The Skulls

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Chapter 26

Alexia POV

He tried to punch my right but I slipped to the left, which threw him off enough so that I could step to right and get a handful of his hair. I pulled his head forward and broke his nose with my head. His nose started bleeding heavily.

Wow. There are too many nose breakings today.

Before he could get a hold of himself I held his neck and tightened it. He started to scratch my hands to let him go. But I just tightened my grip and continued to choke him.

I heard gasps from some people who were watching. If they can't handle this then they shouldn't be here.

“If you are not able to look at this then you should not come here. Don't waste your time and money. ” I heard Alex say loudly. There were some shuffling but everyone were still sitting in their seats.

I saw that Lee was going to pass out and dropped him to the ground and gave him some time to recouver.

He managed to stand up and directly hit my stomach. I was standing too close to him and it was an adavantage to him. I spat a little blood and ducked to avoid his punch.

As soon as I ducked I pulled his legs and made him fall back to the ground. I sat on top of him and continuously punched his face and ribs.

After some time I saw that he was unconscious and hence stepped back.

My head was slightly bleeding and my hands were bruised. I am pretty sure my stomach is also having a mark.

But Dong Lee had all of his ribs broken. His face unrecognisable and he was limping due to my previous kick. His nose however was broken.

I saw Alex and my sisters come quickly and stood next to me. Even Seth came close and checked my hands. His closeness was giving me butterflies in my stomach.

“We should treat this quickly. Your knuckles are bad. ” He said looking at them in concern.

“I'm fine Seth. ” I said. He stared at me with anger, and concern.

“The final match winner is our Scarlet. Everyone the fight is over. ” I heard Liam say. And all the people just began to go to their homes. My men were told to take care of Dong Lee.

Mom, Dad, Uncles, Aunt and everyone came near me and tried to look at my bruises.

“Guys I am alright. Let's go home. I have school you know. ” I said and tried to walk away. Keyword tried because someone pulled me back and it was Seth. He held me close to him.

“Let's go home first. You can treat her there. ” Alex said. Thank god. At least he has sense.

Everyone got into their cars and we went home.

Mom treated my wounds while Alex, Seth, brothers, my sisters, dad and uncles and aunt were sitting in the couch in my room. It was fully crowded.

“You know, You guys can go to sleep. I am fine. ” I said looking at all of them.

“Yeah. Let's go to our rooms and sleep. Tommorrow there's school for you kids. And James and Lucas you have to work right.” Mom said and pushed everyone out of my room. But Seth was not pushed away.

“You can stay with her dear. ” She said smiling at him. He looked awkwardly at her and smiled. She winked at me and went out closing the door behind her.

“Wow. Your mother is amazing. ” He said still looking at the closed door.

“Seth,You should rest. Even you were hurt. ” I said.

He nodded and laid beside me. He put his hands on my waist and pulled me close.

After a few minutes I fell asleep in Seths arms.


I woke up to someone caressing my hair. I opened my eyes and saw that it was Seth.

“Ahh... You are awake. Your mother called us for breakfast. She said she has something to tell all of us. ” I nodded my head and went to shower. It seemed that Seth had already showered and he was dressed for school. I guess he had asked Alex to lend him an extra pair.

I got dressed in the school uniform is it was almost time for school. I went out and saw Seth looking at his phone sitting on my bed.

“Let's go down. ” I said and he nodded and followed me. The others were also coming out of their rooms now and all of us went downstairs together.

The wounds were almost healed. But my knuckles still looked bruised. And my wrist were also scratched. Seth still had a small bandage on his head. Alex looked okay.

I saw Nora and Mia also wearing our school uniforms. Mia would be sent to school a little farther from us as she was still ten years old. But Nora who was almost fifteen would be going to our school with us. Mom had already agreed to drop Mia with Sarah and Rachel.

I had asked Nora to be with me during lunch and break periods. No one would question her for sitting with me.

I sat at my usual seat and saw dad and uncle having their breakfast.

“Good morning. ”

“Morning” All of us said in unison. There were fourteen of us.

The table was fully crowded. I have to order a new one. This cannot fit all of us together. And however we are staying here for next two months.

“What did you want to talk about mom? ” Alex asked.

“I am coming to school today. ” She said.

“Oh. Okay. But don't talk with me as your daughter and keep some distance. ” I said. Mom can come to school but the others can't know that I am also a Black.

She nodded.

“Dad, don't even think about it. ” Aria said smirking.

“What? I haven't even said anything. ” He said acting confused.

“We know you dad. You will come to school following mom. ” Maria said laughing.

“Alright. I know this is important for the gang and so I will not come. Happy now? ” He said grumbling.

“Ya dad. If anyone recognises you it will be a problem. Don't worry about mum. There are many gang members in the school. We will protect her. And I will send about ten members extra from Sam's team. ” I said.

He nodded and we went back to eating. I got up after finishing mine, and Ryder and Nora came with me.

“Nora, be with me today and I will drop you at your class. Alright. ” She nodded and went to the car.

“Ryder. You will come with mom later with Sam and his members. Tell him that I told you.” I said and he nodded. “I will see you guys in school. ” I told the others.

“Bye. ” I heard some murmers from everyone.

I went with Liam to his car and he dropped us off a little farther from school.

“I will see you later. Bye ”. He said and drove off.

Nora and I walked to school.

“So I should call you Xia right. ” She asked.

“Yup. And don't be afraid of me. I will help you OK. ” I said smiling at her. She nodded smiling back at me.

We went to the office and I saw another secretary sitting in her desk. The other secretary must be on holiday.

“Miss. I want a shedule for Nora here. She is a new student. ”

“We can't accept anyone in the middle of the school year. Do you have her transfer certificate?” She asked looking at Nora with piercing eyes. Nora hid behind me a little afraid. I can't blame her. She will be afraid of everyone for sometime. But she will get over it after a few days or months.

“No. But I have recommedation from Alexia Black.” I said.

“Are you serious? She doesn't let anyone meet her. And you say you got recommendation from her. ” She laughed at me.

“She's telling the truth Miss Young. My sister has given special seat for her. And if anyone harms her it will be the end for them. Remember her name, Nora from grade ten. ” Alex came in and said this after turning the speaker on. The whole school heard him.

Miss Young looked shocked and tried searching for Nora's shedule. I was trying hard here, to not let out my anger at this lady.

Alex slightly squeezed my shoulders and nodded.

“Thank you. ” I said. He laughed knowing fully well that I was not really meaning what I said.

“Your welcome. Let me take her to her class. You should be going on your way to your own class. And my friend, Seth is searching for you. ” He said winking at me while saying the last part.

Aria and Maria were also waiting outside and they went with Alex while holding Nora's hands. I turned around and saw Brittany standing and glaring at me.

“You will never have him. Bitch. ” She spat and went away.

What is this girl's problem? I huffed and went to my locker.

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