The Skulls

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Chapter 5

Seth POV

I got a text from Xander saying that he won't be able to join me.

So I asked my other two friends who have been with me from my kindergarten.

"Hey.Shall we go?" I asked Daniel and Chris who were waiting for me.



Both of them replied together. I got into the car and drove off towards the club which was in the heart of the city.

It was already 6pm when we reached there. But we had VIP seats reserved for us as we were regular and as we fought in the club.

We parked our cars in the back of the club and got out.When we neared the entrance there was a long queue. I went near the guards and showed them my ID. They let us in.

It was heavily crowded as it was one of those special nights.

When we were going towards our seats I heard some people speaking.

"It seems that 'she' is in town. "

"It's crowded today because everyone wants to take a glance at her. "

"She is going to come to the club today. "

I went towards the people who were talking. "Who is in town? " I asked as I had no clue about what they were talking.

"The Scarlet".They replied.

I just stood shocked.She was known to be the most ruthless and powerful person. 'The Skulls' leader. She was known all over the world. Some say she didn't even have a heart. She was a cold hearted person and that she didn't care for anyone.

I just turned on my heels and went towards my seat where my friends were sitting. It seems that even they knew about Scarlets arrival to the club today.

I had always wanted to meet her. The best fighter. She could take down men twice her size.

This is my chance. I will try to ask Ryder.He is the one who manages all my fights.Ryder helped me a lot since last year. I know he is close to Scarlet so maybe I could get a chance to meet her atleast once.

Even though I know she won't show her face to anyone.At least I would be able to speak to her.

There was some commotion near the entrance. It was then that I noticed that the whole club had gone silent. Everyone were looking at the door.

I turned my head and saw six people entering the club who had worn the same type of masks. There were five members following one .All of them of somewhat my age. They seemed between the ages of seventeen to twenty one. All the five had worn half black coloured mask with the skull symbol.They had also worn same type of dresses.

Black jeans, black boots and a white T-shirt with a black leather jacket. They all walked with confidence as if they owned the world. Well it is true. They owned the world.

It was the middle person who caught my attention.

It was her. Just by seeing I could tell that this was the person who everyone feared.

The Scarlet.

She was really beautiful.Tall and hot.She had bright blue eyes. Her long black hair was tied in a high ponytail. She wore a black jeans,black knee length boots and a white t-shirt in which a big skull image could be seen.Even she wore a black leather jacket. Her face was covered in the same black mask with the skull.

Everyone made way for them to walk to their seats.

A man was pushed by one of the members of her gang.

The man seemed to be crying and begging them.

"Won't you just shut up already. "I heard the voice of a person. It seemed like a girls voice.

As soon as she said that a boy wearing the same type of mask kicked the crying man's face. It was with such force that he was sent flying and he hit his back to the cage.

The boy who kicked him went near him and bent down and spoke something in his ears.

This caused the man to widen his eyes. And he turned his face and saw 'her'.

He started begging again. "Please sir.I am sorry.I didn't know it. I wont do it again. "

"Right, you won't do it again.As you won't be seeing tomorrow's sun" replied the boy who had kicked him.

As soon as he said that all of the people wearing masks started laughing.

It was not a whole hearted laugh but the one which scared you to the core.

It sent shivers down my spine.

They soon stopped laughing as 'she' walked near the man and said something in his ears.

We could not hear as they spoke in really hushed voices.

She was pointing at a girl who was behind her.This girl did not belong to her group as she was not wearing a mask. But I could tell that she was a member of The Skulls.

She had the same Skull tattoo on her right wrist. I knew that all the members of the gang had their symbol tattooed on their right wrists.

At last 'She' spoke.

"You all know that today is 'The night'.So first we have a fight between Max and Rachel." She said loudly and with authority.

'The night' was a sort of punishment for those to be punished. They had to fight and either kill the opponent or they would be killed. There was no other choice.You had to kill if you wanted to survive. Thats why 'The night' was called as 'Kill or Die night.'

"Why should I fight a pathetic girl. You Bi... "he didn't get to complete his sentence as all the six people except Scarlet had taken their guns and pointed at him.

The man apparently who's name is Max had now stopped crying and was starting to speak. If not the fight his bloody mouth will get him killed.

"He dared to insult 'The Scarlet'. Is he nuts?" Said Chris from my side.

"Yep.he has totally gone mad. "said Daniel smirking.

"I dare you to complete the sentence Max."said her calm voice. "Last time I saved you from getting killed by Ryder. Don't think that I am always kind. This time there are six more people than the last time. This is the final order for you to fight Rachel. Either kill her or you die." She said threateningly.

"I will kill the bitch first then with my bare hands i will kill you.You bitch. "He said angrily.

Gasps were heard from around the club.

"Oh alright buddy.First try and kill me. "Said the girl who was Rachel.She kicked him in the face and said, "This is for insulting my boss. "

"You have fifteen minutes to take the help of anyone present in the club. You both can fight Rachel together. "said the boy who had kicked Max before. "We don't always give this opportunity to everyone.You better use it. "he added.

"Oh ya.But not the members of my gang." Scarlet said smiling mischievously.

"I take up your challenge." He said spitting out blood onto the floor.

"Oh.You don't have any choice darling. "Said another girl in mask. This caused them to go into another round of laughter.

Max then turned and started going to each and every person and asked them for help. But he was declined by everyone.

He came near us. "Seth you have to help me. Please. Fight with me." He started begging me.This caught almost everyone's attention. As I was pretty famous in the city for fighting for the skulls. It was as if I was a member of the gang.

That's when Scarlet looked up and we both locked eyes.

She started staring at me for sometime. Then she shook her head and proceeded to take her seat.Her group followed her.

But one person in mask stood in his place and shook his head at me as if telling me not to accept to fight. Soon he followed scarlet.

Of course I was not going to accept. I wanted to be friends with the Skulls not their enemy.

"Not gonna happen Max. I don't know what you did but you are being punished by the boss. And I fight for the skulls not against them." I said loudly so that everyone could hear me. "You commited a grave mistake by going against 'The Skulls'.I am not going to commit the same mistake."

He got really angry at my words and tried to punch my face. But I ducked and kicked him the guts. This again sent him backwards and he fell down with a loud thud.

"Don't you dare think of touching me with your filthy hands. "I said with the low voice. But I was pretty sure that all the people in the club had heard it as there was dead silence.

Max got up from the ground and glared at me and went down to the cage to fight Rachel who was already present in the cage and was getting ready. There was another person in the cage with Rachel who was wearing mask and speaking with Rachel.It seemed as if they were enjoying all this too much.

The referee was the boy in the mask who had shook his head at me.

Now it was only the masked guy, Rachel and Max in the cage. Surprisingly Max decided to fight alone.

I felt someone staring at me and when I turned my head I locked my eyes again with Scarlet.

I couldn't break the stare and look away. We both kept on staring at each other that was until someone by her side nudged her.

She quickly broke the stare and looked towards the cage.

She nodded her head and the boy said them to start the fight.

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