The Skulls

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Chapter 7

Alexia POV

As soon as Ryder started the match, Max ran and tried to punch Rachel's face. But she was quicker than him.She ducked and went behind him and kicked his back. He stumbled a little but managed to find his footing. He turned and tried to punch her stomach but she dodged it quickly and bent and pushed him to the ground. She straddled him and started punching his face.

Everyone where watching the fight with great interest but it was a one sided match. Max couldn't get a single guy on Rachel.

I motioned Ryder to pull Rachel away from Max. He nodded and went and pulled Rachel away from him.

I got up from my seat with Alex and Liam following me.Alex was in my right side and Liam in the left.

We went towards the cage and went in. Liam grabbed Max who was seriously injured and held him up. I looked at Max sternly.

"So do you accept defeat? "I asked. I thought of giving him a single chance. But it depends on him and on how he takes it.

"Fuck off bitch. " he spit on my face.

As soon as he said that he received a harsh kick in both of his legs.Alex and Liam had together broken both his legs.

I went near him and broke off his fingers which had touched the girls. I heard whispers from around the club. Everyone were looking at us.

“So you will tell me now, who was with you that day in the kitchen three months back when you were assaulting those girls?” I asked pushing his face again. He was held by Liam and Ryder on both the sides.Alex, Rachel, Aria and Maria were standing next to me.

As soon as I spoke these words, everyone looked at me with wide eyes. I hadnt told anyone about what I learnt from Sarah today in the afternoon.


“So can you tell me about what happened?” I asked Sarah and she started crying. I nodded my head at Liam and Ryder. They went out of the office and closed the door.

“I-It was three months back. T-The leaders had all been in an important meeting in the office.Even Aria and Maria had been with them. I and my daughters were in the kitchen cooking for dinner when Max came slightly drunk. It was around six pm. H-He came towards Nora a-and... ”she started sobbing.

I hugged her tightly and said, “Its ok. He won't hurt you now. I am here. We all will protect you.” I was feeling sad for these girls and Sarah. They shouldn't have to go through this. If that bloody meeting hadn't been there then this wouldn't have happened. I feel angry at myself for keeping that meeting.

“M-Max was n-not alone. He had someone to help him. The other man had held us when Max tried to rape my daughter. Just then we heard someone coming to the kitchen. Max and the other man quickly went away not before threatening us to keep our mouth shut. We didn't have any proof against them so we didnt speak of it to anyone.”

“Who was it that had come to the kitchen? Didnt the person ask why you were crying?” I asked confused.

“It was Alex. Yes he asked but I told him that it was due to the onions which I was cutting for dinner. ” She said still crying.

Max was just saved that day. If Alex had come to know about it he would have tortured Max to death.

“Do you know who is the other person.”

She shook her head. I consoled her and her daughters and sent them to their bedrooms to take rest.

Flashback over.

“So tell me who is the other person Max. ” I said kicking his legs.

“Jack. ”

It was the same man who I had killed a few days back in the basement. Jack was the one who had tried to kill dad.

I told my men to take Max back to the basement in house.

“Today's fight is not going to be like always. This man will be tortured to death and it won't be easy for him. So I am going to cancel today's match. Another match will be held after two weeks. ” Alex said loudly.

All the people got up from their seats and went out. Today has been a very hectic day. I sighed and sat down in a seat.

The three boys from the VIP seats came down and stood infront of me. I raised my head and looked at them. The two boys looked down not meeting my eyes. Seth was looking directly at me.

“You boys should go home now. ” Alex said.

“Umm... We have a question. ” Daniel said.

“Ask what you want. ” Maria spoke looking at him.

They looked at each other and spoke together. “Can we join your gang?”

I thought for some time. Everyone were looking at me. Before I could reply Seth spoke again. “Umm... My sister is also going to join. If we are allowed that is. ”

“Alright. You four can come the day after tomorrow and I will be testing you guys. If you pass you can join.” I said.

“Thank you Scarlet.” They said in unison.

Seriously why are everyone speaking in unison today.

“Alright, everyone go home. I will meet you guys on Sunday.” I said looking at my new gang members. They were already selected. But I had to do a little test for them.

“Bye. ”

And I went towards the back with everyone following me. I went to my bike and wore my helmet and drove off to our house with Alex, Liam and Ryder just behind me.

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