The Skulls

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Chapter 4

Alexander POV

After I got down from the plane I went towards my car and drove off to school.

I was already late but i didn't have to explain to anyone. The teachers already knew that we were the children of Diana Black. But they didnt know that we were the leader of 'The Skulls'.

Now it was time for lunch. So I went near my lockers and I was waiting for my sisters to join me.

After sometime they came and we went towards cafeteria.

I was talking to Liam that I was really tired and couldn't concentrate on these classes.

We were sitting in the cafeteria.It was the lunch break.

We were at our own table.

Maria came and sat beside me.

"Are you alright Xander?" In school we had decided to give my name as Xander.

"I am really sleepy and tired ".I said rubbing my eyes.

"You should take rest brother".Said Aria from my right.

"I talked to him to allow me to come home. And he cut the call without replying to me. "I said annoyed. Liam doesn't always do that.

"Why can't you go home Xander? "Asked Seth, my best friend.When we came to this school 5 months ago he was really helpful and we became best friends.

He is a fighter in our underground club.He is known by the name king.

"I talked to my cousin he said to wait for his call."I was really annoyed with Liam.

"He won't al.... " Maria stopped mid sentence when my phone rang.


"You should come home right now with the sisters. Ryder is waiting outside the gates of the school."He said.

"Wait.What happened?" I asked confused.

"There's someone who wants to meet you three. "

"Ok.Who is it? "

"You come home first.We will speak later. " And cut the call again.

I was really frustrated with Liam now. Can't he just speak correctly.

"Hey guys we have go. Apparently there's some guest who wants to meet us three. So see you guys tomorrow. "I said getting up from my seat .

"Hey Xander, It is the special night in the club. Are you coming with us?" Seth asked me.

"I will inform you later on.I am not sure about it."

"Oh alright. No problem. Just text me if you are coming with us. "

"Sure bro " And then we went out of the school to meet Ryder. On the way home we kept on thinking about this uninformed guest. Who comes so suddenly without any prior notice.

"Who do you think it is?"I asked Ryder.

"I can't tell you Alex. "He said smiling mischievously.As if he knew something that we didn't.

"Ryder just tell us, please." Mari said.

"Nope. I can't tell you guys right now. See for yourself when we get home. "

"Urghh finee. " I said exasperated.

He just smirked at me and kept on driving.

After half an hour we reached the house.We got of the car and went towards the door.

I opened the door and we went in.Almost all the members were here in the living room.

A person was sitting on the couch. I couldn't see their face as it was covered by a mask.

I just pushed past the people and as I neared her, I was just shocked to see 'Her' here.

I saw the faces of my sisters who were standing stupefied.

We came out of our shock when she spoke.

"Hi guys." she said from underneath her mask. Of course she wouldnt show her face to the other members.

We went towards her and hugged her tightly.

Ryder and Liam stood at the sides smiling at us.

"You guys didn't even say that sister has come home. I hate you both. "Aria said after breaking the hug.

"So did you guys like your surprise?"Liam asked us.

"Of course.Who wouldn't like meeting your sister after five months. "Maria said smiling slightly.

"I missed you guys. "Xia said."Let's speak more in the office.Come on. "And went upstairs.

We followed her to her office.





Alexia POV

".......what the hell do you mean slapped her?" Alex was shouting now.

"Calm down Alex. I just saved Sarah and her children from getting hurt. It's no big deal. "I said calmly.

After we came to my office Liam started explaining to Alex and our sisters.

When they came to the part of me getting slapped all of them lost control over their anger.

It was then that Alex started shouting. He can't tolerate if any of us gets hurt. Even though I am older than him he cares for me as if he is the older one.

Alex calmed a little."Where is that bastard now? " he asked.

"In the basement." Ryder smirked and replied.

Everyone had this really evil smile when he mentioned basement. Of course we all had a special thing towards torturing.

"So dear brothers and sisters. Today is 'The Night'.We all have to wear our masks. So that anyone from our school cannot recognise us."I said smirking.

"Brother you have to text Seth. Did you forget?" Maria asked.

"Oh fuck.I forgot"He said groaning. He took his phone and started texting Seth.

"Who is this Seth and why to text him? "I asked confused.

"Oh yeah.He is my best friend in school. He asked me to join him to go to the club. He also an underground fighter. He is called 'The King' in the club. "

"Which club?"

"Our club." Aria replied this time. "His other friends Daniel and Chris also fight in the club." She added.

"Hmm...So is he fighting today?" I asked Alex.

"No. He is just going to watch. "


It was silent for a moment. I broke the silence by asking Alex about him not getting sleep and being tired most of the time.

"So I heard that Alex you are very tired and not sleeping properly. Is that true?" I asked him sternly.

"Umm.. "

"Alexander...." I said sternly.


"You could've told me Alex. I would've gone to kill him."I said softly.

"No. I wanted to go besides I can sleep now.We still have time for the club right?"

"Yes. We have, go to your room and take rest. I will wake you up when it's time to go. "I said.

"You also should rest Alexia. You traveled a lot. So you go and get some sleep." Liam said this time.When I opened my mouth to protest he cut me off by saying " And Missy don't you dare say no.I will drag you and chain you to the bed if I have to."

"Alright. Alright. I am going now. "

I said my byes and went upstairs to my room in the fifth floor. Alex who was behind me, also went to his room. All six of us had our rooms in the fifth floor.

As soon as I laid my head in the pillow, I felt all the exhaustion of the day come over me and I soon fell asleep.

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