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Wilted Love

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Diora and Night used to defy gravity with their love, which burned with fiery passion. Now extinguished with their hatred for each other after Night's father tricked Diora into signing a contract, thinking it would benefit Night and her. Will they learn to overlook the issues present in their love life and work through it? Or will it end in a messy divorce after the contract ends?

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

‘Night Anston - yet again - seen with a mystery woman walking out of her apartment.’ The brunette woman, who’s perfectly curled hair bounced as she laughed with her co-worker, spoke with a questionable look on her face.

‘’Shut that damn fucking phone.’’ He huffed, shifting in his seat as he watched the moving trees out the car window. I could tell these types of windows annoyed him. He always claimed it was ‘just speculation’. A part of me wanted to believe it… but was it really all speculations when evidence of these women would be there?

‘’Diora, seriously, I just came back from my business trip. It just happened that we both have rented apartments in the same complex.’’ I whipped my head towards Night, who was still looking out the window. I didn’t utter a single word and quietly closed my phone. The urge to watch videos was no longer there when the majority of the video recommendations were all about my loving husband and his need to cause unnecessary drama. I clenched my hands onto my phone thinking about his shameless acts of carelessness. He continued to look out the window, not once paying attention to me. My heart picked up the pace as I prepared to say my piece. I didn’t have the energy to argue, but I could not sit back and let him have the last word.

‘’Whether true or not, I couldn’t care right now. For once, can you just stay out of the limelight?’’ All I ask for is one day of peace, one day of no social media and fancy news outlets talking about me and Night, my husband, that’s all I ask for. Night gave me a quick glance and looked forward, bending his neck backwards against the headrest. I turned my head to the side, watching out the window, not wanting to see his face.

The limousine came to a smooth halt. Thankfully, saving us both from the awkward car ride.

’’Give me your hand,” he demanded, extending his hand on top of mine. I could feel my anger rise inside me with his behaviour. I huffed once I felt his rough hand gripping my delicate one. He continued to speak, whilst I tuned out the background noises, daydreaming about the summer days when our love burnt the brightest.

‘’Did you even hear what I said?’’ I stayed silent not wanting to entertain his behaviour. ‘’Typical...’’ He whispered underneath his breath. ‘’I said to wipe that gloom off your face. We’re almost here, can’t have the paparazzi using pictures out of context again.’’ He exhaled loudly, squeezing my hand a little tighter than before. I kept a straight face, refusing to bless him with my face. He doesn’t deserve to see a glimpse of emotion. I won’t be caving in - not this time. ‘‘You’re quiet today, my zemer.’’ He whispered in my ear, which sent shivers down my body. I tried to hide my reaction, but it seemed to have not worked; his low throaty laughter emanated from the car interior. I knew he saw how my body betrayed me. It’s hard not to succumb to his velvety smooth voice. Especially the way he enunciates ‘my love’.

‘’I see, you’re giving me the silent treatment.’’ He tusked. ‘‘You better smile once we are out of here, got it my zemer?’’ I guess I have no other choice. I worked up the little courage I had left within me to try to straighten out his repugnant behaviour.

‘‘To smile... but for what?’’ I slowly turned my head to look at an intrigued Night. I bit my lower lip, now making sure my whole body was facing Night, as his eyes went from a nautical blue to a deep navy, with lust and mischief twinkling in them.

‘’I find it a little weird to tell a person to smile at their funeral.’’ Night’s face quickly merged into a puzzled expression, whilst I rested my head on the back of my seat. I love this man more than words could describe. And for him to change 180 after years of being together still left me puzzled.

He didn’t realise how much his words affected me emotionally, or maybe he did - and it was a simple fact; he didn’t care anymore. All I knew right now is that I had a swarm of emotions swelling inside me, as I held back the stinging tears. I got this... I got this.

‘’Don’t you have to be dead to ’attend your own funeral’?’’ Oh, how adorable this man can be; it’s wickedly sweet. I burst out in giggles as he continued trying to connect the dots to my stupid joke. After a good giggle session to myself and a frustrated Night later, I put him out of his misery. Clearing my throat and moving the loose strand of hair out of my face, I turned to look forward once more before sighing loudly.

‘‘It was a stupid joke.’’ I fiddled with my fingers that rested on my lap, whilst looking down. Night huff beside me as he muttered how stupid the joke was. As much as I tried, I couldn’t help but smile underneath the curtain of hair that framed my face slightly. This man has always had me on a rollercoaster ride of emotions. One moment he’s driving me up the walls, then the next minute, he’ll be making my heart skip a beat, or even better, making me succumb to his magical touch.

The limousine came to a smooth halt as my heart rapidly pumped and beads of sweat shamelessly started to seep through. We were still seated safely in the car, yet the roaring cheers of the devoted fans and obsessed paparazzi made me fear for what would happen within a few moments, where the only protection against them was opened, allowing the swarm of fan base armies to attack us with unnecessary death glares and hateful comments towards me, amongst the sweet cheers of the sweeter side of the fan base.

The dimmed interior quickly was consumed by the flashing lights of the cameras as they blitzed left, right and centre. The screaming became more coherent as I slowly walked out of the car, following a confident Night behind. Paparazzi and fangirls - just the words alone sent unpleasant shivers down my body. The enthusiastic cheers alone are enough to set my panic train on the move.

I felt the warm breath of Night fanning over my exposed skin, making me inhale sharply from the sudden contrast. He lowered his face, even more, leaving a sweet and gentle kiss on the crook of my neck. ‘Remember to smile, my belladonna.’ He squeezed my love handle, moving his face away, and waving at the paparazzi and fans as he snaked his brawny arm around my waist, tugging me towards his hard chest. I towed on the hem of his shirt, advertising his attention back to me. I smiled sweetly at him, then dragged his face down and roughly whispered in his ear.

’Listen here, Night, ′ I took a deep breath, closing my eyes and trying to collect the bit of courage I had left. ’We might be engaged, but you have no right to tell me what to do.′ I pushed him aside a little to get a better look at his reaction. He looked at me with furrowed brows, whilst my hand found its way to his cheek, caressing his unshaven yet tidy beard. ‘I don’t care if you’re legally mine, I will rip this contract into pieces. It will be the end of you and me.’

I tiptoed to match at least a half of his towering size. I knew the eyes of eager fans and paparazzi were on us, hitching their breaths as they waited for what’s to unfold. I smiled once more, then planted a soft kiss on the tip of his nose. I swiftly brought myself back down, swaying my hips side to side, as the crowd oohed and awed. Night hot on my heels, his presence could not be ignored. I could feel his intense gaze burning the side of my face as we made our way down the outstretched carpet that led into the apartment. Sometimes it is for the best to pretend we are a ‘happy and spontaneous’ couple, helping keep under wraps our broken image from seeping through the cracks.

One last act before the curtains fell, he pulled me once more towards his chest, caressing my hair as he looked at me with his pool of dark chocolate coloured eyes. The type of eyes you’d be afraid to look into, afraid you’ll drown in them. It takes just one look and like a skilled thief, he’s already stolen your heart and soul. I should know; I was one of his helpless victims.

’’Let’s not play these silly games, ‘ight?’’ His voice was serious, but his face told a different story. From afar, you would be fooled by his dazzling smile. He pulled me close to him as he waved to the crowd one last time, before disappearing into the lobby of our apartment.

‘Make sure to be ready for tonight,’ Night said, with his hands now in his pockets as he walked towards the other side of the hall leaving me alone.

I made my way to our penthouse room, which overlooked the whole city. As soon as I entered, the coolness hit my exposed skin, very much reminding me of our cold marriage. I looked around the empty room, staring out the window walls which was opposite our main door. I never understood why he always wanted such a huge room. A penthouse with two floors, and open space concept that housed two kitchens, two sets of living rooms and three bedrooms. I can’t forget the outdoor garden.

The whole room was made up of cool tone colours, down to the dark blackish grey fabric of the couch, and the cool toned grey wooden flooring. One of the kitchens was specifically for me and Night, a ‘small’ kitchen which consisted of a white countertop and aisle with grey cupboards. This was when we wanted a cheeky snack, or to cook a light meal. The other kitchen is stationed behind the white wall of our small kitchen. I walked towards the white staircase which was on my left that led to our bedroom and other rooms such as the bathrooms and guest rooms. There wasn’t much time, and I knew I had to get ready before he came.

Our room consisted of a king size bed and a golden white marbled accent wall that was behind our bed. To the right, a mahogany brown shelf, which looked as if it was swallowed by the wall, held our books and jewellery pieces that were there just for show, and a few other miscellaneous items. Night always loved the lowlight look, so all our lights hang low with a soft glowing light. Of course, my vanity has better lighting.

‘I hate this so much,’ I softly spoke to myself, walking up to my white vanity. My red manicured fingers caressed the table top that was filled with different perfumes and jewellery stands. My eyes made their way up to the mirror. I sighed again, looking at my dull brown hair, completely unsure of what I could do. I sat down playing with my hair, as I swayed myself slowly around the chair. I really do hate these types of galas. It was nothing but a waste of my time, then again I had nothing to do tonight, no friends to go to, no one to talk to. Might as well go in and see what scandal will arise this time.

I continued getting ready, settling for a soft glam look to go with my classic, deep crimson red dress. It was simple yet beautiful, especially with the off the shoulder sweetheart neckline and the ruched waist that extended into a split down my legs (which accentuated them beautifully whilst hugging me just right) and a satin finish. It was breath-taking, if I do say so myself.

I finished up my look with a sparkling diamond-encrusted choker and deep red satin laced heels to match the dress. I quickly curled my hair into soft waves, which gracefully framed my face. I styled it so a part of the hairs would be tucked behind my ear and the other side to descend in front of me. Once I deemed myself decent enough for the paparazzi cameras, I began my journey.

Just as I walked out the door, I turned on my phone. A wave of aggressive notifications came one after another. Multiple miss calls from my monster-in-law, and a miserly text message from Night stating how he’ll meet me at the gala - the husband of the year. I already knew he wouldn't enter with me, but I had at least a shrivel of hope this time he would.

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