The Skulls

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Chapter 34

Alexia POV

After I talked to Alex, I went back to my room. I knew from the start that it was Alex, who had taken the list of members from Arias laptop. It was our plan.

I laid down on my bed, thinking about all the things that took place today.

Finally after a few hours I fell asleep.


I was woken up by my alarm blaring loudly.

I turned it off and went to my bathroom to shower. After showering, I went to my walk-in closet and started searching for the clothes to be worn.

Today I was not going to the school as I had a meeting in the warehouse.

I took out a white colored full sleeve t-shirt, and matched it with black coloured slightly ripped leggings. Next I wore my brown boots. And lastly I topped it off with a yellow colored jacket. I curled my hair and left it out in the open. I also had on black sunglasses which covered my entire face after wearing the mask.

After dressing up, I went down to the kitchen to hear everyone shouting.

"Good Morning. What a wonderful way to start the day. Good job guys. " I said smiling sarcasticaly.

They grumbled and sat down in their seats.

"Good. " I said and sat down at the head of the table.

"So where are you going? " Maria asked me.

"Warehouse. There's a meeting with someone. " I said eating the wafles covered in strawberry syrup. Yummy.

"Who is going with you?" Ryder asked.

"Rachel and Liam. The others will go to school and Tyler will be working with you. " I said nodding at Ryder.

He nodded. After eating we got up and the others started going to the school or going to their works. Liam and Rachel came with me to the garage after getting ready.

I hopped onto my bike and sped off with Liam closely behind me.

After an hour we reached the werehouse, I parked my bike and went in with Rachel and Liam following me.

"Good Morning boss. " Everyone greeted.

"Morning. " I said and nodded at everyone.

We went to my office and started working, as we still had some hours to spare.

------------It is now evening ----------

I heard a knock on my door.

"Come in. "

"Scarlet, they have arrived. " Rachel said.

"I will be there in a few. " I said and got up.

Let's do this.

I went down to the meeting room, where everyone were waiting for us.

"Scarlet. "

"Leonardo. Glad to meet you, old friend." I said hugging him.

I took off my mask, Leo was the only one who knew all about me. He had helped me a lot last year and we became close friends.

All the guards were stationed outside with only Liam, Rachel, Leonardo and Alessandro, Leo's brother in the room, and a girl. She looked scared, seeing us. She had light tears in her eyes and she sat hugging herself tightly. Oh poor girl. She looked pretty with her light blue eyes, and blonde hair. But she was too skinny.

"Leonardo Russo, why would you bring a girl here? And she is so scared." I said scolding him with my hands in my hips. He raised his hands. "And did you starve her? Oh my god." I said going near the girl and sat next to her.

"Hey. I didn't starve her. " He said pouting. The girl laughed slightly and Leo's eyes brightened.

I heard the door open and I saw Alex, Seth, Aria and Maria come in.

"Didn't I tell you to go to school? " I asked glaring at them.

"Well, we came to know that Leo is here. And Seth wanted to come. So we thought if we bring him here, you wouldn't scold us. " Alex said grinning cheekily. He was right. If Seth is here, I couldn't scold anyone. Urghh... I am falling for this guy.

"Oh, are you Xia's boyfriend? Pleasure to meet you, I am Leonardo Russo." Leo said shaking hands with Seth. "Oh, and I am her friend. " He added.

"I am Seth. Nice to meet you. " He said awkwardly. Leo was not any mafia don, but the most ruthless and powerful person. And the leader of the Italian Mafia.

"Oh my, there's bruises over her hands. What did you do Leo?" I asked in horror. I asked Rachel to get Avon here and to bring some food. Leo came close and squatted down on the floor infront of her.

"What is your name dear? " Maria asked sitting next to her.

"Ava, Ava James. "

"Can you tell me, what is going on here?" Alex asked.

"She is Ava James. Her father had stolen money from me and he sold her to me, inexchange for money. " He said looking at her, with kind eyes. This is new. Leo doesn't show kindness to anyone. "And we were going back to Italy when we thought of meeting you. And hence we had to bring her with us. "

"She doesn't speak a lot, Xia. " Alessandro spoke. I nodded.

"Hello. My name is Xia. Can you tell me how you got this wound? " I asked softly.

"Father beat me up for not agreeing to be sold." She said crying.

"She has been crying since morning. " Leo said worriedly.

I slightly smirked in his direction, wiggling my eyebrows and he shook his head.

"No. You are wrong. " He said and went out. All of us laughed at his antics.

"Well Ava, doctor will see to that wound alright? And eat this food, you will get better in no time. " Aria said. She nodded slowly.

I walked out in search of Leo.

He was smoking in the balcony.

"Someone is in love..." I said singing.

"Shut up, Xia. "

"You should take care of her, from what I have gathered, she is scared of everyone because of her father. And I must say, she is beautiful. Perfect for my mafia friend. " I said smiling.

"That she is. " He said smiling.

"Yes. You agree with me. " I said jumping.

"Looking at you both, no one will be able to say that you both are the most feared leaders in the world. " I heard Seth's voice.

I smiled at him. Leo also laughed.

"Let me tell you one thing, Leo. Take care of her. Don't let her be scared of you. And show her the kind side which you show us. I can guarantee you that she likes you already, but she is scared that you might also turn as her father. Don't let her think that. "

"You should convert into a preacher. " He said laughing.

"Well, I am good in everything." I said laughing.

We talked for some time and then went in. Ava looked better now, and her bruises were treated by Avon.

After chatting for sometime, we discussed about the meeting with Dave.

"Did he really pick a fight with you guys? " Alessandro asked with wide eyes.

I laughed. "Yes, Andro. And that is shocking, right? " He nodded and laughed.

After speaking for some more time, they got up, to go back to Italy.

"Take care, Leo. You too Ava. " I said hugging both of them.

"And me?" Alessandro asked pouting. I hugged him back smiling.

"See you guys another time. "Leo said nodding. And they went out after saying their goodbyes.

I sat down on the couch in the living room with the others.

"She's so pretty. " Maria said looking towards the door.

"That she is. I hope he will take care of her. " I said.

Everyone hummed and after that we went back to our works.

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This was just a filler chapter. And there will be a new book for Leonardo and Ava. 😜

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