The Skulls

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Chapter 23

Alexia POV

I heard someone's footsteps come into the kitchen and the person stood in front of us.

“I am here to arrest you Miss Scarlet. And you have to come with me. ” The man said.

Everyone gasped. I looked up from my plate and saw him.

“ Do you really think you are capable of arresting Scarlet?” Chris asked.

“I know. I am more than capable. ” The man said.

“On what basis are you arresting her? ” Daniel asked.

“You guilty of murdering Max. And we have proof. The note you signed and pinned to the body of Max, I have it with me. ” He said smirking. “ I actually have all the proofs of your previous murders. ” He added. He brought out his gun and pointed at me. Seth, Chris, Daniel, Rick, Brandon and Sam got up and held their guns at him.

“Tyler. ” I said looking at him.

“You know this man?” Seth asked.

I nodded and looking at Tyler I said, “You should have breakfast. ” The boys looked at me as if I had lost my mind.

“Scar, this man is here to arrest you and he has all the proof of your murders. ” Rick said looking at me shocked.

“I know that. It's because I gave him all the proof”. I said still looking at Tyler.

Everyone were looking at me shocked and confused.

“Let me explain. ” Alex said smiling. “He is Tyler Black.”

If not before, the boys were more confused now.

“He is my fathers older sisters son. He is twenty years old and works for the gang. He has all the proof because he is an undercover officer. ” Aria said.

“Where were you all these days?” Rachel asked looking at him.

“I was sent to Korea to solve a case. But now that I have solved it I am back. ” He said smiling.

I hugged him tightly. “Missed you brother.”

He hugged me back smiling.

“Now I am hungry. Give me something to eat. ” All of us laughed. He loved food more than anything.

“Are you going to stay here? ” Rachel asked. He nodded.

Just then Alex got a call.

“Hello. ”

“Send it to the warehouse. I will come now. ” He said to the person on the phone and cut the call.

“Xia. The parcel has arrived.” He said smirking.

I laughed. “ Let's go now. ” And I got up.

“What are you both talking about? ” Carla asked.

“The material to torture Wilson. ” I said. Seth looked at me in surprise.

“Can I come? ” He asked. I was a bit worried about how he will take the torture. But he has to deal with it himself.

“I am warning you guys now. If you won't be able to look at it, don't come with us to the basement. But you can come to the warehouse and hang out there.” Liam said seriously.

All of us got ready. I wore my usual black outfit. Alex was also wearing a similar one. Aria and Maria were wearing light blue Tshirt with dark Blue Jeans. Ryder and Liam were wearing hoodie with black pants. Seth, Chris and Daniel were also wearing similar outfits. Carla, Helen and Lara were wearing floral dress. Tyler was in his black pant and white shirt. Rachel was wearing a green coloured T-shirt with dark blue colored short jeans.

There were a lot of members here now. Alex, Liam, Seth and I went to Alex's car. Chris, Daniel, Aria and Maria went to Chris's car while Ryder, Carla, Helen and Lara were in Ryder's car. Tyler and Rachel were in Tyler's bike.

I think finally Rachel has met someone whom she likes. Sam, Rick and Brandon had already gone to the warehouse.

All of us sat in our cars and drove off.


We reached the house and I looked at everyone who were hanging out and working in the house. All of us, seven leaders had worn our masks while the other guys didn't wear it. Even though we were used to wearing masks almost everyday, it was always a nuisance, not being able to breathe freely.

We went into my office and everyone took a seat. Finn came into the office and gave me the box which had arrived. I took the box from his hands and gave it to Liam.

Helen, Lara, Carla, Chris, and Daniel were going to stay back with Sam.

While Alex, Liam, Ari, Mari, Rachel, Tyler, Seth, Ryder and I were going down to the basement. Rick and Brandon were already waiting for us there with Finn.

All of us went down to the place where Wilson was kept for hurting me. He was kept in the special room as Alex had ordered.

I took off my mask after reaching down. Wilson was pretty beat up. Blood was dripping down his hands which were tied to the chair. His face looked like he had been punched too many times.

Wilson looked shocked seeing me.

“You. Who are you? And why are you here? ” He asked shouting.

“Calm down boy. I am Scarlet. ” I said smirking. “I am also called Xia in the school where you had stabbed my shoulders. ”

He looked at me scared and started giving all the excuses as he didn't know and what not. How annoying.


“Liam. ” Alex said and held out his hand. Alex and Liam were standing next to me with the others siting at the far corner of the room and watching everything.

Liam handed him the knife and even Liam held a dagger in his hand.

I stood a bit back and let Liam and Alex do their work for now. He started screaming and trying to get away but could not as he was tied firmly to the chair.

Alex held the knife and stabbed his left eye. He screamed and cried due to the pain. Liam took the dagger and made cuts all over his body.

“Ahh... I am sorry. Please. ” He shouted. I went near him and broke off his leg.

“Let him be like this for sometime and ask Avon to treat him. I will not use the material Liam. We will use it for someone else. This pain and punishment is enough for him. ” I said to Rick and I went out of the room leaving the others there.

I straight away went up and saw all the members looking at me. I had already worn my mask. But my hands and face was dripping from his blood. My T-shirt and pants were also having stains from the blood.

I just ignored everyone and went to my office. I took off my dress and went to shower. After cleaning all the blood I wore a blue T-shirt and short jeans which was in my office. I laid down in my couch tired.

I heard voices from outside. But I drifted off to sleep.


Seth POV

It was actually terrifying to watch Alex Liam and Xia torture Wilson.

“I will be going now. ” Alex said. “You guys also should head out. ” He said and followed Xia with Liam tailing behind him.

All of us went out leaving Finn, Rick and Brandon with a badly wounded Wilson.

We went up and saw the offices of those three locked from the inside. We went and sat in the computer room with Aria and Maria.

“Why are they a bit sad? ” Daniel asked coming into the room.

“It's just that this is not a normal torture.

“It's because Max and Wilson were the gang members. They feel sad for doing this but they have no choice. ” Ryder said from his place near the door. He was leaning on the door.

It had been an hour and we were still talking about all the things. Suddenly Ryder got a call. He picked up his phone and his face turned into horror.



“Oh.They must be sleeping. ”

“Nothing. It's alright. They just tortured someone. ”

“Okay. ” He said with a horrified expression. “I will send someone to the airport. ” He said and cut the call.


Ryder POV

All of us were in the room and talking when my phone rang. I saw the ID and was shocked to see that it was uncle James.

“Hello. ” I said.

“Ryder are you all doing good. ” He asked.

“Yes. ”

“I called Xia and Alex but they didn't pick the call. ” He asked.

“Oh. They must be sleeping. ” I said.

“What happened? ” He asked worried.

“Nothing. It's alright. They just tortured someone. ”

“OK. So I called to tell you that we are coming there and we will reach in about an hour. ” He said.

“Ok. I will send someone to the airport. ” And I cut the call.

“Uncle James is arriving in about an hour. ” I said.

Everyone looked at me in horror.

“What? We didn't miss anything right? We have done everything he said. ” Rachel said.

“He might just miss us and hence he is coming. Don't worry guys. ” We heard Xia's voice. Xia, Liam and Alex were standing near the door.

“Since when are you guys standing here?”

“Since dad called. Why do you guys worry so much. I am there here to take care of everything. And it's not like he's going have all of us for dinner.” She said laughing.

“Send Rick and Brandon to the airport. Dad will come here first. After that we can go home. ” Alex said.

“Ahh... I am tired. ” Liam said yawning.

“Let's go down and wait for him. ” Aria said.



All of us were in the living room waiting for dad to arrive. The gang members were also here waiting for him.

I heard his footsteps come in. All of us got up and and greeted him.

He hugged us and that's when I heard her.

“Alright. Leave them. I missed my children. ” My mother said pushing past dad and hugging us tightly.

“Missed you mom. ” All of us said in unison.

“Missed you too my kids. ” She said smiling and kissed all the seven of us on our foreheads.

“And who are these people? ” Dad said looking at the other seven people. It had become crowded now due to too many people standing in the room.

“They are our friends and recently joined the gang. ” I said. “Guys. Get back to your works. He will meet you all tomorrow. ”

They bowed and went away. Just then I heard someone come in. It was Avon.

“Hey James. ” He waved and then he greeted dad.

Dad smiled at him. “How come you are here Avon?” He asked.

“Oh. Rick called me to treat someone. Where is he?” He asked me.

“Basement. I will join you later. ” He nodded and went away with Finn and Rick following him.

“Who is it? ” Mom asked.

“The one who stabbed Xia on her wound. ” Mari said.

“That bastard. Serves him right. ” She muttered angrily.

“My dear sons, niece and nephews... I missed you guys so much. ” We heard a loud voice.

“Uncle, Dad...” All of us said again in unison.

He hugged each one of us tightly and smiled.

“It has been so long since I saw you guys. ”

We smiled.

“Let's go to the office. ” Alex said. All of us went up to his office and everyone took their seats. Mom and Dad sat on the couch with uncle.

We began talking about all things happening in life.

“Guys all of you go down and have lunch.” I said looking at Liam. “Alex, Aria, Maria and I have to talk with Dad. ” I said. They nodded and went away. Mom was still sitting in her place.

“So dad... ” I said him about my plan.

He sat seriously and listened quietly.

“Alex. You know this can be very risky. ” Dad said and Alex nodded.

“I know dad. But trust me. I can do this.”

“Why can't the others know about this?” Mom asked. “After all they are your cousins”.

“It's better if less people know about this mom. ” Mari said. “They know about half of it”.

She nodded.

“Alright. Let's go and have lunch. ” All of us got up and went down.

Everyone were sitting at the table in the kitchen and we joined them. Just then,

“ Boss. Dr. Smith is calling you. ” Brandon said coming into the room.

I nodded and got up. “Alex. Come with me. ” He got up with me and we went down.

“Scarlet. I tried to save him. He's badly injured. He will be able to walk after a few months.” Avon said.

“He will be sent to some other place in the world where he won't be able to hurt anyone and he will be able to live peacefully. ” Alex said.

Avon nodded and we went out.

“Where will we send him?” I asked.

“Hmm... How about somewhere in America itself. We will be able to watch him easily. ” I nodded.

We went back to the kitchen and joined the others. We had our lunch and spent the rest of the day teasing each other and cracking jokes.

The real work begins from tomorrow.

This will be a long week.

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