The Skulls

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Chapter 33

Alex POV

When Carla came in with Xia and Seth bruised, I was scared and sad and overall I was angry. At them. They did this. I can't let them do that again.

Xia called me to her office. I went up with her. She knew what was going on in my head.

We went up and she sat on the couch. I sat beside her and saw her looking at me seriously. We both were silent for some time and she spoke after a bit.

“I know you are blaming yourself for what happened. But you should not slip up and continue to bring them down. You shouldn't forget your purpose. We will take care of Carla, Alex. Don't worry.” She said looking at me.

I nodded at her slowly.

“Just get on with whatever you were doing. All of us are there with you. ” She said. “You didn't tell me what happened in The Demons house. ” She said narrowing her eyes. I stiffened for a second and then relaxed.

“Oh, nothing. I just met Dave and he told me to be careful with all of you. ” I said not looking in her eyes.

“Is that it? Didn't he say anything else?” She asked still with her suspicious look.

“Umm...No. He said that he wants me to marry Brittany. "

“Didn't he tell you to spy or something?” She asked. Before I could speak she beat me to it. “Never mind. If there's anything I know you will tell me. After all, you won't betray us.” She said laughing at the end. She winked slightly.

I know I ought to have told her the truth about what Dave asked me. But I couldn't.

“Good night, Xia. I am tired and I am gonna sleep now. ” I said and went out of the office and to my room.

I went in and locked the door and sat on my bed.

I started to think about all that happened today. First Dave tells me to betray the gang. And Carla gets hurt.

If I listen to Dave and give him the details of the gang, I would become the leader. But will I be able to do it? I can't tell Xia. I know anyone didn't expect Dave to ask me to betray them. Even if I do it no one will suspect me. I will be able to get away with it easily.

Urghh...My head hurts.

I took out my phone and called him.

“I am ready for it. I will do it. Be ready to give me what I want after this. ”

“Are you sure right now ?” He asked.

“I am pretty sure. You will get some of the details the day after tomorrow. ” I said.

“You are the true leader, Alex. Welcome to The Demons gang .” Dave said chuckling.

I cut the call.

This is the right decision.


Dave POV

That boy is so naive. He is ready to betray his family for power. But this will finally help me to get my hands on the most powerful gang in the world. I had also asked one of my men to spy on them, so that Alex doesn't cross me. My man, Trevor acted as a memeber of the skulls and would be living in their house as one of the guard.

Wait till I get hold of those details. You are nearing your end Skulls.

The Demon's reign will start soon.



After Alex went out I went to my room and got dressed in my PJs.

I just lay on the bed thinking about all the things. We have to be more careful now.

Somethings gonna happen soon.


I got up at about 6 and went to have a shower. After showering I dressed in a grey short-sleeved crop top and grey jean shorts. I wore my white converse and tied my hair in a high bun.

I went down and saw everyone seated in their seats.

“Good morning. ” Everyone said.

“Morning guys. Where are mom and dad? ” I asked looking around.

“They stayed in a hotel and said that they are going to the next city for a meeting. They will be coming back in a few days. ” Liam said.

I nodded and ate my breakfast.

“There's going to be a meeting today. Maria ask everyone to come to the warehouse. ” I said and got up. “I will meet you guys there. Ari comes with me .”

I went out to my BMW and got in with Aria.

I pulled out of the garage and we drive off.

“Don't you think Alex is acting a bit weird? ” She asked me.

“There's something that he told me yesterday. He is thinking about that. ” I said not explaining too much. She nodded.

We stayed silent for the rest of the drive. After half an hour we reached and I parked in the free space.

We went in and some were already here. People greeted both of us and we nodded our heads. We both went to my office with Brandon and Rick following.

“So did he speak?” I asked.

“No boss. He only says that they will take down this gang and they will be the number one. ”Brandon said shaking his head.

“ Kill him off if he doesn't speak anything else. ” I said and they both nodded while going out.

I heard Aria gasp softly. I looked at her raising one eyebrow.

“Someone hacked into the account. But the only details stolen were the total number of members and the gangs which are aligned with us. ” She said looking shocked.

“Check out who hacked it. I need to know it quickly. ”

“Does this mean we have a traitor among us ?” She asked with fear.

“There's no other explanation. We have to find out who it is. ” I said gripping my table tightly.

She nodded and went to her office to check out more about it. I also heard a shuffle and some disturbance outside my door.


It was now time for the meeting and I didn't bother wearing my mask this time.

I went down and saw that everyone was present. I nodded at them and sat down in my seat.

“I called this meeting for a reason. Aria. ” I nodded at her to continue.

“We both have found out that there is a traitor amongst us. ”

Gasps. That's all that was heard in the room. People started whispering about who it might be.

“Everyone calm down. We will find out who that bastard is. ” I said calmly. “Alex as you will be in their warehouse, I want you to check if there are members of our gang. ” He nodded. “Aria and Maria I want you both to find out who hacked it. And prepare for the meeting with Dave. Liam please arrange everything. And guys you will be always ready for anything. We will have a meeting with Dave in three days.”

Everyone nodded and and went out so start preparing for the meeting to be held in three days.


Alex POV

After the meeting, I went to the demon's warehouse. I got out of my car and went straight to his office.

“Ah...Alex. Good to see you here. ” He said nodding at me.

“Scarlet is planning to have a meeting with you in three days. ”

“Anything else? ” He asked raising his eyebrows.

“No. And they found out that there is a traitor among them. ” I said with worry.

“Be careful. But there's nothing I can do. Stay low till the meeting. ”

I nodded and after catching up with Brittany I went back to my house.

Everyone where in the living room.

“Where were you Alex? Shouldn't you be here when we are going to have such an important meeting? You are becoming careless these days.” Liam started.

“Its none of your concern. ” I said and went upstairs to my room.

---------After a few hours---------

It was already night. Almost . I heard a knock on my door. Twice.

I opened the door and sat back in my bed.

It was Xia.

“So tell me, what did the fool bribe you with? And don't worry about Trevor, he's been sent far away from here.” She said as soon as she came in, smirking.

I nodded and laughed. And began telling her all the things that happened in the Demons werehouse.

I don't betray my gang, ever. This is my life. And I have already done half of my job by making Dave think that I am betraying the Skulls. It was all an act to make him believe my lies.

He's a fool to believe me so easily.

We are The Skulls.

And we born to destroy the ones who disturb our peaceful gang.

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