The Skulls

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Chapter 32

Alexia POV

I was nervous. I was waiting in the living room for Seth to pick me up. It was already 5 and he would be here any minute.

I was going on a date with Seth. When Aria and Maria came to know about it, they volunteered to do my make-up and dress me up. Although I hated putting on too much makeup, I let them do whatever they want.

I was wearing a black off-shoulder top and high-waisted jeans with white pumps. My hair was tied in a high bun and my make-up was light. Of course, my knife and guns were hidden. I had to be careful always.

I was checking my phone when I heard the doorbell ring.

I got up and went to open the door. He looked handsome wearing a grey coloured full sleeved t-shirt and a black pant. His hair was styled in a messy way, which made him look hot. I couldn't stop myself from checking him out.

“You look beautiful. ”He said not taking his eyes from me. I blushed a little.

“You also look handsome. ”I said. He smiled and took my hand.

“Let's go?” He asked. I nodded and shouted, “I am going. ” I know everyone heard it. They were spying on me from somewhere.

We went towards his car.

“Where are we going?” I asked him.

“It's a surprise. You will see when we get there. ” He said smirking while looking at me.

I huffed and looked out of the window.

“You are cute you know. ” He said suddenly after a few minutes of silence. I looked at him shocked.

“You are calling the most ruthless girl cute. I can't believe it .” I said laughing loudly.

“I don't care what the world says. You are cute and you are the most wonderful person I have ever met. ” He said looking at me.

I just smiled and looked away. After about an hour we reached a nice classy restaurant.

Seth got out and opened the door for me before I could get out. I glared at him playfully and he smiled smugly.

“Come on. Let's go. ”He said and pulled me with him.

We went in and sat in the corner of the room.

“Hello. What would you both like today? ” I saw the waitress smiling and asking us.

“I will have the roast chicken with mashed potatoes and gravy and just water, please. ” I said smiling at her and put the menu down.

“Ok. And what would you like sir?”

“I will have the same. Thank you. ” He said and she went away.

“So are you staying here permanently? " He asked after a few minutes.

“After we finish off demons we have to go back. ” I said.

“Oh...” He said sadly. I could tell he didn't want us to leave.

“But you will come with us, right?” I asked him. He suddenly brightened.

“Are you saying that we can come back with you? ” I nodded. He smiled happily.

“You guys should come back with us. I am not going to break up with you idiot. ” I said slightly glaring at him. “You can't get rid of me that easily. ” I added.

“I know. You will hunt me if I try to leave. ” He said laughing at me.

“So what about your parents?” I asked. He didn't speak about them at all.

“They passed away two years ago in a car accident. Carla and I live with our grandmother.” He said sadly.

“I am sorry. Is that why you fight at the club?” I asked him. He nodded.

“We had to pay for both of our education. And for fighting in the club I made a lot of money. ”

“It must have been tough for you. ” I said smiling sadly.

Just then the waitress came with our food and we started eating while making small talks.


After eating we walked out. He held my hand tightly. Suddenly he leaned in and softly kissed my lips. I closed my eyes and kissed him back. His lips were soft and he tasted sweet like honey. After a few minutes we broke up and I saw him smiling goofily.

“Your so beautiful Xia. ”He said cupping my cheeks. I slapped his hand away and blushed. I haven't blushed so much in my lifetime. And here I am, blushing red, like a tomato after every few seconds. This guy makes me feel so relaxed and happy.

“Let's go home now, shall we?” He said and I nodded. We walked back to his car and started driving home.

“Will you stay in the home today?” I asked him.

“If you want me. ”He said smirking.

“Of course, I want you...”I stopped midsentence when I felt it had become too awkward.

He started laughing. “Let's pick up Carla. She will be alone. Grandma is out with her friends. ”

“Your grandma seems pretty fun. ” I said.

“She is. She took care of us when no one was there. I love her very much. ” He said smiling at some memory.

We drove towards his house and saw all the lights off.

“Do you think she is asleep?” I asked.

“She doesn't sleep so fast. It still 7.30.” He said frowning. We quickly got out and went in. He opened the door and saw Carla lying on the floor with a man trying to pull her. I took out my gun and shot his leg. He fell down. I went to the other rooms in the house and checked if anyone else were there. But no one was there and even the things were in their place.

I went back downstairs and called Finn who was just a few blocks away. He and some of his men were trailing us since we went out of our house. Seth had put her head in his lap and tried to talk to her. I splashed some water on her face and she woke up.

“Carla, what happened?” Seth asked her getting scared.

“I-I heard the bell and went to check if it was you. But that man came and he started pulling me with him. Suddenly he held something to my nose and I fell unconscious. I don't remember anything after that. ”She said tears in her eyes.

I nodded. “You both should stay with us. And ask your grandmother to be with her friends for some days. ” They both nodded and Seth went to pack their bags. Just then Finn and some of his men came in.

I gestured at the unconscious man and they nodded.

“Keep him in the warehouse basement. We will be coming tomorrow. Go. ” They nodded again and went out.

I held Carla by her arms and made her sit in the car. Seth came after a few minutes and we drove off towards the mansion.


We reached and both of us helped Carla get in. I saw everyone in the living room and Sarah got up coming towards me.

“Bring some dinner for her, please. ” She nodded and went away.

“What happened to her? ” Ryder asked.

I told them everything that happened in their house today. I saw Alex looking sad and uncomfortable.

“Alex I need to talk to you. Come to my office. ”

He got up slowly and we went up.

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