The Skulls

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(After 5 years )

Xia POV (Xia and Seth are 23 years old)

I heard shouts come from the living room.

These kids would not allow me to sit down even for a second. Just like their parents.

I huffed and went in search of them.

I saw them jumping all over the couch and shouting loudly.

Suddenly they became silent and hung their heads down looking at me.

"Can't you kids be a little quiet? " I asked with my hands on my hips.

"Sorry. " All of them said in unison.

"Aunt Xia is scary." Little Tristan said. I raised my eyebrows at him and laughed.

"I am not scary, Tristan. Your mother is not well and if you shout loudly, she won't be able to sleep. " I said sitting near him on the couch. All the kids surrounded me. He nodded with tears in his eyes.

"Is mommy hurt? " He asked crying.

"Mommy is not hurt, baby. She will be alright tomorrow. Your pretty little head shouldn't worry about these things. Now all of you kids will play together, and no shouting. " I kissed his forehead softly.

All of them nodded eagerly and started playing again but quietly.

I heard him come into the living room and pulled me near him, kissing me softly.

"I missed you, Xia. " He said snuggling into my neck.

"I missed you too, Seth. Where were you? "

"Alex called me to prepare the nursery for the baby. Ahh... I am so tired. " He said sitting down on the opposite couch. I massaged his neck lightly.

We got married soon after Seth proposed. And now we are the parents of two of the most notorious kids. They make the house upside down.

Avery and Noah. Our two beautiful kids. Noah was four years old. He had my blue eyes and blonde hair from his father. He looked handsome just like Seth. Avery was now two years old and had her elder brother protect her all the time. She would be bossy just like me, I could say that. She looked exactly like me, except for the brown eyes from Seth.

Alex and Carla had married four years ago when they found out that Carla was pregnant with Tristan. Now little Tristan was four years old, and he was just like his father naughty and cunning at this age. If he and Noah got together then that's the end for everyone. They both were the oldest out of everyone and they were the ones who took care of everyone, in the absence of the parents.

Tyler and Rachel also got married and now were the parents of a cute little girl, Amelia. She was just one year old and was the youngest.

Liam and Lara were also the parents of the most beautiful twins, Oliver and Olivia. She was named after Liam's mother. They were three years old.

Aria and Chris were still not married but they had a son, Harry who is two years old. They wanted to take time in getting married and were still waiting.

Maria and Daniel had a son, Elijah. He was also three years old. He was the most silent kid, out of everyone.

Ryder and Helen got married last year after Helen gave birth to little Emma. She was now a year old and the same age as Amelia.

Mom and dad lived with us most of the time, but also took turns at everyone's house. All of us lived in our own homes but we had a mansion where sometimes we lived together.

Uncle Lucas had found a sweet woman, Lucy, whose husband had died years ago. She was really sweet to everyone and took the place of a grandmother for all the kids. She loved them as her own. We didn't mind at all that uncle had found someone, we were happy that he would be happy and live with her.

Uncle Caleb and Aunt Olivia wanted to stay back in England and didn't come with us to America. But they visited often to see their grandkids.

Carla and Seth's grandmother died two years ago and that was a sad day for both of them. She had practically raised them herself, and her passing away seemed like a great shock to both of them. But all of us managed to help them and the kids were a great help in making them smile.

I was brought back from my thoughts when I felt someone tugging my pants.

"Momma." My little sunshine called out.

"Yes." I said picking her up.

"Where is Noah? " Avery asked.

"He must be somewhere. Did you search for him? "

"He's not there. " She said tearing up.

"Don't cry, baby. He will come back alright. " I said wiping her tears.

Seth held her to his chest and softly caressed her hair. She was a daddy's girl, while Noah was a mommy's boy. I laughed at that thought and went in search of the little rascal.

"Helen, did you see Noah? "

"No. But I saw Tristan sneaking out to the garage."

"Those idiots. " I muttered and went towards the basement, where the cars were parked.

I heard little shouts come from there.

"Come out kids. " I said loudly.

"Mommy. " I heard the scared voice of Noah.

I went towards it and saw a man holding Noah and Tristan tightly. Oliver and Olivia were snuggled up together scared.

"Did you think that you will be able to take Scarlet's children from under her eyes? " I heard the angry voice of Finn. He and some of his men held guns at the man.

He looked scared and released the kids. All of them ran towards me, crying, and hugged my legs tightly.

"Shh... Kids, it's alright. Aunts here to save you. " I said softly at them.

I heard Sam stand near me and I motioned him to take the kids far away. He nodded and helped the kids.

"Warren. " I said sternly at the man who was trying to kidnap our kids. The right hand of Dave. That day we had been unable to catch him and he had escaped. But now here he was trying to kidnap the kids.

I took out my gun from the waistband and shot him in the middle of the forehead. All the threats were now finally gone. I nodded at Finn to take care of the body and went upstairs.

I saw the kids crying softly sitting on the couch.

I saw everyone was here including Carla.

"Carla, you should be resting. Please go back to the room. " Alex was pleading with her. But she sat stubbornly on the couch, not paying heed to Alex.

"Momma. " Noah said crying and hugged me tightly.

"It's ok, Noah. Don't worry. The bad man left us. Don't cry. " I said cooing at him. He snuggled his face to my neck and cried softly.

The kids were safe, and that's all we wanted.

I sat down on the couch next to Carla. She was eight months pregnant.

"Speaking of resting, I forgot to tell everyone. " I said scratching my neck. Noah sat down next to me hugging my stomach.

"What is it? " Mom asked with a knowing smile. I looked at her shocked. "Come on, I am your mother. I know everything, even if you don't tell me. "

Dad was also smiling happily.

"Well, then..." I stuttered not knowing how to say this. Yes, I had been pregnant two times but say to it out loudly always made me nervous.

"What is it, Xia? " Lara asked.

"I-I... " I leaned back to the couch not able to say it.

"Tell me, Xia. What did you want to say? " Seth asked this time kneeling in front of me. He looked straight into my eyes and I got lost for a second. He gave me the courage to speak.

"I am pregnant. " I said softly, not breaking eye contact with him. His eyes widened and tears started to come out of his eyes. He suddenly hugged me tightly and cried.

"Congrats. " I heard everyone congratulating and happily talking about the new edition to the family along with Carla's child.

Seth was still crying and the kids were looking at him surprised.

"Momma, why is daddy crying?" Avery asked.

"These are just happy tears, baby. I am not crying." He said wiping his tears. "Thank you." He said looking at me.

"I love you, Seth, forever," I said smiling.

"I love you too, Xia." He said and kissed my forehead. And also kissed my stomach. "I love you too, baby. Daddy and Mommy love all three of you."

I felt tears gather in my eyes.

This is my family.

The End.


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