The Skulls

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Chapter 8

Alexia POV

We reached home.

I went to my room and got out of my clothes. I changed into a short jean and black tank top.

I went downstairs and saw that everyone were waiting for me.

All of us went to the basement where Rick and Brandon were with Max.

Rick and Brandon were our best fighters and trusted men.

Max was kept in the room where we torture betrayers. He was seated in a chair and his face was covered in blood.

The seven of us sat down in the chair in front of him. Rick and Brandon stood next to him.

“So let's begin.” Liam said looking at Max.

Ari got up and went towards where the knives and pliers were kept. She brought pliers and removed all of his nails. He started screaming.

“No please. ” He started shouting. But Ari didn't stop still she and plucked out all of his finger nails.

After Aria, Mari got up and with a knife she cut his thumb finger. He hands began bleeding.

In this way everyone tortured him. I was still sitting in my seat and looking at him.

--------- After an hour ------------

Everyone had tortured him for almost an hour and I didn't even do anything.

So I got up from my chair and looked at him. His hands and legs were filled with cuts from the knifes and there was blood flowing out of everywhere.

I smiled menacingly at him and went towards the stove with the boiling water.

I took it out and went towards him and motioned Rick to open his mouth. He started shaking and crying.

Brandon geld his head tightly and tilted his head upwards while Rick was holding his mouth wide open. I took the water and poured it directly into his mouth. I know his tongue must have been burnt by now.

I stretched out my hand and Rachel placed salt in my hand. I poured the salt into his wounds which were still bleeding. He couldn't even scream now because of the water which burnt his tongue.

I just stood looking at him and Alex came near me.

He was holding a big silver color knife and with one swing he cut off Max's hand. Due to the force the hand flew and landed at the corner of the room. I took the knife from Alex and stabbed Max repeatedly with it and his intestines came out due to the force.

Everyone were silent and watching the scene unfold in front of them. There were no innocent people here. All the people here had been torturing people like this since long back, and we were all used to it.

Max was now unable to speak and he was just as good as dead. He would be dying within the next two hours, and he would not be living more than that.

He was muttering something. So I bent down to his height.

“Speak. What do you want? ” I asked looking at him in the eye.

“P-Please kill me. I am sorry. Just kill me already. I can't take this.” It was not more than a whisper, but I heard it.

“Do you want me to still kill you this fast? After all, you have been harassing girls since many years and spoiling the name of the skulls.” I just continued to look at him.

I took out my gun and shot him in the middle of his forehead. Blood splattered all over. My dress has also become bloody. I will have to change again.

“Clean this up and dump his body in the middle of the town. ” I said to Rick. “Everyone should know the cause of hurting innocent people. Pin a note to his body and write my initials in it. I want everyone to know the consequences of disobeying our rules.”

He nodded and went with Brandon to bring the men to clean the room.

I went to my office and took out a piece of paper and wrote in it and gave it to Ryder.

Now I have to shower and clean all the blood up.

“Today was really tiring.” Alex said. “Let's go to sleep now. It's already 4 in the morning. Thank god it's Saturday. ” He said and ran to his room.

“Good night. ” All of us said and went to our rooms.

I showered and checked the time. It was now almost 5, and I didn't even sleep the whole night.

But still I got into bed and closed my eyes.


Alex POV

I didn't get to sleep, and it was already 7. I got up and didn't bother to shower now.

I just changed into my sports wear and went out to jog.

I just wanted to see the reaction of the people. After jogging for about thirty minutes I went back and took out my bike and drove to the towns center.

Everyone were crowded here, and some people were gagging seeing the body. I knew how gruel some and cruel we were.

I pushed past people and looked the body of Max. His head was almost off his body. His throat was also slit. His hand was lying next to his body. His one eye had also been plucked out.

I just stood there looking at him. I saw someone standing next to me. It was Seth.

“They hurt him badly. Wish I could have been there when they were torturing him. ” He said looking at Max's body.

“You really wanted to see that torture of the devils? ” I asked him shocked. No one were able to look correctly at his body and here was Seth telling he wanted to see the torture. He nodded and I started laughing.

Everyone were looking at me. I mumbled a sorry and looked at Seth.

“Are you serious. I heard that no one is able to look at their torture methods. It's worse than the devil. Especially the torture of Scarlet and Alex. ” I said still looking at him.

“I seriously want to look Xander. ” He said and I nodded.

Just then someone said, “ Hey, look there's something attached to the body. ”

I looked and remembered the note Xia had written. It was her note.

No one were ready to go near the body and look at it. So I went near it and took the note which was pinned with a nail to his body.

Everyone were looking at me with shocked expression. From the corner of my eyes I saw Rick and Brandon standing and watching everything.

They were smirking. I slightly smirked at them and went back to Seth.

I held the note and read loudly.

Whoever is reading this note. Read it loudly.
This is the result of harassing innocent people. I won't tolerate it and will take similar action. Don't think that you will be safe from us. I did this so that people will be safe from such bastards who trouble the innocent.

If there's anything that people want help with come to us. We don't hurt the

Yours truly

Scarlet, Alex

And The Skulls.

As soon as I finished the letter I heard whispers from everywhere. She had also written my name. And here I am reading the letter to everyone.

“Wow. So they didn't murder an innocent man. I seriously wondered what happened to Scar. She is so kind. And her brother is also very kind. ” I heard people speaking. “It doesn't matter now. He deserved it for harassing someone innocent. ”

I can't believe it. People are actually supporting us for murdering him.

I heard the police siren coming from the distance. They got out from the car and came towards the body.

“ Who found this here?” One man asked.

“I found it. ” Rick and Brandon said together.

“Was there some note with this?” Another man asked.

“Yes. That boy has it. ” Rick pointed at me. I glared at him. He smirked.

“What's your name? ” The man asked.

“Xander. ” I said. I have to get out of here fast. Xia will have my head for coming here. But I know that she knows I would come here.

“Hand over the letter to us.” He said.

I gave him the letter and said, “I don't even want that letter. You can keep it. Seth, I will be going home now. Bye. ” I said and started to walk away towards my bike.

“You will not be going anywhere boy. Stay here. ” The man said.

“As if I will listen to you. I have to go. My sister is still asleep. ” And I went to my bike.

The man put his hand on my shoulders and tried to pull me with him.

I slapped his hand away and kept on walking. I saw Rick and Brandon coming to me.

“Sir. We want this boy to come with us. ” They said and pulled me with them.

“What the hell are you doing? Let me go. ” I said.

“You can't just save him like this. We will get him one day. ”

“Oh. You won't be getting him. As Alex has asked us to bring the man to him. ” Rick said. “And he belongs to us now.” He added smirking.

“What are you doing? Let him go. ” The man said.

Rick and Brandon raised their hands and showed everyone the tattoo of the skull on their wrists. Everyone gasped and looked at these two.

“We heard everything you people talked, and it will be noted by the leaders. ” Brandon said smiling. “But you, Xander will have to come with us. And officers don't follow us. Or it will be your end.”

They both pulled me to the car and I sat in the back.

I saw Seth looking at me worried, and I mouthed him not to worry. He nodded but I could see him worried.

I saw Rick and Brandon siting in the car.

“What are you two doing? Go and bring my bike. I can't leave it there. It's you guys fault and now bring it back. ” I said glaring at them.

“Sorry Alex. I will bring it back. ” Brandon said. I threw him the keys and he went away.

“The letter had my name. Why would she write my name. ” I said grumbling.

Rick just laughed and started the car.

After sometime we reached the house. I saw everyone sitting in the couch and the TV was on. It was the news of the dead body of Max.

“You went there Alex. ” Liam said laughing.

“He almost got caught by the police. ” Rick said laughing.

“Where's Xia? ” I asked looking around.

“Sleeping. ” Aria said.

“Lets wake her up. ” I said and went upstairs.

I saw her sleeping soundly. I sat at the edge of the bed and slightly shook her.

“Xia. Get up. ” I said softly. After some time she got up. “You know. The whole city is talking about us. ” I said and she looked at me sleepily.

“What happened? ” She said and kept her head on my shoulder and slept again.

“Your note is the talk of the town. Everyone were thanking you. ” I said and she smiled.

I picked her up and we went down. The others were sitting in the couch and watching TV and I sat in it with Xia in my arms.

“She's exhausted.” Liam said looking at her.

“It's not easy to torture someone. And we both had harmed him more than others. So we both are bound to be a little tired. ” I said sighing. We both are really harmful when it comes to torturing somebody. But the next day we are fully worn out.

Everyone watched the TV when it started saying about today's murder.

“The body of a man named Max has been found in the center of the city. The skull's leader has attached a note to the body, and it says that they help people. The boy who found the note has been missing since then, as the members of the gang have taken him. The officers have started a search for the boy and his name is Xander. If anyone finds him, please inform the police...”

The reported went on speaking.

“They are searching for you Alex. ” Aria said.

“Ask Rick to speak with the officer and settle it. ” I said and Ryder went out.

“Alex you read the note. ” Xia said still sleepily. I just smiled at her. “I knew it. ” She said smiling at me.

“Let's have breakfast. ” Rachel said and we went to the kitchen. Xia went to her room.

She came down wearing a loose fit T-shirt and back leggings. Her hair was left freely.

She sat down at the head of the table, and we started eating.

~ ~ ~ ~

It was now Sunday and Seth and his friends were going to come. We were all in our rooms getting ready in our sports wears and wearing masks.

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