The Skulls

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Chapter 37

(Three months later)

Seth POV

It was 11.30 pm.

I sat in my bike and drove off towards the warehouse. It had been three months since the meeting with Dave and the incident with Xia.

Everyone were still here, even after three months.

I was driving fast, breaking all the rules, but I didn't care.

Today is her birthday and I have a surprise for her. I reached the warehouse after fifteen minutes.

After parking my bike, I went in nodding at everyone. They were still here for her birthday. I went upstairs to their offices.

The time was now 11.55 . Five more minutes.

I opened the door to her office and went in.

“What happened Seth? Why did you come at this hour? ” She asked smiling at me. She forgot her birthday, as usual from what I heard from Alex.

“Nothing. I missed you. ” I leaned down and kissed her lips.

“I missed you too. But you saw me in the evening. ” She said giggling.

“But do I need any reason to see my girlfriend? ” I asked pouting. She shook her head and hugged me tightly.

“Seth, I love you so much. ” She mumbled, her head in my chest.

“I love you too, Xia. ” I said pulling her closer by her waist.

“Let's go down. Come on. ” I said and pulled her with me.

“What is it Seth? Tell me. ” She kept on whining, while I laughed at her.

“It's a surprise. ”

We went to the living room, the lights were turned off.

Suddenly the lights turned on and she looked at everyone in surprise.

“Happy Birthday Xia. ” Everyone shouted happily. She turned to me in surprise and I whispered,

“Happy Birthday, babe. ” She hugged me tightly tears streaming down her cheeks.

“Hey, birthday girl shouldn't cry. ” Alex said laughing. He and Carla had gotten close these months and she was officially his girlfriend now.

Even Chris and Aria and Daniel and Maria were together now.

Liam had proposed to Lara last week. They would be marrying soon. Ryder and Helen were still close.

Tyler and Rachel had also been engaged last month.

Everyone were happy.

“I am not crying, these are happy tears.” She said sniffing and wiping her tears on my shirt.

“ Hey. ” I said laughing at her antics. Xia and I were more close than anyone.

“Let's cut the cake now. ” Uncle Lucas said excitedly. He still acted like a kid.

The gang now officially belonged to Xia.

Uncle James said that he wanted to retire from all these works. Aunt Diana was still managing the schools. It would be passed onto Aria and Maria.

Xia went towards the middle of the room and started to cut the cake. Everyone clapped loudly and sang, mostly screamed.

Xia had given all of us a heart attack by going into a coma for a month.

As soon as she had passed out, we had rushed to the hospital.

Her mother and Avon had said that it would be difficult to save her.

But this strong girl managed to escape death and came back to us.

It took her one month to open her eyes again and that was the best moment for me. I literally cried seeing her alive.

I was brought back from my thoughts by Xia shaking me and wiping my tears. I didn't notice that.

“What were you thinking? ” She asked hugging me and looking at everyone.

“Just about you, and these three months. ” I said smiling.

She hummed softly. After sometime she went to speak to everyone.

Alex and Carla gave her a brand new sports car. Rimac Nevera. She always wanted one and Alex gifted it to her.

Chris, Aria, Maria and Daniel gifted a bunglow for her. It was a huge house of two floors and screamed expensive.

Now it was time for my gift. I hope she agrees.

I went towards her and tapped her shoulders.

“What? ” She asked smiling.

I cleared my throat. My hands were sweaty and I felt nervous.

I got down on my knees and heard gasps from her.

“Alexia, the day I met you in the club I had fallen. For you. Believe it or not, I had a crush on Two girls. The bossy Scarlet and the nerdy Xia. I couldn't help but think that I must be mistaken. How could I like two girls at the same time? But little did I know that you were the same person. When you got hurt, I felt like ending my life but I am glad that I didn't do that. I'm happy that you are alive and well. I live to see your smile, Xia. I love the feeling and the butterflies I get when I see you smiling. I would love to smile for the rest of my life too. Will you marry me, Alexia ?” I held the ring from my pocket infront of her.

I heard shouts from everyone, asking Xia to say yes.

She had tears streaming down and she nodding happily.

“Yes, I will. ” She said and kissed me.

I hugged her and cried on her neck.

“Aww... You both look so cute. ” I heard Diana say happily.

“My girl has grown up. ” James said wiping his tears.

I pulled Xia and put the ring on her finger.

She smiled happily looking at it.

“Oh my... Everyone are getting engaged here. ” We heard Alex's voice. “Babe, what do you say? Shall we also marry with them? ” He asked Carla.

“No. I am not gonna marry you. ” She said with a serious face.

“What? ” He asked shocked.

“I am gonna marry Lucifer. ” I laughed softly. Alex looked bewildered.

“Who is Lucifer?” He asked possessively. If looks could kill, Lucifer would be dead already. Carla laughed.

“My first and only love. I love him so much. ” She said with a dreamy look.

Xia looked amused at her antics.

“Tell me one last time. Who is this Lucifer?” He said angrily.

“See, there he is. ” She pointed at the dog which was standing near the door. It was a new one, which Xia and Carla had brought. Alex didn't know about him and he got jealous.

Alex looked at the dog in shock.

“A dog? ” He asked still processing that he got jealous for nothing.

“Hey, he's not just a dog, he's my first and only love. Ahh... I love him so much. ” She said struggling against the tight hold, Alex had on her.

“I am gonna show you, who loves You more. ” He said and kissed her possessively.

All of us laughed at them.

Finally everyone were happy.

I hugged Xia while her back was to me.

Xia was happy and that made me happy.

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