Love Out West

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Ellie and her best friend Cassidee are on the lookout for sneaky Cowboy Jackson, who has stolen all of the money from the brothel that they both work at. But what Ellie doesn't know is that Cassidee is hiding a steamy secret...

Romance / Erotica
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Love Out West

Somewhere in the Arizona desert, 1895...

“Ellie, is this really necessary?”

“Yes, it’s necessary! I don’t sell my cooch all day just to have my hard-earned money taken away from me!”

It was almost 100 degrees on a hot summer day in July. But that didn’t stop Lady Ellie from laying herself down in the scolding dirt with a pair of binoculars. She was half-dressed in a tight pair of daisy duke shorts, sturdy dark brown boots, and a red cloth bandana to hold her bosom in place, her default outfit for the brothel that she and her best friend Cassidee both worked long hours at. With her head full of curly brown hair, big brown eyes, and curves for days, Ellie had no problem getting any man to sleep with her.

Cassidee, however, wasn’t nearly as experienced as her friend. She was shorter in height, not quite as curvy, and her looks were considered less attractive than Ellie. Her dark shoulder-length hair complimented nicely against her tan skin and hazel eyes, but even in the exact same revealing outfit, she was too shy to do anything overly sexual and was pretty much overlooked by all the male customers.

Well... all except for one man: Cowboy Jackson, the thief who had stolen all their money. Cassidee couldn’t exactly call him her boyfriend, but she had caught his attention from the day he walked into their brothel several weeks ago. While the other girls screamed and cursed at him when they were robbed, Cassidee was the only one blushing up to her ears when he smiled and winked at her before riding off on his horse. Since then, they had been sharing nothing more than steamy kisses in secret whenever they could. She hadn’t even told Ellie what had happened between them.

“Yeah, I guess... but don’t you think he was kind of... cute?”

“Oh, PLEASE,” snorted Ellie. “Even YOU could do better than some thieving cowboy! No offense...”

“Well... we don’t have to hurt him... do we?”

“That’s up to him, sweetie... I just want our money back... and maybe a blowjob before we go... either way, he’s gotta come through this area to get away from our town, and then we’ll catch him!”

Unbeknownst to either of them, Cowboy Jackson had not only come through their area, but he was sneaking up on Cassidee from behind a nearby tree and creeping his way over to her.

“This would’ve been a lot easier if he was one of those older men with stinky armpits and bad manners and tumbleweed growing out of his ears...”

Her words were cut short when the weight of someone else hugging her from behind made her gasp quietly. Then she realized who it was and tried to keep from giggling too loudly before puckering up for a long slow kiss.

“Just remember, Cassidee... when we catch this thief, don’t go easy on him! Men like that have no problem taking whatever the hell they want...” continued Ellie, still peering through her binoculars.

She was so focused on keeping watch that she didn’t even notice Cassidee was having her shorts removed by this thief and the cloth bandana around her breasts undone. He marked them with kisses and slowly worked his way down her belly until he reached her creamy thighs. Cassidee tried not to cry out as he licked her wet pussy.

“They also know exactly how to push your buttons...”

Right at that moment, Cowboy Jackson wrapped his lips around the young woman’s clit and sucked hard. She arched her hips as her first orgasm ripped through her insides.

“I-I’ll t-take your... word for it...”

Ellie adjusted herself slightly and lowered her binoculars for a moment.

“As soon as I laid eyes on him, I said, ‘ugh, what a dick...’

Cassidee did her best to keep from giggling as she watched Cowboy Jackson unzip his pants to free his growing erection. It was darker than the rest of him and around the same size as a banana without the curve.

“...thinks he can just take whatever he wants because he’s sooo handsome...”

The rugged cowboy slid carefully into Cassidee’s tight little love box and drowned out her giggling with sweet kisses. By now, he had ripped off his vest and T-shirt in order to feel her soft skin against his own. When she had fully adjusted to his size, the girl bucked her hips in return to make him go faster. He soon got the message and fucked her without mercy. It wasn’t long before she could feel another orgasm approaching.

“Hmm... looks to me like he’s not coming, Cassidee...” murmured Ellie.

Her friend could barely breathe as her cowboy lover finally reached her sweet spot and became unraveled. The man held onto her tightly as he orgasmed mere seconds later. At this point, neither of them really cared if they got caught while they whispered their “I love you’s” to each other. Cassidee sighed happily and kissed her new boyfriend one last time before he pulled out of her pussy and redressed himself.

What she didn’t notice was the small bag of stolen money that Cowboy Jackson had placed by her feet. Taking Cassidee’s virginity was worth more to him than all the money in the world.

“You have something you wanna tell me, Cassidee?”

The girl snapped out of her stupor to notice Ellie standing over her head with a deep smirk.

“Ummm... I got my first customer...?”

Ellie laughed out loud.

“And it’s about damn time, too!”
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