The Skulls

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Chapter 24

Alexia POV

I woke up because my phone started ringing. I checked the ID and it was uncle Caleb.

“I heard Diana and James have come and you didn't even have the courtesy to atleast notify us. ” He began saying.

“Good morning to you too uncle. ” I said sleepily. “ And yes they arrived yesterday and I was busy to call you. You both should join us for breakfast. It is Sunday right, so there's no school today. ”

“We will come over in about half an hour. ” He said and hung up.

I shook my head smiling and went to shower. After showering I wore a blue ripped jeans and a light blue colored T-shirt. I went down and saw everyone sitting in the living room.

“Why are everyone sitting like this? ” I asked.

“Nothing. Everyone are still sleepy. ” Mom said smiling.

I went and sat down next to her and laid my head on her shoulders.

“I missed you kids very much. ” Mom said looking at all of us.

“We missed you too mom. ” Alex said.

“What? No one missed me? ” Uncle Lucas said coming in.

“Nope. No one missed you.” Ryder said looking at him seriously.

Lucas pouted and said, “ You should not say that to your Father. I am pretty sure Xia missed me. Didn't you Alexia?” He said and came next to me and sat down.

“No Lucas. I don't miss anyone like you. ” I said laughing.

“I hate all of you. ”He said making angry face.

“Alright Brother. I missed you. Happy?” Dad said looking at Lucas.

“Ha. I have atleast one person on my side. ” He said jumping like a kid, even though he is a father and he has two kids.

All of us started laughing at him. I heard the doorbell and went to open it. Today the boys were at the ganghouse with Seth and his friends. They were learning some new things with them. Even Finn and Sam were with them.

I opened the door and they pushed me aside and ran to mom and dad.

“Hello to you too uncle and aunt.” I said closing the door and going behind them.

“Oh I missed you so much Diana. ” Aunt said and hugged her tightly.

After some talks here and there we went to have breakfast.

“So Xia I heard you had Liam and the guys to come to school. ” Dad said. I smiled sheepishly at him.

“Sorry dad. But I wanted to teach those barbies a lesson. ”

“I enjoyed watching the footage of that day. ” Lucas said. “It was so funny.” He said laughing.

“But I was not happy that you got hurt again. And also directly on the wound.” Mom said eyeing my shoulders.

“I am fine mom. Nothing serious happened. And I took care of everything. ”I said.

“What about today's match?” Liam asked.

“We will conduct it today.” Alex said. “Spread the message that Seth and I will be fighting today. He had already asked me to let him fight. ”

“Alright. It's going to be Seth, Rick and Alex fighting. And let Finn know to keep the security tight. Aria and Maria check all the cameras once more and Ryder get everything ready wirh Liam. Alex will be busy getting ready for the fight. Rachel help Ari and Mari. Dad, Mom and Uncle will be present today. Uncle Caleb and Aunt Olivia can also come with us. ”

All of them nodded and we got up. I saw Sarah and her children were standing in the kitchen talking about something. I went towards them and stood a bit far.

“I want to go to school. ” Nora said.

“I am really sorry Nora but you can go next year. ” I heard Sarah say to her daughter.

“Why can't she go this year? Don't worry about money Sarah. You can ask me. And she will be coming to school with me from tomorrow. ” I said going near her.

“But... ”

“No buts. She will join our school tomorrow and don't worry I will take care of her. By the way how old is she?”

“She's fifteen and will be sixteen in two weeks. ”

I nodded and asked her to send Nora and Mia with me tomorrow.

I went to the living room and saw mom standing there.

“I am proud of you Xia. ” She said smiling. I smiled back at her.

“I am going to the warehouse. Where are the others? ” I asked her.

“All of them went already. Now I will come with you. ”I nodded and went up to wear the mask.

I went back downstairs and found mom standing looking at her phone.

“Lets go. ” She nodded and came with me. I took the keys to my black Lamborghini and we drove off.

After about half an hour we reached and I saw too many cars parked in the side.

“Did they bring the car shop here now. There are too many cars here. ” Mom said astonished.

“Mom there are about fifty people here. And all of them either come in cars or bikes. And this is nothing compared to our warehouse back in America. ”

“That's true. There are about hundreds of cars there.” She said smiling.

We went in and everyone were looking at mom and me.

I went to Alex's office and saw everyone sitting there.

“You guys left mom and me alone in the house.” I said looking at them.

“Oh no. We didn't leave you both alone. There were many furnitures and stuff with you. Also Sarah was still there. ” Alex said.

“Idoits.” I muttered. “And now guys all set for tonight? ” I asked.

“Yes. Ari and Mari finished checking all ten cameras. Liam and Ryder have notified everyone. Rachel and Tyler have gone to the club with Finn to check everything. Dad and Uncle helped me to check some of the things here. And Seth and his friends have learnt everything related to the gang. ” Alex said.

I nodded. “Good. So as it's almost noon so all of you can take a break. ”

“Oh. Thank god. I am staving.” Alex said and grabbed some bottles of soda from the small refrigerator in his office. He gave one to each of us.

“So tomorrow I will come to the school Xia. ” Mom said looking at me. “The principal has called the silent nerds parents. ” She said laughing.

“Alright. But don't act like you know me. And I am seriously angry with that slut Brittany. ” I said holding my can too tightly.

“Seth. Can you try to stop her from getting into fights in school? We have to pretend to not know her. ” Alex said. “The next time she will murder her with just a pen. ” He added laughing.

“Yeah. I will.” If I am angry I will hurt those people with anything that is in my hand be it a pen or from just my hand.

“Boss. Rick and Brandon are here. ” Finn said coming in.

“Tell them to come in. ” They came in behind him

“Rick. As you asked today you will be fighting the Chinese fighter Dong Lee. who has always asked for a fight with Xia. But first you will fight him. ” Liam said.

Dong Lee was a Chinese fighter who had always wanted to fight with me. But I simply declined everytime since I was not in the mood. I had heard he does not follow the rules and hence Rick asked me that he will be fighting Lee first. If Rick is hurt then no one will be able to spare Lee from me.

I had asked Rick to consider again but this man doesn't even listen to me and I didn't force him. Let him do as he wishes.

If something goes wrong I will be fighting him today itself. Only Alex and Liam knew about it except me and Rick.

So let's see what happens today.

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