The Skulls

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Chapter 3

Alexander POV

We were all sitting together in the living room after eating dinner. That's when Aria called Xia. All the other members had gone back to their homes. Only the main members used to stay in this mansion. I was really strict with the good for nothing fools. They didn't even know how a gang works. I will not let these fuckers spoil the name of our gang.

She picked the phone after the first ring.

“Hello Ari” she said.

“Hello Sis. How are you? I really miss you. Come and join us. It has been four months since I saw you. I miss mom and dad. And you always forget to call me. I am furious with you...” She went on rambling.

That's what you get for not calling Xia, I thought.

“Alright Ari. I heard you. Sorry I forgot to call you. And I'll be joining you guys next month.” I heard her say softly.

“And Ari I have a work for you and Mari. Is Alex with you?” We heard her say in the phone.

Mari and I see each others face and sit up straighter. This may not be good. Only if it's something very important Xia gives me jobs. Or else it's done by the lower people in the gang.

I, Xia and Liam don't do small works. We have special people to do those jobs.

But only if it's a very confidential job I or Xia go to do it.

So when she said that I had to do this job I was very curious. And her next words made us really shocked and angry.

“Actually there is a person who wants dad dead. So…”

She didn't get to complete as I burst out of anger.

“Xia. Who is this person?”. I asked angrily.

“Calm down Alex. The name is Santiago of Spanish mafia. I want you to find his location and finish him off.” I heard her stern voice.

“I promise he won't be able to get away for trying to kill dad. How is dad now?” I asked.

“Dads fine. Don't worry. Just finish the work by tomorrow evening. And I want you to reach the house before night.” I heard her say.

“Ok sis. Bye. Let's get to work girls.” I said and Ari cut the call.

Maria was already searching for all the information about Santiago.

I went to my room and got dressed. I wore black jeans and white t shirt with a black jacket and black boots. I wore a mask of skull. I had a tattoo of skull in my right shoulder and my left shoulder was covered with tattoos.

I only wore a mask when going for the job.

My gang members knew me as Alex the right-hand killer. I could be funny but mess with my gang and family I would make sure you see hell on earth.

I was furious that someone had tried to kill dad.

Now I had the opportunity to kill that bastard Santiago.

I took my black matte gun and I hid some knives in my ankles.

I also took a sniper just in case. I had it customized and could be dissembled. And I put it in a black bag and slung it over my shoulders and went downstairs.

I could faintly hear Ari and Mari speaking.

“..... France”.

“.....too easy”

I reached the last steps and went towards them.

“Do where do I have to go? ” I asked them.

“He is in Marseille, France. In hotel Sofitel room number 226. He is with a girl staying the night in their room. ” Mari said, her eyes still glued on her laptop.

“Ok. Anything else I should know?”

“Hmm… He is not having any guards with him today. He had secretly come to the place. This is interesting.” Ari said.

“This is too easy.” I got up from the couch. “Goodbye girls. I will see you guys tomorrow morning.” I hugged them both.

“Take care Alex.” Maria said. “You should be careful.”

“I will. Bye.” I said and went towards my car and drove off towards the airport.

I had already called my pilot and informed him to be ready for take off.

I soon reached and parked my car. I will be here by morning, so I didn't need to worry about my car.

I got into the plane and greeted my pilot Quinn.
I go and sit in the seat and buckle my seat belt.

After about two hours I reached the airport in Marseille. I got down after asking the pilot to wait for me.

A driver was waiting for me. I think Aria had already told someone to pick me up. I got into the car and we drove off.

“Where to sir?” He asked.

“Hotel Sofitel.”

I took out my mobile and started playing some games to pass time.

After half an hour we reached the hotel.

I got out of the car and entered the hotel.

It was a 5-star hotel. So obviously it was fantastic.

I stopped checking the interior and went towards the reception.

“Good night Sir. How can I help you today?” Asked the girl behind the desk.

“Hello, I would like a room for one night.” I said smiling.

“Just a minute sir... We have a room on the fifth floor. Here is your key. Room number 227. And would you like to pay by cash or card Sir?”

I was just happy. I got the room next to that bastard. “Thank you. Card is fine darling.” I said smiling.

She blushed and handed me my room key. After paying for the room I went up to my room.

It was already 3am. To say that I was tired was an understatement. I was so fucking sleepy.

I have to finish my work and get out of here fast. I opened my door and got in.

I went straight near the bed and put a silencer to my gun. I wouldn't want the police behind me. Xia would be mad.

I just couldn't get caught.

I fixed my gun and went next door and knocked on the door.

The door was opened by Santiago himself. I just pushed past him and went inside and sat in the couch.

“Who the hell are you and what you're you doing in my room?” He started shouting.

“Argh, Just shut it old man. I am trying to focus here.”

He took out his gun and aimed at me. “Tell me who are you or else I will kill you.” He started threatening me.

“This is wonderful. You threatening Alexander Black Skull. Impressive.” I said smiling menacingly.

When he heard my name he started sweating heavily. There was fear in his face.

I just pulled out my gun.

“This is for you trying to kill my dad.Goodbye, Mr. Santiago.” I said and shot him twice in the head.

I went towards the room and checked if anyone else was here.

There was no one in the room except the dead body of Santiago.

I quickly went out of the room and into my room and took my bag again and rushed out of there.

I saw the same receptionist looking at me confused. I just went towards the entrance where my driver was waiting for me.

I got into the car and drove off to the airport.

We reached the airport and I boarded the plane and greeted the pilot again.

We soon took off, and I called Xia to let her know that the job was competed.

After I talked to her, I kept the phone aside and tried to keep myself awake.

But soon I fell asleep.





Ryder POV

After I picked Xia from the airport I went to my room to shower and then went to Liam's study.

After discussing on everything Xia went to her room and I went downstairs.

All the guys were asking about Xia. As they had seen her in her mask they should have known who Xia is. But no, these fools don't know a thing about being in a gang.

I wonder when uncle James will send those 25 men and women. They are all experienced and are really trustworthy. We have members of about 30 people here but not even a single person knows who their boss is.

I won't tell them till Xia says it herself.

I was speaking to some boys when I heard a loud sound coming from the kitchen.

I went to the kitchen, what I saw had my blood boiling.

Max had slapped Xia… 'The Scarlet' doesn't get slapped. But here she was with her cheeks in a bright shade of red.

I went near Xia and checked her cheeks. I was furious. I went to that mutt and held him by the throat.

I heard Liam come in and ask what was happening.

“This fucker slapped her” I said pointing at Xia.

Liam widened his eyes. He knew the consequences of hitting your boss and even more was the danger of hitting 'The Scarlet'.

She could have killed this fucker in one swing, but she didn't do that. Either she wanted to forgive him or she will be torturing him badly in the basement later.

I personally think that it was the latter one.

He however was trying to rape those young girls which Xia doesn't tolerate.

I pushed him back to the ground.

I heard her telling Liam in her stern voice to meet her in the office.

I held Max by the collar and looked at Xia for confirmation. She nodded her head.

I dragged him out of her sight and down to the basement.

Everyone moved out of the way when I drag him down. They were whispering, and I could tell that everyone were curious.

Your time starts bitches. The big boss is here, and she will personally make everyone suffer for misbehaving with girls and women.

I drag this stupid and lock him up in one of the cells.

“Sir. Please let me go. I haven't done anything. Please.” He started crying.

“Shut up you fucker. If you mishandle the girls this is what you get. Be ready for tonight. It will decide your fate”. I smiled evilly.

I already know what this fools punishment will be.

I know my cousin very well.

And she knows 'it' very well.

Tonight is the special night in our club.






The game is on folks.

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