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He left her and now she is alone, attached to a promise, she hopes one day they will be together. A ring is a proof to everything...but for how long? Her name is Leaticia Nomsi a South African girl having at her doorstep success. She finally realized her dream , decides to stop waiting for her fellow love, Derick Smith and turn out another page, without him. But destiny plays it part in her life and just when everything is clear in her mind , he comes back after four years, demanding for a second chance. The question is "is love a matter of time" cause their love is simply" unforgettable"

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Chapter 1: Success (Leaticia)

At first a joke, today a dream, and now a reality. Whoever knew that I would one day be prepared to go and watch my novel in the form of a movie. I am excited, and a little bit anxious about this day.

Here I am, on a chair waiting to get ready for my day, this night will be long, I swear! But I am going to take control of myself and try to profit.

“It’s okay,” said the girl in charge of my makeup. I do not like all these extravagant things such as make-up, but actually, it is a special day so I should be special.

I stand up from my chair and go forward to the mirror of my room, I scan myself and I don’t recognize the artificial me, with all this makeup. No matter, I can admire how nice I am in this beautiful pink-purple gown. Seems like a dream!

Someone knocks at the door of my room and without me answering, the person has already entered. Taylor! Walking faster toward me by asking me if everything is okay. She had always been like that, whenever she had to organize an occasion, but I can not blame her, it isn’t very funny all this stress.

I hold her shoulders for her to hold on a minute if possible because she cannot continue being anxious like that all the time.

" Hey, Taylor inhale...” I said while inhaling at the same time with her. “And now exhale” I exhale at the same time with her before she finally comes down. “are you okay?”

" yeah... Yeah is...alright” she answered while looking at me from the top to the bottom ” you are just a gorgeous girl!”

" Thank you... You too”

She receives a call and rapidly takes my bag, pays the girl who make-up me, and drags me up to a car station in front of our apartment. I enter the car and discuss with my dearest friend Taylor about what may happen during this night. My heart can’t stop beating hard against my chest, my hands are already humid and I prefer looking through the window to take some air.

My phone vibes and I turn it back on my laps to read the message received. It is my confident and friend “Allan”, he was the first to trust me and to have confidence in me, he took all this more seriously than me and I thank him for all. He is the son of the film director of my book, he was the first to read it, the first to propose to publish it, and the first to support me. I love him so much, he is just like the elder brother I always wanted.

I am from South Africa and when I came to Toronto for my studies, my objective was to succeed in my studies, that way is okay... but I couldn’t imagine one second of what is happening to me.

After answering Allan’s message, I take my head once more to the car window and another vibe from my phone distracts me. Can he just wait for me to come? Taylor tries to calm me without living me the time to read his message.

" I know I didn’t have the time to tell you this but... I am really glad for you cutie” she said while holding my hand-friendly with a smile. I smile back at her before our car stops at the cinema hall, my heart leaves out a bang when realizing we are finally here at the cineplex cinemas Empress walk of Toronto.

“Here we are Lea,” said Taylor. She used to call me “Lea” because it is easier for her than Leaticia. That is not important, what is important is now!

Taylor gets down from the car and before I do the same, I decide to reply to Allan’s text ” I’m sure you might be beautiful”. I smile and feel my heart calming down when reading his message. I smile and step down the car looking in front of me at the big cinema hall.

Taylor and I enter but before I go forward with her I can see that my dearest friend is searching for me “Allan”. I go forward to him and stand behind him then led my height level to his own to cover his eyes with my hands covered with perfume.

" Who’s there?” Asked Allan with his eyes still closed by me.

" I was far from you and now near your heart who am I?...guess!”

" Lady lea!”

“Bingo!” I said while removing my two hands and him turning to face me with a smile. Some fans come to us while shouting “lean!lean! lean” the combination of my name and for Allan just because some rumors says we are more than the word “close” and that we act like a couple. We take some pictures with them and make me sign some books for them.

When the two protagonists of my novel finally comes, they wish us a good night with a smile and leaves us to do the same thing with Spencer and Elizabeth alias Zack and Tiara in my novel.. Allan and I go forward to the hall to take a seat with my editor, the film producer ( the father of Allan) with Taylor, Elizabeth, Spencer, Allan and I.

Here we are, sitting in the hall, waiting for the projection. My hands are once more getting wet, and I start doubting myself, will they love the movie more than the book? Oh my God!! Stress is gaining me now, and I am just smiling at everyone but if they knew what I am thinking about right now.

Allan holds my hand and I turn to look at him with my eyes full of anxiousness. He smiles to reassure me and I do the same. Strangely I am calming down, he knows me more than I do. I greet everyone and we talk a little before the projection starts. The beginning song of the movie is going on, which means it’s time to look at the movie, I mean... My movie. I sit erect and hold Allan’s hand to recomfort myself and concentrate after the hall’s light has been off.


The end song of the movie is over and as in the book, everything finishes in suspense... My eyes begin to pinch me a little and become wet, tears run from my eyes seeing the way my movie has been appreciated by everyone under their acclaim. Allan and the rest concentrate on me probably to see my expression, but I hide my eyes behind my hands and shyness makes me feel high nostalgia.

Allan removes my hands from my eyes while the others are realizing I am crying.

“Oooo lea is crying.” Said Taylor with a teasing voice.

“She is full of emotions” replied Elizabeth

Spencer removes a tissue for me to wipe my tears, but no way I am still wet.

My Editor and the film producer move on the stage to thank everyone.

“Really... Thank you for your presence right now, it is a real pleasure. Before I published ” Above All” I was sure of the great experience we would have even though our great writer Leaticia wasn’t sure of that. But finally, here we are. Glad to see you all.” Said my Editor under the acclamations of the hall.

" Well, I think Xavier said everything. It was also a very great pleasure for me to direct this movie and thanks to you all once more.” Said the film producer under a collective clap.

Elizabeth and Spencer thank everyone too for their support and all the fan clubs created for the movie.

“Alright...Alright...Well, I have nothing great to say than to thank you all for your support and invite my dearest friend Lea to come here and give a little speech.” Said Allan while joining the collective clap of everyone.

I needed to slap him right now, he knows I am afraid to talk in public but he wants me to do so. Taylor is dragging me slowly to go up while I am categorically refusing. Everybody is clapping to welcome me on stage and that makes me fear, I may speak the wrong English there because of anxiety. Allan gets down from the stage and takes my hand to follow him, I look at him angrily and he kisses me on my cheeks, he always does that to let me calm down.

I walk on stage and take up the microphone.

" Umm... Well, I think what...I mean everything has been said. Still am thankful to everyone, to you all seated here, to my favorite editor, my second father the film director Mr. Kevin Blaise, my two protagonists, my sweet best friend Taylor, and my only confident...Allan″ I was about to cry once more but everyone hug me and transform my tears into a collective and beautiful hug. Everyone clap.

After all these moments of emotion, We decide to go directly to Blaise’s big house to continue commemorating. We toast, drink, and eat with full joy by this splendid night. Suddenly my phone rings and I get down my glass of wine and step outside at the garden.

While there, I answer the call,

“Hello” nobody answer, I check on my phone the number who called for me, but it is a strange number, put back my phone on my ear and repeat “Hello...who are you please?” And before I got tired and wanting to stop the call, two male hands join on my eyes. I already know who the person is.

“Mr. Allan...” I said while removing his hands from my eyes and turning to look at him.

" Bingo,” he said, while we both laugh realizing he is just teasing me.

We walk together around the garden by chatting about how this story started before arriving at this stage. I didn’t trust myself, but he had confidence in me, he helped me and gave me all the support needed. He is my great friend.

" I knew you could do it.” Said, Allan.

" Yeah you had full confidence in me more than myself...” I stop and he too before looking at him by holding his two hands. ” And I thank you for that.” I hug him.

We separate with a smile. I proposed to enter but he holds my hand by looking at me more profoundly than ever, he never looked at me like that, he surely wants to tell me an important thing.

“Yes...what wrong?” I asked.

“You are important for me Leaticia.” Said, Allan. I was sure he needed to tell me something important, he always called my full name whenever he needs to tell me something important.

“You too!” I respond.

“You don’t understand... I... Mean, you mean everything to me.” He said while attracting me toward him.

We were more close than ever, eyes to eyes. As a writer I already know what is going to happen, but should I leave it to happen? should I do that and break our friendship? After all, it had been a long time since I had a date, and I am tired of waiting for somebody who will probably never come. I think I should live my present cause I am sure he is living his. I have to stop being stupid, four years have already passed I can’t wait for him anymore.

Allan comes close to me, closes his eyes ready to kiss me. I know what to do, Allan is my friend but he also needs a chance.

I close my eyes and let what happens to happen. We kiss... We slowly kiss. I could feel he was somehow afraid of going fast with me while kissing me, and I understand. I adapt to his motion and we finally keep some distance to take up our breath.

Taylor calls for us, we look at each other and smile. He holds my hand and we both enter...

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