The Skulls

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Chapter 9

Seth POV

It was now Sunday, and we had to go to the skulls house.

“Carla let's go. ” She came down, and we went towards my car.

Carla was also seventeen years old. She was my twin sister. Chris and Daniel were meeting us there.

We reached after about an hour. It was actually the biggest mansion I had ever seen. The big gates at the front were open. There was also a big fountain in front of the house. There were some cars parked at the side and some people were lingering here and there. I drove inside and saw Chris and Daniel waiting for us.

We got out and went inside.

I saw Liam, Ryder and Rachel from the fight on Friday, sitting in the couch and talking. The other four were not here yet.

“Hello. ” Chris greeted them. They looked up and greeted us back.

“They will be here in a moment. Please wait.” Ryder said. We nodded and sat down opposite to them.

After a minute we heard voices and steps coming down the stairs. I saw them. Two girls wearing gym pants and tank tops with sports shoes and with masks on their faces. Their tattoos were full on display. Their right shoulder to wrist was covered in tattoos. The boy was also wearing sweatpants and a sleeveless black t shirt. He also had his tattoo from his right shoulder to wrist and his left shoulder had a tattoo of the skull.

“Oh. You guys are here. ” Alex said. “Let's go to the gym. ”

We nodded, and they walked back upstairs with all of us following them.

It was in the second floor. There were three doors leading to some rooms. Liam said that one room was the theater, the other one a swimming pool and the last one is the gym.

One of the girls opened the door to the gym, and we went in. It was huge.

“So let's start it right away. ” Liam said. He and Ryder and Rachel were the only ones not wearing the mask. We nodded and stood infront of them.

“So I have already decided how we will test you guys. First Aria and Chris. Second it will be Maria and Daniel. Aria will be helped by Ryder and Rachel will be helping Maria. Is it alright? ” He asked.

All of us nodded again and he continued.

“After that it will be Alex and Carla. That settles it. ” He finished.

“Umm... What about me? Are you going to test me? ” I asked Liam as he and I were the only ones not in the list.

“Oh. I won't be testing anyone. ” He said.

“Then who will test me?” I asked confused.

“I will test you. ” I heard a voice from behind me. I turned around and froze in my spot. It was her. Scarlet. I could just tell from seeing that it was her. I gulped slowly.

“Oh... OK. ” I said rubbing the back of my neck.

“Liam. Uncle said you haven't called him. He's very furious now. ” She said going near Liam.

“You know I was busy with work. Couldn't you have said I was caught up in work? ” He asked her.

“I just didn't want to.” She said shrugging.

Liam sighed and said, “You are too cold right now.” shaking his head.

She rolled her eyes at him and sat down in the couch near us.

“Start the first test. ” She said looking at her phone.

Aria, Ryder and Chris came forward, and they instructed Chris to fight both of them. Chris was making some mistakes, but anyone didn't say anything to him.

Scarlet was not seeing any of the match and kept on looking at her phone. Alex came towards her and said something in her ears. She looked up and saw their match.

“Alright. Chris you fight well. But when there are two people you should be more careful and not fight this way. Ryder will teach you the correct method later on. Start the second one. ” She said again looking at her phone.

She said all his mistakes without even looking at his match. How did she even do that. I think she is very alert and can do two things at the same time.

Maria, Rachel and Daniel were fighting right now. Again Scarlet didn't even look at his fight but correctly said all the mistakes done by him.

“Alex and Carla try now.” Liam said.

Carla started fighting him and managed to land a punch to his torso. But Alex was holding back too much. One could say easily that Alex was not fighting properly. He is the best fighter after Scarlet.

“Alex. ” Scarlet said without looking at him. He started fighting. I don't know how she manages to do that. Without even seeing the fight she is capable of saying that Alex is not fighting correctly.

Alex pinned Carla on the floor and stopped the match.

“Alright. You three are good to go for the training in guns and knives. But that will be done tomorrow. And you are hereby a member of the gang. ” Liam said smiling. “Good job. ”

“Seth, come on. It's your turn now. ” Alex said.

I looked at Scarlet and saw that she was getting up from the couch. She started removing her T-shirt. Underneath she was wearing a black tank top. Scarlet went towards the center and stood quietly.

I followed her and stood in front of her.

“I hope you will fight well”. She said looking directly at me. I nodded at her.

As soon as Liam said to start the fight I went towards her and tried to punch her shoulders, but she ducked and punched my stomach. I stumbled due to the force but regained my balance. I quickly kicked her in the stomach. Out of the corner of my eyes I saw everyone look shocked.

She quickly ran towards me and hit my face hard. Just then Liam said us to stop.

She went back and asked someone to bring a pack of ice. I am pretty sure that my is face is swollen due to her punch. It hurts badly.

“Are you alright? ” She asked. I looked at her and nodded slowly. She looked at me for a second and went towards the couch.

Her phone was ringing. She took the call and started speaking in some language. Maybe French.

I quietly went towards her and sat down in the couch. The others had followed me, and they were also sitting in the couch now.

“That seems really bad, doesn't it? ” Chris asked looking at my face.

I just looked at him as I couldn't even smile due to my chin hurting a lot.

We kept on talking for some time and then went to the office to get our marks.

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