The Skulls

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Chapter 30

Alexia POV

I got dressed in a blue ripped jean with a white tank top and a long skin colored cardigan which reached my knees. I covered my tattoo by wearing skin coloured sleeves for my hands. I wore brown heeled sandles. And I just left my hair open after curling the ends. I held my mask in my hands, as I could wear it, when I reach the school. My chain was dangling from my neck and it reached my stomach. I took my brown bag and sunglasses and went downstairs.

Everyone were having breakfast. I went and sat down with them.

"Wow. You look beautiful Xia. " Mom said kissing my cheeks. I smiled and began eating my pancakes.

"Seth is gonna be happy, seeing you all dressed up rather than your usual leather outfits. " Alex said grinning at me. I scowled and kicked his legs while he hissed loudly.

"So how are you going today? " Ryder asked stopping us from fighting.

"Alex, Ari and Mari will go together. Chris, Daniel, Carla and Seth will be together. Ryder will drop Nora and Mia at school and after that he will join us. And Liam will go with Mom. And as you all know Dad will accompany her, as her bodyguard." I said looking at him at the last part. Dad smiled sheepishly.

"Sorry kids. I was just worried. And I couldn't stop myself. "

"Dad as long as no one recognises you it's fine. " Maria said.

"And how will you go?" Rachel asked.

"I will go in my precious car. " I said smirking. "Oh even Rachel will be going with mom. Tyler has to go to work so he won't be coming. Uncle Lucas said he will work in the warehouse. So he won't be coming. Helen and Lara will be with Sarah today. So no worries about them. " I said looking at Ryder and Liam. They both looked away from me at the same time, blushing. "Finn is making some members guard the house and werehouse. Sam will be coming to school with five members. Alright?" I said.

All of them nodded and finished their breakfasts.

All of us got up and went to our respective cars. I took out my blue Mc Laren 650S and sped off in a high speed.


It was already an hour since I came here and now it was time to go to the school.

I went down to my car. Sam and the others had already left to be with mom and dad. They knew that Dad would also be there.

I reached school after about fifteen minutes due to my speed. There were students lingering here and there. Today everyone had left the house quickly. At eight mom and dad had reached the school. And school starts at eight thirty. It was now eight fifteen. So students were still outside.

Everyone gaped at my car and started taking photos and videos. This was too costly to be here I assume. I just turned off the ignition and opened my door. I had already worn my mask. It was just a plain black mask. Not the usual skull.

Students gasped seeing me. It had gotten out that Scarlet Skull and Alexia Black were the same person. So people were shocked to see me here. The leader of the gang. Everyone were also told that Alex was the right hand and my sisters were also the part of the gang. It didn't matter now. I looked around and spotted Alex and the others looking at me with smiles on their faces. I walked towards them and pretended to act like I had seen them after a long time.

Aria and Maria hugged me together. After that I pulled Alex from Brittany's arms and hugged him tightly.

"Who the hell are you? " She screamed at me. Just then the bell rang and I saw mom gesturing me to come towards her. I walked towards her.

"Britt. I will tell you later. " I heard Alex say to the stupid bitch. Liam and Ryder were already at my sides. Mom and Rachel were standing together.

"And by the way bitch, I am Alexia Black. " I said to Brittany looking sideways through my shoulders.

"Have you arranged for the morning assembly?" I asked Liam. He nodded. We went to the hall and now students were gathered and everyone were speaking in hushed voices.

Mom and Rachel were sitting in the seats in the stage. Dad was standing near mom. Sam was also on the stage. Ryder and Liam were standing next to me. Uncle Caleb was also sitting in the stage. Alex and the others were sitting in the crowd. We started walking and the hall suddenly became silent.

Students looked at me in awe, fear, shock and many more expressions. I walked to the front and sat in my seat in the stage with Liam and Ryder beside me.

"If anyone has been given a job to kill us here, just confess now. Or else she will end you, without regrets. " Liam said. Everyone looked at each other and started speaking.

"Silence. " Uncle said. Everyone got silent quickly. But anyone didn't step up.

"Lets start the meeting or whatever. I don't have all day. " I said trying to appear rude. I could see Seth and the others trying to control their laughter even if I was too far from them.

Uncle and mom began to ask if anything needed to be solved or helped. Some students told their problems and Rachel noted them down. After sometime no one spoke. It seemed they had finished listing all the complaints.

"Done already? " I asked. Everyone were sitting silently not understanding my words. I laughed loudly. "So there are no problems right. If I find any problem like bullying or cheating I won't tolerate it." Some students face paled.

"Step out now if you have bullied someone or taken part in it. Or cheated. " Liam said loudly. Everyone looked at each other and murmers were heard.

"We don't have all day." I said and got up. "Mom and uncle you can leave this to me. " They nodded but still sat in their seats. "And my dear students be quick. " I said and went down and stood infront of some students. Nora was also here. She looked at me and waved. I waved back and some kids looked at her and me in shock. As soon as I came down, Ryder, Liam, Rachel and Sam also came with me. Dad sat in the chair next to Mom.

"Alright. The ones who were bullied step out. " Some kids came forward. I saw Carla look at Seth and came forward. Seth looked at her in shock and even I was shocked.

"Carla. " I said sternly. Students again gasped as they didn't know how I knew Carla. " Since when? "

"This year. " She said coming and standing infront of me.

"Why didn't you tell me? Or the others. "

"It stopped after they came. " I nodded and looked at the others. Some students were standing next to Carla.

"Is this it? " Some nodded. "Where is the new girl who joined last month." I wanted everyone to be honest. But let's see.

"She is not present today." Someone spoke from the crowd. Aria and Maria came front. Alex stood still in his place.

"Oh. And what about her being bullied. Didn't you all watch when she was being hurt and bullied. " Everyone stood silent. "If anyone's hurt, people in this school will help them not laugh at them. Understood?" Everyone nodded.

"How do you know about that pathetic useless bitch? " I heard Brittany's voice. I also heard Alex try to stop her. But she dragged him with her. The whole school watched them with curious glances.

"Right. Because the 'pathetic useless bitch' told me. " I said making actions with my fingers and smirking inside my mask. "The girl is very close to me. And I don't let people close to me get hurt. As you hurt her I will make you pay for it. "

She looked at me shocked.

"Now, if I hear any more complaints I will show you what I can do." I saw some kids shivering at my cold voice. "Understood?"

Everyone nodded.

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