Wilted Love

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Chapter 10

He stared at me as if I grew two heads - the bold statement complete alien talk to him. He continued to gape at me in shock, not believing what I had just said. I bit my lip trying to stop them from quivering, supressing the sobs that were about to escape.

‘What do you mean bound?’ I looked away trying to recollect my thoughts, holding

‘I... I don’t understand...’ Damien closed the gap between us, as his warm hand rested upon my cheek, wiping away the tears. ‘I don’t understand what you mean Ora.’ He furrowed his brows, looking down at me with a pained expression - just what I needed, another person to pity me.
I gently removed his hand off my cheek, giving us enough space as I took a deep breath, recollecting my thoughts.

‘We almost lost everything, money, the house, everything Endamien,’ I looked at him with tears swelling up in my eyes. He furrowed his eyebrows, whilst gently wiping the tears that spilled. He took a deep breath before we both turned to face the beautiful scenery before us.

‘I wish I knew the right words to say...’ He trailed off with a big sigh. I slightly turned my head to look at a worried Damien. His hands gripping the balcony railing tightly, with his knuckles turning white. ′ I know something... something big is happening. My father wouldn’t just make any contract for the sake of it!′ He waved his hand in the air. I bit my bottom lip - trying to stop it from quivering.

‘I don’t want to believe that Night has anything to do with this,’ A huge part of me didn’t want to believe that there was something more to it - I didn’t want to believe Night had anything to do with it - our future was in the hands of an influential family. A man who’s word could manipulate, disguise a lie as a truth.

‘Neither do I, Ora. What is this contract?’

‘A partnership between my father’s and Mr Anson’s company, as well as a large sum of money... in exchange, I have to marry Night. Otherwise, Mr Anson has the right to own our company and we must pay all financial aid given to us.’ He sighed deeply, his hand meeting his face as he messaged his temple.

‘That sound’s extremely weird. Diora, I have no clue why my father would do this unless he wants something in return. For now, be careful. I’ll look into it,’ He threw his arm around me and pulled me closer to him. I wrapped my arms around him as he gently squeezed me, kissing my forehead and whispering in my ear that it will be okay.


We walked back to the main room where everyone was. Of course, in true fashion she was there right next to Night. Her hands all over my man, she was practically almost on top of him. My eyes adverted to an extremely disappointed - and dare I say - mad looking Mr Anson, as he swirled his amber liquor around the crystal glass. Whilst his other half was starring at her son and his little play toy with pride and admiration. It made me feel sick. All I wanted to do was rip her off of him. Grab Night and make it known he was mine...

‘Don’t let her get to you, show her where she belongs Dorie,’ Damien whispered in my ear before trudging towards the empty seat next to his father. I sighed deeply, mastering the best fake smile before sashaying towards the forbidden couple.

‘Move,’ I firmly spoke with a fake smile plastered on my face as I stood before them. I could see Night smirking. I couldn’t denying the butterflies that swarmed inside of me, and the pride and happiness that rose within me from the small gesture Night did. She didn’t want to budge, instead she sat there glaring at me. I kept my fake smile on, staring her down.

‘I said move,’ I titled my head to the side as she continued to glare at me, wrapping her claws around my fiancé’s arm. Night continued to smirk, before nudging Aloisa. She whipped her head towards Night, starring at him in disbelief. A rush of triumph washed over me. She scoffed as she slowly scooted across the couch, although still taking up majority of the space between her and Night. I tried my best not to roll my eyes, so instead of begging her, I scuttled between them, sitting forcefully in the small space. Her pig-like shrieking made me and everyone else in the room cringe, evident by the gasps and sour faces across the room.

‘Move Aloisa.’ Night demanded and in a threatening tone I must add. She moved to the end of the couch, but not until she stomped my foot as she got up. I winced in pain, and that’s when I felt Night tense beside me. He was just about to speak until his father interrupted him.

‘Let that be the final time you touch my daughter-in-law, Alosiana Ania Catchaoran. Know your place, young lady.’ He sneered, sinking back into the couch with his head on top of his fist for support. I caught Mr Anson’s eye bowing my head slightly as a sign of gratitude for standing up to me, and in return he gave me a heart warming smiling with a wink before turning his attention to his incompetent son, Night.

‘And as for you, Night. Don’t think I don’t know how you’ve been treating Diora. Like it or no-’ Mrs Anson intercepted insisting I was the issue - the root cause of all the issues in this family - Mr Anson slowly turned his attention to his wife. His top lip curled up in disgust as his pretentious wife stuck her nose up in the air. ‘Huh, of course you can’t keep that nose of business that don’t concern you.’ He shook his head and continued to lecture a terrified Night.

Night was a big man, 6 ft 3 with a muscular built with a growing tattoo collection. Ultimately, nothing scared this man, if anything, people where petrified of him and his alpha demeanour. However, we all have our weaknesses; Mr Anson was his worst nightmare, and honestly, he was everyone’s worst nightmare - a fair man with a hitlist you wouldn’t want to be on if you valued your life and reputation.

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