The Skulls

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Chapter 6

Alexia POV

I was woken up by Mari. She hugged me first. I ruffled her hair and smiled at her.

"Hey.. " She doesn't like it if anyone ruffled her hair.

"Alright Sorry. What's the time? " I asked getting up from the bed.

"Its five. " She said watching me.

"Ugh.I have to be quick then". I said and went to take a shower.

After five minutes I came out and found Mari gone.But she had placed my outfit on the bed which was a black jean, white T-shirt, black jacket and knee length boots and my black mask.

I tied my hair in a high ponytail and wore my outfit.

I took my phone and went out of my room down to the living room where everyone where waiting for me. All of them had worn the same out fit as mine but my t-shirt had a big skull drawn in the center.

There was another girl. She turned around when I reached the bottom of the stairs.

"Xia.. I missed you" She screamt and ran and hugged me tightly.

"Woah. I missed you too Rachel." I said hugging her tightly.

My father had found Rachel eight years ago on the streets of America. She was just ten years old and was shivering due to the cold. My dad pitied her and brought her to our house. My mom took care of her.

The next day when my mom and dad asked her about who she was, she said that her parents left her on the streets and had never come back. My mom felt really sad for her and they adopted her.

Now Rachel is the best female fighter other than me, Ari, and Maria. She is now our sister and is also our best friend.

"So you were sent by dad right?" Mari asked.

"Yep. I couldn't be left out from having fun with you guys. So I asked dad to let me go. " She said smiling at us.

"Alright. Now we have the bastard here. Let's have fun shall we?" Ryder said dragging Max into the living room.

"You. Who are you?"He asked pointing at me.

"You dont get to ask questions here mister. We are the ones to ask." Alex said angrily.

"Have you ever heard of the boss of the Skulls?" Liam asked.

"What do you mean boss of the skulls?Its James Black. " he said confused.

"This guy is still living in the olden days. " Said Ari. "You know he has four children who are the bosses now.And you had slapped one of them who also happens to be the main boss. "Aria said smirking.

"So now you get the punishment and that is to participate in tonight's fight. " I said this time.I didn't let him speak and asked one of my men to take him to the club.

"Sis let me fight him please. "Rachel asked.

"Ok dear sister. You will be the one to end him". I said smiling evilly.

"Oh.Your so cruel sis. " she said laughing. "So what are we waiting for? Lets go and have some fun. "

"OK.Guys were your masks. We don't want anyone to see our face.And don't you guys even dare to remove the masks."I said glaring at Alex who had the habit of removing the masks just for fun.He raised his hands a bit, agreeing with me. "Rachel you can wear your mask of you want." She didn't like to wear it sometimes. So I gave her a choice.

"No. I don't want to wear it this time." She said.

"No problem.You just be with us. And guys be serious. " I said looking at everyone.

"Yes scarlet. " They all said together.

"Creepy" I muttered and got out of the house and went to the garage. I took out my black motorcycle bike.

We were a total of seven.So six will be going in cars and I would go in bike.

"Ok. So Xia is going in bike." Alex said. "Mari and I will go in my car.Ari and Ryder in one and Liam and Rachel in another one. So that settles it. "

"Let's go then." I said and put my helmet and started my bike. Behind me there were three cars.They all got into their cars and we drove off.

After a good half an hour we reached the club. I see the parking and felt as if the whole city was inside the club.

It got out of hand sometimes managing too many people.But we had employed many men who were payed for handling these type of nuisances.

I parked my bike in the back of the club. It was exclusively for VIPs and the owners. Soon after all the three cars were packed beside my bike and everyone got out. Max had already been brought here by my men. We all got in our line and started walking towards the entrance. Yes we had a special line created by Alex. He wanted to look cool and wanted everyone to feel excited seeing us.Not my words. Alex himself said this.

We went and the guards recognised us and bowed to us and let us in.

I opened the door with a bang and entered. The other five following me. Rachel was a little behind as she didn't wear the mask. The club was crowded.And everyone were trying to look at us. Some even taking pics and videos of our entrance.

Everyone in the middle made way for us. Just then one of my men pushed Max in front of us. He was begging and crying like a baby.

"Won't you just shut up already. " Mari said rudely.

As soon as she said this Alex kicked him right in the face. It was with such force that he was sent flying and he hit his back to the cage.

Alex went near him and bent down and spoke in his ears. "You know it was Scarlet to whom you had slapped."

This caused Max to widen his eyes. And he turned his face and saw me.

He started begging again. "Please sir.I am sorry. I didn't know it. I wont do it again. "

"Right, you won't do it again.As you won't be alive tomorrow." replied Alex. As soon as he said that all of us started laughing.

Everyone soon stopped laughing as I walked near Max and said, "You will fight a girl today who will teach you a lesson for not respecting the girls. " menacingly. He shivered at my tone.

I pointed at Rachel who was standing behind me.

This time I spoke loudly so all the people could hear me.

"You all know that today is 'The night'. So first we have a fight between Max and Rachel." I said loudly and with authority.

"Why should I fight a pathetic girl. You Bi... "he didn't get to complete his sentence as everyone had pointed their guns at his face. My people don't tolerate others insulting me.

"I dare you to complete the sentence Max." I said in a calm voice. "Last time I saved you from getting killed by Ryder. Don't think that I am always kind. This time there are six more people than the last time. This is the final order for you to fight Rachel. Either kill her or you die." I said threateningly.

"I will kill the bitch first and then I will be killing you, you bitch. " He said angrily.

Gasps were heard from around the club.

"Oh alright buddy. First try and kill me." Rachel said smirking. She kicked him in the face and said, "This is for insulting my boss."

"You have fifteen minutes to take the help of anyone present in the club. You both can fight Rachel together. " Alex told him. "We don't always give this opportunity to everyone.You better use it. "

"I take up your challenge." He said spitting out blood onto the floor.

"Oh.You don't have any choice darling." Aria said this time. This caused us to go into another round of laughter.

Max then turned and started going to each and every person and asked them for help. But he was declined by everyone.

He went near some boys sitting in the VIP seats. "Seth you have to help me. Please. Fight with me." He started begging him. Can he get anymore pathetic. Disgusting. Let's see whether this 'best fighter' is really trustworthy or not.

I looked up and we both locked eyes.

I stared at him for sometime.He was really hot. Black hair,handsome face.He had beautiful brown eyes that looked like honey. He was wearing a black T-shirt and a dark blue Jeans.His hair was a bit long and it was messy as if he ran his hands through his hair a lot.

Then I shook my head of all thoughts and proceeded to take my seat. My group followed me.

When I was walking to my seat, I saw Ryder looking at Seth and shaking his head at him as if telling him not to accept. Hmm. I need to ask Ryder about this Seth.

"Not gonna happen Max. I don't know what you did but you are being punished by the boss. And I fight for the skulls not against them." Seth said loudly. "You commited a grave mistake by going against 'The Skulls'. I am not going to commit the same mistake."

Good. He has brains. If he had accepted he would be dead right now. I don't allow anyone to betray me. Even though Seth just fights for my club he is having as much power as my members. He qualifies as a high level member to the gang. He doesn't have the mark but it was an understanding between us.

Max might have gotten really angry at his words and tried to punch his face. But Seth ducked and kicked him the guts. This again sent him backwards and he fell down with a loud thud.

"Don't you dare think of touching me with your filthy hands. " He said with a low voice.

Max got up from the ground and glared at him and went down to the cage to fight Rachel,who was already present in the cage and was getting ready. Ari was with Rachel and she was speaking with Rachel. They were enjoying this too much.

The referee was Ryder. He had told me that he wanted to be the referee and I agreed.

Now it was only Ryder , Rachel and Max in the cage. Max decided to fight alone.

But I was getting distracted by this handsome boy sitting just a couple of seats away from me. I didn't realize that I was staring at him. He soon turned and we locked our eyes again.

I just couldn't break the stare and look away. We both kept on staring at each other that was until Mari nudged me.

I quickly broke the stare and looked towards the cage. Ryder was waiting for my command. I nodded my head and Ryder asked them to start the fight.

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