The Skulls

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Chapter 22

Alexia POV

I got onto Seth's car and he started driving.

“Let's go to my house. ” I said.

“Sure. ”

After a few minutes he spoke.

“I wanted to say that u-umm... ” He said and cut himself.

“What is it Seth?” I asked. I knew what he was going to say. This week I had seen him staring at me during the classes and even in the ganghouse.

“Ilikeyouverymuch. ” He said in one breath.

“Seth could you say it slowly. I didn't get you.”

“I like you very much. ” He said now looking at me. I hadn't noticed that he had stopped the car.

I turned to look at him and we locked eyes.

“I have, since I saw you entering the club two weeks back. ”

I kept looking at him without any emotion.

“It's ok if you don't feel the same. I just wanted to say it to you and I said it now. ” He said looking away.

I suddenly hugged him.

“I like you too Seth. ” I said smiling.

He was frozen for a few minutes and then he hugged me back. He broke the hug after sometime.

“Will you go on a date with me Miss Scarlet.”
He said in a fake American accent.

“Of course Mr.William. I would love to. ” I said and we started laughing.

“Thank you. ” He said placing a kiss on my forehead. I blushed. I hadn't had a boy come so close to my except my brothers. Hell I didn't even date any boy before. This was going to be my first.

“Wow. The world famous Scarlet is blushing from just a kiss to the forehead. I wonder what will happen if we... ”

I cut him off and said, “ Don't you dare complete the sentence Mr. William. ”

He laughed and raised his hands.

“Sorry. Let's go home now.The others will be waiting. ”He said and started driving.

-------After an hour ---------

We reached the house and everyone had already been waiting for us.

And Avon was also here.

“I was here just yesterday to treat you Scarlet and here you go having another wound. ” He said as I sat in the couch.

“Remove that blazer. ” I nodded and did as he said.

“Oh my dear. What happened? ” Sarah came and sat near me.

“She is very careless and hence got another wound on her shoulder. ” Rachel said still angry with me.

“Guys.I am sorry for coming into everyone's view.” I said not looking at them.

They huffed and sat down.

“Alright. Its done. And don't go to lift heavy things with this hand and don't torture anyone. ” Avon said looking at me sternly.

“Oh...I thought I could make that bastard pay for what he did to me. ” I said pouting.

“That doesn't work on me and don't you dare torture anyone. You can after a week. ”

I sighed. “OK. ”

“I will be on my way. Don't hurt yourself again. I won't be coming to treat you. ” he said joking and went out. I sighed and looked at the others.

“Guys... Talk to me. Please I said sorry right.” I feel sad that I keep causing others to worry about me.

“Leta watch a movie. Alright? ” Alex said looking at us.

All of us nodded our head and went up.

They settled on some action movie. Sarah brought popcorns and juice for all of us.

“Sarah, you and your daughters should join us. ” I said looking at her.

She looked at all of us and then nodded her head slowly. I smiled at her.

There were five rows of seats. I sat in the last row with Seth beside me. Alex and Sarah sat to my left while Aria and Chris sat in the fourth row with Maria and Daniel.

Rachel, Liam and Ryder also sat in the fourth row. Sarah, Nora, Mia sat in the third row with Rick and Brandon.

When everyone sat in their places Alex started the movie.

--------- After about two hours------------

We heard a knock on the door. I got up and went to open it. I saw Sam standing there.

“What's up Sam? ” I asked.

“Boss there are two girls here seeking protection. Their badly hurt as well. Should we bring them in?” He asked.

“Make them sit in the living room. We will be coming now.” He nodded and went away.

“Guys. There are girls here who seek protection. So let's go down.”

All of us went down. I sat in the chair opposite to the girls.

“Can you tell me your names please. ” I asked softly. Everyone were in the room now. Alex and Liam stood next to me while Aria, Rachel, Carla and Maria stood next to the girls. Ryder and the other boys sat in another couch.

“I am Lara and she is my younger sister Helen. ” The older looking girl said crying.

“Hi. I am Xia and this is Alex and Liam. The girls next to you are Aria, Carla, Maria and Rachel. The boys sitting in the couch are Ryder, Seth, Chris and Daniel. ” I introduced everyone. “Can you tell us what happened?”

“Our father was trying to sell us. ” Helen said crying softly. “We ran from there and ended up here. ”

“What is this place? Who are you? ” Lara asked looking everywhere.

“This is our home. And we are from the gang... ” Liam looked at me for confirmation. I nodded. “The skulls. We are the leaders. ”

“What? ” Lara looked shocked.

I nodded again. “Thank you for letting us be here. But we need to go now. ” Helen said.

“Where will you go? ” I asked getting up. “You can't leave after knowing our identity. Now you will be killed and fed to our dogs. ” I said looking at them seriously.

They both gasped loudly.

“Xia. Don't scare the poor girls. They won't harm you dear. ” Sarah said softly looking at them and sat beside them.

“You can't do this Sarah. ” I whined. She looked at me and slightly glared.

“Wow. Sarah is now ready to kill the infamous Scarlet. Let's give a big round of applause.” Alex said and clapped loudly.

“Alright. So Lara and Helen, I was joking. I don't kill people for fun and I certainly don't kill innocent. ” I said and sat down again.

They both looked at me and nodded.

“You both can stay here for now. There are free rooms here.” Aria said.

“What about us? Let us also stay. ” Daniel said looking at Maria.

“No” I said sternly. “You can go home. ”

“What? No I will stay here tonight. ” Chris said pouting.

“Nope. ” I said and looked away.

“Seth, you ask her. She will agree. ” Daniel said looking at him. Everyone started saying him to ask me loudly.

He got up and came towards me. I stepped back and didn't notice that I was sandwiched between the wall and him. I gulped slowly. He bent to my size and whispered in my ear.

“Xia. Let us stay here today. ”

“Huhhh...” I felt my throat become dry. “No. ” I managed to say.

“Please.” He said, his voice dropping a bit lower. It sounded so se... Wait don't go there Xia. That's what he wants. Don't agree. My inner self screamed but me being the Idoit I am, nodded my head slowly.

Suddenly he went back and laughed loudly.

“Yes. Now we have permission to stay here. ” Everyone started laughing loudly.

I pouted and went upstairs with Seth following me.

“Seth. Apologize with a kiss. She will fogive you. ” Alex shouted loudly laughing.

“Hey. Xia, Sorry. ” He said and grabbed my arm and pushed me to him.

My breath got caught in my throat. And I looked at him in the eye. We stood in the same position unable to move.

But after sometime he started coming more closer to me and again I was trapped between him and the wall. Stupid wall. Comes out of nowhere.

“What happened Xia. ” He whiseperd loudly in my ears. He bent down and softly kissed my neck and his hands held onto my waist tightly. I put my hands around his neck and tilted my head to give him clear access.

He suddenly pulled away and hugged me tightly.

“I like you . ” He said smiling. I smiled at him and hugged him back.

We went to my bedroom and after talking for about an hour we went out to look for the others.

They had come up not too long ago. I went to Ari's room and saw Chris and her sleeping holding each other tightly. I smiled and went to Mari's room.

Even she was sleeping in Daniel's arms. Alex and Carla were also sleeping in the same manner. Rachel, Ryder and Liam were sleeping in their separate rooms.

Next I went to the guest rooms and saw Helen and Lara sleeping soundly in the bed holding each other.

I smiled and went back to my room where Seth was lying on my bed.

“Aren't you sleeping in the guest room.” I said smirking.

“No. I am going to sleep in the room with my girl. ” I smiled and went to the bed.

He wound his arms across my waist and held me tightly.

“Good Night Xia. ”

“Good night Seth. ”


It had been a week since we found the girls. Everyone were warming up to them. And we had fun talking to them.

It seems like Liam and Ryder like the sisters. They both keep talking to them all the time. Everyone has someone except Rachel. I had seen her sad everytime all of us were together.

I hope there is someone whom she likes.

I went down and looked. Everyone were sitting at the table for breakfast. We started eating.

Just then the bell rang and I heard some voices. Rick, Brandon and Sam were here so they would open the door.

I heard someones footsteps come into the kitchen and the person stood in front of us.

“Well, look who we have here. ” Alex said smirking. “Welcome. Welcome. ” He said leaning back in his chair, and smirking.

“I am here to arrest you Miss Scarlet. ” The man said.

Everyone gasped. Alex was still smirking while Aria and Maria were smiling softly. I looked up from my plate and saw him.

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