The Skulls

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Chapter 27

Alexia POV

I sat at the back of the classroom and saw Seth coming towards me.

“How are you? ” He asked.

“Fine. But I felt like punching that secretary in the office. If Alex had not appeared I would have lost it. ” I muttered angrily.

Just then Alex came in with Brittany hanging off his arms. I saw Seth looking at him and clenching his fist.

“How dare he do that to Carla. She will be heartbroken. ” He whispered angrily.

“Listen Seth. He likes Carla but he has his reasons for doing this. Trust me. Everything will fall into place. ” I said in a voice only he could here.

Seth looked at me for a moment and then nodded slowly.

“Thank you.” He said and I smiled.

Just then the bell rang and students started to come in. The first period was Math today. Mrs. Johnson came in and started the class.

From the corner of my eyes I saw Alex and Brittany flirting and laughing. Suddenly a man came in. It was one of Sam's guys who came with mom . He gave a letter to Mrs. Johnson who read it and nodded.

“Class. Today the owner Diana Black is here for some inspection. Please be on your best behavior. She has also asked Xander, Aria and Maria Black to meet her after this class.” She said loudly looking at Alex and the sisters.

The man looked at Alex and went out. After an hour the bell rang and I got up from my seat quickly.

“Seth I will talk to you later. Bye. ” He nodded and I went to the office where mom and uncle were waiting for us. Some guards were standing outside the door. As they were the new ones, they didn't recognize me.

“What do you want? You are not allowed in, unless you have permission. ” One guy said.

“Mr. Jones called me. He wanted to talk about some scholarship. ” I said looking down. He nodded and let me in.

I went in and threw my bag on the couch. And sat down.

“Oh. You are here Xia. Where are the others?” Mom asked.

“They will come in a minute. ” She nodded and they began to talk about other things.

“Hello... ” Alex shouted coming in. I glared at him.

“Can't you be a bit quiet?” I asked.

“Nope. ” He said popping the p.

“Whatever. Lets get to business. ” Uncle said and we discussed about all the necessities of the school.

“And I wanted to say about the food served in the canteen. Its not actually tasty. ” Alex said scrunching his nose.

“We should change the menu. ” I said looking at mom and uncle.

She nodded and said, “I will see to it today and tomorrow Alexia will come with me to school. Alright. ”

“What seriously? ” I asked shocked. It meant that I would have to come as Alexia Black. Urghh. This is tiring.

“One day. I will tell my identity to the whole world. I am tired of wearing the mask shit. ” I muttered.

“So today I will just look at the school. Tomorrow we will do the inspection. ” All of us nodded and I quickly got up.

“You guys should stay here. I will be going first or else it will raise suspicion. ” Suddenly someone knocked on the door and entered, before uncle give permission. No one were allowed to disrupt the meeting and even come near the office today. But this bitch does the exact opposite. It was Brittany.

As soon as she saw me she started shouting.

“Why the hell are you sitting here bitch? ” I saw everyone clenching their fists and looking angrily at her.

“Mr. Jones called me to talk about scholarship for my studies. Thank you Mr. Jones and Mrs. Black. I will leave now. ” I nodded slightly and went out.

Seth and Carla were waiting for me in the corridor.

“I saw a dog go in. What happened?” Seth asked looking at the door to the office.

“Oh. You know. Dog keeps barking but barking dog does not bite. ” I said laughing. They both joined me and we went to our next class.


Alex POV

As soon as Brittany entered she started shouting at Xia and cussing at her. This got all of us mad. But Xia just brushed her off and went out. Brittany suddenly flung herself at me. I managed to hold her and hugged her back.

“Miss Wallace. You are not allowed to come into my office without permission and no cussing at other students. We were discussing something and you disrupted it. ” Uncle said sternly.

“Caleb. I haven't done anything wrong. My boyfriend is here and hence I came to be with him.” She said still wrapping her hands tightly in my arms.

Mom, Uncle and my sisters looked shocked.

“Britt. You shouldn't call him like that. He's my uncle. ” I said looking at her.

Mom looked at me sternly.

“Xander. You will not behave like this in this school. I don't tolerate this. Wait till your dad and Alexia knows about this. ” She said angrily.

“Please mom. Why do you call her name all the time. She is nothing and I am far better than her. And do whatever the hell you want. I don't care. Tell her and we will see what happens. ” I said angrily getting up and held Britt.

“Xander Black. You will not speak to mum this way. ” Aria said and slapped me. I looked at her and held my cheek which she had slapped. Maria also stood and glared at me.

“Oh shut up. ” I shouted and stormed out with Britt in my arms.

“Why do they keep telling about her all the time. An I a kid that they keep complaining about me to her. ” I said to Brittany.

“Don't worry babe. Let's go to the next class. ” She said squeezing my hands and pecked my lips.

I smirked and saw Xia looking at me intently. I ignored her and we went together for the next class.

After the class was done I got a message to come to classroom. Britt started asking me and I told her that I had to call my sister.

I went to an empty classroom where I was told to meet. I saw her sitting at one of the desks. I took my phone out and started making it seem as if I was talking in phone.

“Why were you slapped? ” She asked.

“Just Aria losing her temper. ” I said not looking at Xia's eyes.

She nodded humming and caressed my cheeks.

“I hope you will be alright brother. I care for you. You shouldn't be like this. ” She said looking at with concern.

“You don't know anything. They always complain about me to you. I can handle this. ” I said raising my voice.

“You know I love you Xander. Don't be like that to mom. She called me and said that you were rude to her. ” She said looking at the door.

“I don't care, this is me. You will give me my share of the property. ” I said now shouting.

“You know what Xander. We should talk about this face to face. I am coming tomorrow. We will talk later. ” She said and I cut the call which I had secretly called her as Britt was listening to us from the other side.

After a few seconds I heard her walk away.

I sighed loudly.

“I am sorry. ” I said looking at Xia.

“Don't worry. I am here for you. ” She said squeezing my shoulders. “And there's mark of the fingerprints on your cheek. She sure hit you hard. ” She looking at my cheeks.

“You know Aria. She always hits too hard. ” I said shaking my head. “Now I will be going. I hope this works out. ”

“It will work out. Don't freak out just be you. ” She said and I walked out.

We had to do this. The others don't know anything about our full plan.

It was only Xia and me who were aware of everything.


Anonymous POV

“It's true sir. Alexander Black doesn't like his sister. He hates her for having all the power. ” One of my men said.

“There's so much that greed can do to a person. Alexander Black and Alexia Black. Wait and watch I will take you both down. This is my revenge. I will kill all your loved ones through the ones you love the most.” I said smirking evilly.

Brittany came in and kissed my cheeks.

“I missed you dad. ” She said.

“Missed you too my lovely daughter. ” I said smirking. I hate this girl. She doesn't like gang works or fighting. She is also stupid and only likes to dress up and do fashion things. She could have been like Alexia. I always am jealous of how James three daughters are perfect. They are the best fighters. But all the good things will come to an end my dear old friend. Brittany is useful to me this time by making the infamous Alexander Black fall in love with her. After that I will make him destroy his own family.

This is my final plan. I will ruin you for killing my wife, Alexia.

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