The Skulls

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Chapter 25

Alexia POV

We had arrived at the club at five pm. It was crowded today as Dad was also here.

I had made them sit in a separate VIP booth with Uncle Caleb and Aunt Olivia. Uncle Lucas was also with them. For protection Sam was with his team of eight members.

I was sitting at my usual spot with Aria, Maria, Rachel, Helen, Carla, Lara and even Chris and Daniel were sitting here. Ryder and Liam were near the cage as they were incharge. Rick, Alex, and Seth were getting ready with Tyler and Brandon assisting them. In my booth the guards were Finn and his group of five members.

I got up and went towards Alex and the others.

"Are you guy's ready? " I asked.

They nodded and I wished each one of them. I went out and took the mike from Liam. Ryder was standing next to me.

"As you all know todays match is between Alex and Walter, Seth and Xong Zi and Rick and Dong Lee. Let the first match begin. "

Everyone cheered when Alex made his entry with his black mask of course. The person to check on the guards was one of my members named Peter. I actually have a bad feeling about today. This doesn't happen always. I decided to go back to my seat and watch what happens.

After the checking was done by Peter, Liam started the match.

Alex just stood watching him. That was Alex's style. Watching your opponent first and then attacking him.

Walter charged like an angry bull. He lifted his arms and tried to punch but Alex stepped to the side and pushed his elbow and made him fall to the ground. Alex sat upon him and continuously punched his ribs. We could also hear the scrunching sound of the bones breaking. Alex got up and stood giving Walter time to get up. After he got up punched Alex's jaw. Ouch. It was a bit hard. After Alex got hold of himself he rolled his hand under the man's wrist, drove the man's arm over and back, and pulled him backward and down. There was a loud thud. The sound of Walter falling back to the ground. Alex stopped after this and went out of the cage. There was no use waiting, as Walter would not wake up again.

This was a bit of a one sided match. But Water himslef asked to fight Alex. And Alex didn't refuse.

Now it was Seth's and Xong Zi's match. Alex had already wore a black shirt and and a matching pant. He came and sat near me.

"Ahh... I am tired. " Alex said yawning. I smiled at him.

"Good job. " He nodded.

"What about Rick and Dong Lee? I am a little worried. " He said with a frown.

" I hope nothing goes wrong. If anything happens then it's the end of Dong Lee. " I said smirking. He laughed.

"Yeah. But I won't allow you to have fun alone."

"Sure bro. " I said smirking.

Seth and Xong Zi were being checked at the moment. It was only Peter who was checking them. His actions seem suspicious. I looked at Alex. He nodded confirming my suspicions.

Alex and I, got up from our places and went down near Liam. The whole club was watching us in confusion.

"Alex what shall we do? " I asked him in a low voice so that only he can hear.

"I suggest let's see what happens. But let's warn Seth and Rick to be careful of those two. " He said looking everywhere.

I nodded and we went near Seth and called him aside. This time everyone started looking at me and Alex.

"Seth be careful. Peter is not checking him correctly. So be cautious when you fight. "

"Thank you Scar." He said smiling and winked at me. I looked away from his eyes. I was red like a tomato under my mask. But I know that Seth knows it.

"All the best " I said and walked away from him. I heard his and Alex's soft laughter behind me. I went inside where Rick and Brandon were sitting.

I also asked him to be careful. He agreed to be on the lookout for anything. I went back and stood next to Liam and Ryder with Alex beside me. I nodded to Liam and he started the match.

Seth started fighting soon as Liam asked them to start. He slapped his right palm down on the man's face, shattering his nose. Xong put his hand to his nose and wiped the blood. He angrily came towards Seth and held his hand and kicked his leg which made him fall down. Xong sat on him and tried punching but Seth managed to push Xong off him and got up. This time Seth was ready and kicked Xong's face. This pushed Xong backwards but he steadied himself. Seth was bleeding from the side of his head.

I couldn't help but form my hands into a fist and gritted my teeth. Alex kept his hand on my shoulders and shook his head. I stood quietly watching the fight. Seth again kicked him in the ribs. Xong was badly bruised. There were red patches all over his chest. Xong fell backwards. Seth didn't waste time and pulled his hand backwards to deliver the final blow. But Xong suddenly held out his hand. All the people began looking and whispering about what was happening.

Seth drew back his hand and looked at us confused. Ryder and Liam were quick to go inside the cage and helped Xong to get up and we brought him to the room in the back. Seth was declared the winner as Xong Zi had submitted.

"Scarlet. I have to say that the man does not check properly. He is a betrayer. " Xong said coughing blood.

"Why are you telling this? " I asked sternly.

"I like to fight fairly. And I wanted to say it to you. " He said. I nodded.

"Good and thank you. " I said. I saw Seth coming in.

"Good fight. " He said and shook Xong's hand.

"Seth. Congrats and well done." I said and went out from there, basically ran. I couldn't stand to be near him. I might blurt out silly things infront of him. I heard a soft laugh come from him.

Xong was taken to the clubs treatment room. Seth was treated by my mother who was also a doctor. She bandaged his head.

After that Seth went and sat with the others. My father was also sitting with him and Alex. I also went and sat with them.

"You fight well boy. " Dad was saying to him.

"Of course Dad. He is the best fighter in the club and he also managed to get a hit on Scar. " Aria said. I frowned. What is the big deal about this. I am not some 'not getting hurt' kind of person. But the total opposite.

"Wow. That's good. " Dad said smiling.

"Alright. Alright. Enough of talking silly things all of you. " I said standing infront of dad.

He shook his head and smiled at me. I sat down next to Seth. Liam had already asked them to start the fight and Rick was standing in a defence position. But Lee was already coming towards Rick and before he could even get ready Lee had punched him in the face.

Rick stumped back and blood was pouring out of his nose. He wiped it and stood straight. He ran towards Lee and twisted his hand back and pushed him to the ground. He held him in a chockhold position. But Lee managed to escape from it and pushed Rick away.

Suddenly Lee took some powder from the waistband of his shorts and threw it at Rick. After that he repeatedly punched Rick in the ribs. I got up from my seat in full force and went down. Alex and Seth were also behind me. The others had stood up in their places in shock. Mom also tried to come down but I saw Dad hold her and tell her to leave us to take care of it.

Liam and Ryder were now also alert and were waiting for our orders. Brandon was also standing in shock near the cage.

Rick was flailing his hands all around and tried standing straight. I motioned Brandon to hold him and Alex and Seth to hold Dong Lee. No one could stop me now. He picked a fight with me and he will pay the prize for it.

I saw Peter try to run away from here but was blocked by Ryder and Liam. Aria and Maria were also standing next to them.

I went inside the cage and Peter was brought in and made to stand near an angry Lee. Rick was taken to the treatment room and Avon and mom were treating him. It must have been a drug. This caused Rick to be blinded for sometime and he was not aware of his surroundings.

I was now standing in front of Lee and Peter who were being held by Alex, Seth, Liam and Ryder. Aria and Maria were both standing on each side of me.

They pushed Lee and Peter to the ground and everyone simultaneously bright out their guns and aimed at them. I was standing with both of my hands in my pockets. The whole club was watching the scene unfold in front of them.

"Did you seriously think you could violate the rules of My club and even escape after doing such stupid things?" I said stressing on the word My.

They both tried to look at my face but their heads were pushed down by Liam and Alex. I looked at Tyler who was watching me and he nodded silently as if saying okay for my silent order.

"This is an example for all of you who will even dare to betray me. " I said and took out my gun and shot Peter in the middle of his forehead. Alex shot at him again. People gasped loudly. My dad was looking at me proudly.

"And you Dong Lee. You will fight me. All of you get out. " They silently pulled Peters body with them and went out.

"Lets start this useless match Dong Lee. " I said and he stood up.

I took off my jacket and now all of my tattoos were in display. I was wearing a red sleeveless T-shirt and a black jean. My mask was still on my face. And my hair was tied in a high pony.

Liam started the match.

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