The Skulls

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Chapter 28

Alexia POV

After speaking to Alex in the classroom, I went out and headed to the cafeteria. It was already lunch time.

I entered the cafeteria and all the eyes landed on me. I just put my head down and walked to the corner of the room. Seth was sitting here.

“Why are you sitting here. You should sit with Alex. ” I whispered to him.

“Oh. He told me to sit with you. Even if he wouldn't have I would still sit with you. ” He said winking at me.

Just then the doors opened and in came Alex with Brittany again hanging off his arms. Aria and Maria looked pissed off and just came and sat in one of the tables close to me. Alex ignored them and sat at the table in the center of the room. As soon as he sat Brittany sat down in his lap and started kissing him. I feel bad for him. I shouldn't have asked him to do this.

I also saw Carla looking lost and again and again looking at him and her. I got up and went towards her. She was standing in the center of the room.

She looked at me with tears in her eyes as if asking why he is doing such things.

I saw Alex look at her. He looked at her for a second and went back to kissing the girl.

Carla started crying more and now Seth had gotten out of his seat and went towards Alex's table. He punched Alex in the face. Oh shit. Poor Alex he is being beaten up nothing.

Alex just took all of his punches silently. Seth noticed this and stopped shocked. He knew Alex could take him down easily but he didn't and that made Seth suspicious.

Just then the doors opened and mom and uncle came in with a man as tall as dad. I knew this was dad. He wore a mask similar to mine and stood behind mom acting as her bodyguard. He looked at the floor and saw Alex on the ground with Seth on top of him.

“What is going on here? ” Uncle shouted. The cafeteria which was already silent got even more silent if that was possible.

Seth got up and stood silently. He looked at me with sad eyes. I looked at him with slight dissapointment. He understood that and looked down.

Alex stood and brushed his pants. His lips were bleeding.

“Xander. ” Mom said sternly. “Aria and Maria what where you both doing when boys are fighting like this?” She asked but I knew most of it was directed at me. But still I couldn't do anything being nerd Xia. I had to be Alexia to do that and that's not possible.

“I am sorry Mrs. Black. It was my fault...” Seth started.

“Mom. Xander deserved it. He was already seeing Carla and suddenly he started to go out with Brittany. Of course Seth would be angry. Seth is not the problem here. Xander is.” Mari said slighlty looking at me.

“Mrs. Black. If I may speak. ” I said going and standing infrint of the two boys. They slightly sighed glad that I decided to save them. Mom nodded looking at me.

“It was just a misunderstanding between the two boys. Seth was wrong to punch Xander but Xander has a right to choose whom he can date. So I think Seth should apologize to Xander. ” Everyone looked at me shocked.

“Little nerd. You shouldn't come inbetween boys fights. Get lost. ” Brittany said looking at me with disgust.

I ignored her and turned to the boys.

“You know what to do. ” I said lowly so that only those two could hear me. They looked at each other and muttered a sorry.

“Just so everyone knows. Brittany is my girlfriend. ” Alex said loudly. Everyone gasped and I could feel mom and dads glare. Suddenly Carla came and slapped Alex hard on his cheek.

She started crying loudly. “How could you?” She screamed.

Alex looked down with guilt. This is all my fault. I can't help but stand at the side and watch this. I know Alex is too sad now. I will try to do this better.

“Carla please stop.” I said pulling her with me. She started trashing in my arms. My mom and sisters came towards me and tried to comfort her. Dad also stood next to mom. I know Alex knows that it's dad. Uncle just stood silently.

“Xander. This is not the way I taught you to behave. I don't like this. What happened to you all of a sudden. ” Mom said with tears in her eye. This is getting out of hand. I should have informed them correclty of our plan. I had told mom and dad about our plan but I guess they didnt know about this.

“I don't care what all of you say. It's because of Alexia. You great me like a kid. Everything goes to her. She has the the power. And I... ” He said laughing like a manaic. “I don't have anything. I am always the underling. ” He said angrily. What an act. Poor brother.

Mom and dad slighlty gasped looking everywhere.

“You know your sister loves you. And you also know that she has spies everywhere. She has heard what you said. ” Mom said looking at him.

“I said I don't care. Let her do whatever she wants. ” He said and sat down in a chair.

I spoke up this time. “Umm... Mrs. Black. I think we have class now. So I would like to take Seth with me.” I said and bowed slighlty and pulled Seth with me. We went out.

“We will talk about this in the evening. Don't speak a word. ” I said to him.

He nodded slowly. I have to speak to Alex. I wonder how we will solve these fights.

It's getting bad. I have to do something tomorrow.
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