The Skulls

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Chapter 36

Alexia POV

We reached the location. It was rundown building which had been abandoned. But was made presentable for this meeting.

I got down from my bike and went in followed by Seth, Alex, the sisters, the brothers, Sam and fifteen members with us.

I saw that there were thirty people here, all having guns in their arms and in the middle of them all, on the couch was Dave Wallace. The one and only enemy of the Skulls.

I sat down on the couch opposite to him with the others sitting next to me. My men stood covering the room and beside us. The enemy had thirty while we were having fifteen.

“Well, what a pleasant day it is. ” Dave said smiling smugly. But I didn't pay any heed to him and started reading the papers which were placed in front of me.

It was a document for the Treaty between us.

“Let's get this settled, alright. Sign this treaty and we won't bother anymore.” He said.

I didn't reply but just stayed silent looking at him.

“You just want to end it all? Will you keep your word Dave? ” I asked.

He shifted in his seat and replied, “Yes. After signing it, we will keep our word.”

I observed him for a second and then nodded. The others looked at me in surprise, while Liam looked angry and bewildered.

“What are you saying? ” He asked loudly.

“I know what I am doing, Liam. ” He sat silently with his fists clenched.

Meanwhile Dave was smirking looking at us. I knew that he was thinking about Alex.

I signed the contract and passed it to Dave. He held it and started laughing. Suddenly all the men had aimed their guns at us.

“I didn't think you would be so stupid, Alexia, or should I say Scarlet. ” He said laughing loudly.“ You didn't think that there would be a traitor who would be working for me and that I would sign it so easily. Dumb girl. You believe everyone blindly. ”

Everyone looked at him anxiously.

“You might have never suspected him in your life. But this guy was the reason for me to win here. Meet my son in law, Alexander. ” He said smiling while Alex stood and sat next to him.

Everyone looked shocked while I sat with no expression on my face.

“How could you Alex? ” Rachel asked with tears in her eyes. He looked away, without speaking.

“I can't believe this. ” Ryder exclaimed angrily. “Alexander, what is the meaning of this?” He shouted.

“I don't have any reason. And I don't want to speak to you. ” He said calmly. “Dave sign this, we can get going from these fools. ” He said looking at him.

“Yes, I should do that.” He said and signed it. I sat back slowly with a smirk on my face. Alex also exhaled loudly.

“What are you smirking about? You will be killed now, by your own sweet brother. ” He said confused and angry.

“The Skulls never fail in their plan, Dave. The contract stated that if you are killed here, your gang can't take revenge and you agreed here with a blood oath. ” I said laughing. Everyone looked at me, not understanding anything. Aria, Maria and Alex were smiling with me.

The others had not been told about this and they were confused.

“W-What are you saying? I prepared this myself. How can it be changed to your contract? ” He said looking through the contract now.

“You know, I had my trusted brother working and spying on you. Alex was in fact working for me, he made your daughter fall in love with him. And that was easy, as she was desperately craving his attention. Alex met you, made you to trust him and gave you the details of our gang on My order.”

He looked bewildered at my words and stood up. Alex was smiling looking at Dave.

“It was our plan to destroy you from the core. And I have achieved it. Making you trust me was the easiest part. Did you really believe that I will betray My gang, My family and My sister? What a fool? ” Alex said laughing. And he got up, and stood next to me.

“This will be your end, Dave Wallace.” I said getting up.

“How can you escape me? There are thirty men here. And they work for me. ” He said trying to scare me.

“Oh, forgive me, Dear Dave. Those people are my men. Fifteen men work for us. And only the rest are your men. I can order anyone to finish you off. ”

He was sweating like a pig. He looked scared. For his life. He should be.

No one picks a fight with the Skulls and lives.

“Good bye Mr. Dave Wallace. ” I said and motioned my men to finish off the fifteen people of the demons.

I took out my gun and aimed it at Dave while he also held a gun at me.

Loud gunshot were heard from everywhere.

Apparently there were more men hiding in the warehouse which Alex was not aware of, before. All the others were fighting men, killing them off.

I pulled the trigger at the same time as Dave. It hit my chest making me stumble and I fell to the ground. The gun slipped from my hands. I was careless. Again.

Dave fell down dead, as I had shot his head.

I heard loud voices shouting my name and cries in the air. I felt tired and felt like closing my eyes and finishing all of this.

“Xia. No. Please. No. ” I heard his voice. Alex.

“Alex. I love you brother. Thank you for taking care of me when I was careless all the time. I am s-sorry. ” I said stuttering and spitting out blood. Alex cradled my head, tears falling down his cheeks.

We were surrounded by everyone. Seth was crying, sitting next to my body on the floor.

“I love you all. I am sorry if I have been a bother to you guys. Aria and Maria, you both are the best sisters one could have.” I said smiling, while they cried even louder. “Rachel, Ryder and Liam, love you guys. Thank you for tolerating me all these years. Tell mom, dad and uncle that I love them.” They had tears streaming down, like the others.

“S-Seth. ” I said spitting out more blood.

“Yes. I am here.” He said wiping his tears.

“You have been the best boyfriend. Thank you and I love you a lot. I am sorry, I love you. ” I said trying to smile despite the pain in my chest.

He cried louder and held me close to his chest.

“I love you, Xia. Please don't leave me. We will save you, come on. Let's go to the hospital. ” He said trying to lift me. The ambulance had arrived and he picked me up running to it.

I smiled at him one last time.

I heard his voice shout my name before I embraced the darkness.


Seth POV

I saw Xia and Dave hold guns at each other. I had a pretty bad feeling about it.

Suddenly I saw Dave shoot at Xia and it hit her chest. She shot him in the forehead killing him instantly.

I ran towards her while she fell to the ground. Everyone started shouting and crying. Blood was flowing out of her wound. She was also spitting out blood.

She spoke to Alex and everyone. Tears were streaming down everyones eyes.

“S-Seth. ” I heard her voice break.

“Yes, I am here.” I said wiping my tears.

Hearing her say all that, I cried louder holding her close to my chest.

“I love you Xia. Please don't leave me. We will save you, come on. Let's go to the hospital. ” I said trying to lift me. The ambulance had arrived and I picked her up running to it.

She smiled at me and then closed her eyes.

“Xia. ” I shouted stopping to try to wake her up.

Everyone started crying louder and tears were flowing down my cheeks and onto Xia's face.

I couldn't believe it. How can it be?

How can she leave us, leave me so easily?

I placed her on the bed in the ambulance and fell down to my knees.

I felt someone hug me tightly. I opened my eyes and looked that it was Alex.

“S-She...” I tried but couldn't speak.

I felt the need to end everything. To end my life.

There's no meaning to live without the love of your life.

Maybe death hurts less than life.

A/N: Hey guys.. This was a sad chapter to write. I had tears in my eyes while writing this. 😫😫

How did you guys like this chapter??

There's one more chapter and then it's the epilogue..

I just can't believe that this book is completed. 😩😫

But I am happy too. 🙃
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