The Skulls

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Chapter 35

Alexia POV

It was Friday. The day of the meeting. We were going to have the meeting in the evening after the school hours.

And today the world would know about my real identity.

I wore a black outfit which hugged my body nicely. It was a black top with a V neckline and a similar colour pant with a black coat over it. I had a small diamond chain on my neck.

After dressing, I went downstairs and ate my breakfast with the others.

"So, today is the meeting, guys. Please be alert and don't mess up. " I aid looking at everyone. "All of us will go to the place in the afternoon. Guys, today we will finally take revenge for Grandma and Aunt. "

I saw tears in their eyes. I smiled sadly, remembering them.

Flashback. (Authors POV )

Olivia and Sofia had gone to the mall with their children to shop for the Christmas presents for everyone. As Sofia was the mother of the head of the Mafia, she was the most wanted person in the world. She was said to be the most ruthless person in her younger days. Together with her husband, they both ruled the world.

Everyone were happy and searching for the gifts when they heard a loud gunshot and an ear-piercing scream from both the women. Suddenly they rushed outside with the guards covering them.

Olivia had been shot to her stomach, while Sofia was shot to the head. Sofia died on the spot as it was a headshot. Alexia was just 14 years old and she started crying looking at her grandmother and aunt.

Everyone started running towards thier car, but Olivia died before they reached it.

It was then, that Alexia made an oath to avenge the assassination of her grandmother and aunt.

And she did kill the assassins brutally. And hence she obtained the name Scarlet. She had laughed seeing them choke on their blood and die slowly. It was a slow painful death for them.

But Alexia hadn't been able to catch the mastermind, Dave Wallace.

And now she has the opportunity to end all those who are a threat to The Skulls.

Flashback over.

I was brought back from my thoughts by Aria shaking me. I nodded at her saying that I was fine.

I got up after finishing my breakfast and went to pick up the keys for my bike.

I heard Alex come behind me while I went to the garage where all our vehicles were parked.

"Everything's set, Scarlet. " He said in his deep voice. I nodded.

"Did he suspect you? "

"No. "

"Good. " He nodded and got into his bike. He was dressed in a black outfit with black boots and his hair was styled to the side.

"Let's go Alex." He nodded and we drove off. The others would be coming behind us.

I must have broken atleast ten signales but who dares to stop you, when you are the leader of the skulls. My bike had our symbol in it and it made everyone recognise me, as I was not wearing my mask.

I reached the school and saw the kids taking out their phones and recording everything.

I got up from my bike with Alex behind me.

"Isn't she Xia?"

"So she was here all along? "

"Alexia Black is Xia?"

"We shouldn't have bullied her."

I heard whispers from all the students.

Alex and I just walked silently to the lockers and after taking our books, we went to our classrooms.

The gossips had apparently increased but I didn't respond to them.

Soon it was lunchbreak and I got up from my seat and went out. Suddenly I was pulled by my hands and into an empty classroom and I was pushed against the wall. I didn't bother to fight as I knew who it was.

He started placing light kisses over my neck and I tilted my head to give him better access. I put my hand across his neck and pushed him closer to me.

"I missed you so much. You have been busy for the meeting these past days. " He said hugging me closer.

"I am sorry. But as soon as this is over, we can get to spend a lot of time together. " I said playing with the strands of his hair. "By the way, did you have to pull me in here, like a caveman? " I asked laughing.

He just laughed. I got lost in his beautiful brown eyes. It pulled me deeper into him and I started leaning in closer untill our lips were so close that we were breathing the same air.

"Xia. " He said with hunger in his eyes and his voice was deeper. There was no ounce of space between us, our body, sandwiched together.

"Seth. " I said and that's all it took for him to smash his lips on mine. He kissed me hungrily, this was nothing like the sweet kisses we had shared all these days but was filled with lust, love and affection.

He moved his lips with mine savouring me while bringing me closer to him, although there was no space left.

I slightly pushed him back and turned us around. Now he was the one against the wall. He had his hands on my waist while my hands were over his neck.

After kissing for some time which felt like hours, but was just minutes we separated and he laid his forehead against mine.

"I don't know what I will do without you, Xia. " He said whispering.

"Well, you don't need to think about that as I am not leaving you, ever. " I said whispering back.

"Alexia Black, I love you." He said loudly this time. I froze for a second but recovered quickly.

"I love you too, Seth." I said and pecked his lips. He smiled and hugged me tightly.

"Come on, bad boy. I gotta go now. " I said patting his head. He pouted. Aww... How cute.

"Please let me come with you. " He said adorably.

"Ugh... Alright. I can't say no to you. " I said muttering the last part. He smiled widely and kissed me again.

"Let's go. " He nodded and held my hand tightly, not letting me go.

We went out and I saw almost half of the school, looking at our hands and us, while we walked to my bike.

Alex and the others joined us.

"Carla, Chris and Daniel, you guys go to the warehouse. Uncle Lucas will be there to protect you, if anything happens. " They nodded and said their goodbyes to the others. "Seth will be coming with us. Aria and Maria can come in your cars. We will be going in our cars. " They nodded and we separated deciding to meet at the place.

Lets do this. I thought, and sat on my bike with Seth behind me.

We drove off towards the location.

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