear friend whom you are holding right now is someone you know from the last week,” I said looking smug.

I took off my mask and Ryder and Rachel also took their masks.

“Liam? Ryder? Rachel?” Daniel said.

“It is you guys who have attacked the school. But why? And the men tried attacking us. But we are in the same gang right. ” Carla said.

“That was because of me. I called them here to teach those bitches a lesson and in the process, some were bound to be scratched a little. Even Alex was punched by Liam. ” Xia said and got up and went towards a table and sat down.

Everyone looked at her shocked.

“How do you know who is Liam and where is Alex. ” Carla said again looking everywhere.

“I am here Carla.” Alex said and everyone turned to him again astonished. “My name is Alexander. ” He said and sat down near Xia.

“I am Aria aka Aria Black. And she is Maria also known as Maria Black. We are the hackers for the gang.” Aria said smiling.

The guys were all confused and looking from one person to another.

“I don't understand. How did Xia call Liam?” Seth said looking from Xia to me and again at her.

“That's because I am Scarlet. ” She said eating her sandwich again.

Alex slapped her hand and said, “ Can't you take care of yourself for once. Yesterday a gunshot and today knife hurt. You keep getting into trouble. ” He scolded her.

“So you are Xia and Scarlet leader of the gang. And also brother to Alex and the others.” Carla said trying to grasp the situation.

“Yes, but my full name is Alexia Black. ” She said.

“Alexia SOFIA Black.” Alex said pressing on the word Sofia. Xia just didn't like her middle name and we always tease her for it.

She glared at him.

“So she is the sister who is the heir to the school? ” Seth said looking at Ari.

She nodded her head. “ Yes.”

“I wanted to cause a scene and called Liam and the others to come here. Wasn't it fun?” She asked smiling.

We all laughed at her. The others were also warming up to her.

“Yes it was. But you getting hurt... Was it planned? ” Seth asked.

The room got silent as this question. Everyone was still angry at Wilson for hurting Xia.

“No, it was not planned. But we were going to cause a little scratch on her arms or a kick to her legs. But not plunging the knife into her already hurt shoulders. ” Ryder said angrily. “I won't spare Wilson.”

“Don't worry Ryder. It's me who is going to torture him today. ” Xia said evilly.

“Xia. You guys should go home now. And try not to get hurt again. We will be visiting later. ” Aunt said. We nodded.

“How are you related to the English teacher and principal?” Chris asked looking between us.

“Oh, they are our niece and nephews. My older sister is their mother. ” Uncle said.

The boys were shocked and looked from one person to another.

We laughed.

“Don't worry. Uncle Caleb is a big softy. ” Rachel said laughing. We started laughing again.

“Let's go to the house now. I have to take care of this bloody shoulder. ” Xia said. We nodded and all of us went to the cars.

“Umm...Xia. I mean Scarlet. Would you come with me? ” Seth asked looking down.

“Sure. ” Xia said and went to him.

“Have fun dear sister. ” Alex and I said together laughing.

“Shut up. ” She shouted. We laughed again and went to our cars.

Alex, Carla, Ari, Mari, Chris, and Daniel went to their cars. And the rest went to the other cars in which we had come here.

I was going with Ryder and Rachel to our home. The men were going to the warehouse.

We drove off. Today was pretty exhausting.

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