The Skulls

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Chapter 29

Alexia POV

When the bell rang indicating that school was over, I got up from my seat and went out of the school without waiting for anyone. I saw Ryder at our usual place with Nora and Mia. I smiled at them.

"I heard Alex was was slapped by Carla and Aria. And Seth punched him. What happened?" He asked.

"I will tell you later. Drive fast. There is some work today." He nodded and we drive off.

When we reached the house I saw mom and dad sitting in the couch and speaking seriously.

"James, You heard what he said. Why is he doing this all of a sudden." Mom was saying crying. "I don't want my kids to fall apart due to some stupid reasons like power and money. "

I feel sad for mom now.

"It was all an act darling. Don't worry." Dad said calmly. "He was acting. He doesn't like that Brittany girl but Carla. Those four must have some plan. "

"Dad. You always burst our plans. " I said laughing. They both jumped seeing me.

"So it was all an act? " Mom asked again.

"Yes mum. We both are still ourselves. Just chill and watch the show. " Alex said coming behind me and putting his hands on my shoulders. All the others were here now. I saw Seth and Carla also standing near the door.

"But I should say Aria slapped him really hard. Does it hurt?" Mom asked with concern looking at Alex's cheeks which were red due to him getting slapped twice and being punched from Seth several times.

"Hmm. Ya it hurts. Xia said she will treat it for me. " He said holding his cheeks. Carla came towards him and stood. Alex froze and looked down.

"Xia, I would like to talk to Alex and I will treat his wounds. " She said. Alex looked at me and shook his head with wide eyes.

I just laughed. "By all means go ahead Carla. Teach this bad boy a lesson. " Everyone began laughing with me. Carla pulled Alex upstairs.

"Guys so what is this about? " Ryder asked.

"It's simple. Alex is just going to make Brittany fall in love with him and he will be spying on their gang. " I said shrugging.

"And what is the fight between you both?" Rachel asked.

"Oh. It's nothing. Just Brittany keeps feeding him bad things about me and he acts according to it just to please her. " I said looking at the wall seriously. "Now I have a lot of work so I will see you later guys. " I said and walked up to my office. They were looking at me confused.

Damn you Dave Wallace. You started the war and I will end it. I smirked to myself. My plan is working.


Alex POV

Carla pulled me with her and we went to my room. She dragged me and pushed me inside and locked the door.

I stood silently in the center of the room. She stood in front of me and kept on staring.

After a few moments I spoke.

"I am really sorry for what happened today. I actually didn't mean it. She is just my mission. I make her fall in love and dump her afterwards. We need to know about their gang and this is all an act. Baby I am so sorry. I really didn't want to hurt you... " I kept on rambling but was cut off when she sighed and hugged me tightly. I stood shocked and after a few seconds I hugged her back.

After sometime we broke the hug and I pulled her to sit on the bed with me.

"I-I just felt bad when she kissed you and you didn't even stop her. And you even kissed her back. You talked rudely about Xia. She is also my friend you know. And moreover your sister. I just felt angry at myself for liking someone who doesn't respect his sister... " Carla spoke looking at the wall.

She continued talking but I zoned out. She likes me. She likes me. She likes me. These words kept on echoing in my head. I was smiling goofily but was brought back from my day dreaming when Carla snapped her fingers infront of my face.

"Are you even listening to me. " She asked annoyed. I smiled smugly.

"So you like me huh...?" I said smirking. She became nervous and started playing with her fingers.

"What. Psst. No. I don't know what you are talking about. " She said stammering and not looking at me. I held my fingers on her chin and made her look at me.

"I like you too Carla. Since the day I saw you. " I said smiling at her and kissed her cheek. She looked shocked for a moment and then hugged me while crying. I let her be for a few moments and then said, "Come on baby girl. You will get shirt wet with your tears. " I said laughing.

She backed away a bit and slapped my shoulders. "Not funny Alexander. " She said rolling her eyes.

I smiled and got up with my hands on her waist. "Come on. I am hungry. Let's get something to eat." She nodded and we went down. I saw everyone sitting at the table and chatting or eating.

" Where's Xia? " I asked. She was not here.

"She is in her office and said that anyone is not allowed to see her for a few hours. " Seth said frowning. "And she looked somewhat different after Rachel asked, why you were behaving like that today. She looked a bit happy and a bit disturbed. "

"Idoit Xia. She keeps thinking too much sometimes." I grumbled not aware that everyone had heard me.

"What do you mean? You know what happened to her right?" Liam asked.

"Guys. Nothing. She will sort it out. You know her. She will be alright tomorrow. " I said and went up after seeing that no one is following me. I knocked on her door and went in.

"Alex. Isn't the plan working well?" She said looking out of the window.

"You know, my sister is a brilliant. It is going accordingly. " I said smirking at her. She looked back at me with a smile.

"Why were you disturbed while going out of the room?" I asked.

"Seth told that, didn't he? " I nodded and she sighed. "You keep getting beat up due to this. I should have done something else. " She said not looking at me.

"Hey. Don't fret about it. I wouldn't have expected it to turn out any other way. This is the correct method. I will manage everything. " I said hugging her. My sister sometimes thinks too much and cares too much about others. She is a kindheated soul.

"So what about tomorrow." I asked after breaking the hug and sitting down in her chair.

"What about it? " She asked confused.

"Finally the big bad sister is making an entrance. " I said laughing.

"Oh. Nothing. I will just come as scarlet. Wearing my usual mask and same attire. " She said with a bored look. "But I will make sure your 'girlfriend' pays for what she did. " She said pressing on the word girlfriend.

"Go ahead. I will just try to stop you and nothing more. " I said twirling in her chair.

"Gosh. Stop acting like a kid." She said stopping me from twirling again. "How about we have a little fight tomorrow? " She said with an evil glint in her eyes. “I am sure dear Mr. Dave Wallace will be watching. "

"Sure. I would love to. " I said with the same look.

Both of us laughed together evilly.

You won't know when the storm is going to wreck your house Dave. Because storm always comes unannounced.

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