Wilted Love

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Chapter 11

After a few drinks later, Night decided it was time to go home. The sad sinking feeling overtook the small happiness I had left in my body. Once we reach home, there is no telling what crazy and unpredictable situation this man will bestow upon us. I hid away the fear behind my best poker face as we walked outside of his parent’s house.

Damien tugged onto my sleeve, making me turn around. He extended his arms out with a warm smile on his face. I returned the smile walking slowly towards him, extending my hands too and locking my body into his warm embrace.

I held onto Damien a little tighter then I probably should. He returned the kind gesture, squeezing me just as tight. He rested his head at the crook of my neck and whispered ‘Don’t forget to call me if anything happens.’ I patted his back twice, our little secrete sign we have created ever since we were young. Two taps, two squeezes, anything that’s done twice meant we understood and that everything is okay.

Our friendly moment was interrupted by an obviously irritated and childish Night doing an over-the-top cough to indicate it was my time to ween myself off his brother. I sighed loud enough for Damien to hear, to which he laughed, detaching himself from my embrace and roughing my hair before winking and moving his head towards his brother. I pouted slightly, couldn’t help but wonder how life would have been if I chose-

’I know you miss my wonderful brother, however, some of us have a job to get to tomorrow morning, my love.′ Night’s voice came out more strained then usual. Was it the anger he was trying to compress from the fact I was defying his orders, and his father being right at the door watching his son like a hawk? Or was it the jealousy of seeing me happy with another man that isn’t him? I quickly waved at Mr Anston and waddled hastily towards an impatient Night.

He muttered under his breath ‘about time,’ as he opened the door for himself. I walked to the other side, giving one last wave to Mr Anston and Damien, as well as, taking a quick glimpse at Mrs Anston and her (non-biological) twin Auriella glaring at me with pure hatred emitting from them. I shook my head, getting into the car. I didn’t say a single word to Night and neither did he. We drove in a comfortable silence as I watched out the windows, seeing the trees and cars passing by quickly.

Isn’t it strange how there is so many people on this earth living different lives? I’m just a mere minuscule in a huge world of problems. And with that random thought, I felt my eyes shut slowly as my conscious slipped into dream land.

A sudden bang pierced through the silence, jolting me awake. I fluttered my eyes open to see it was still dark outside. I could feel the silk sheets sliding slowly and smoothly down my legs as I moved about in my bed. To my surprise, I don’t remember waking up and taking myself to bed...

‘It’s okay, my love, it’s just me, go back to bed.’ A disembodied voice lulled from afar. I could feel my skin crawl, and my joints stiffen up as the deep voice replayed in my head.

‘Diora, stop glaring at me like a manic, it’s me -Night, your fiancé.’ He laughed, I still couldn’t shake off the spine-chilling feeling... this wasn’t Night - he has never admitted he’s my fiancé ever since we got the ‘contract’ finalised, and he surely would never have gotten me out the car and into my bed without either shaking me awake, or just letting me there until I figure it out myself.

‘Yo-our not Night-,’ I chocked the words out of my mouth as I clenched my blanket closer to my naked chest. The imposter walked closer toward my bed. The little sharp ray of the morning dawn sun consumed the shadows that hide the mysterious man.

‘Oh... it’s really you...’ I sighed loudly as Night chucked, shaking his head. He continued to walk to my side. I scooted further backwards, accidentally hitting my head on the wall behind me.

His face kept disappearing into the darkness and back to light as he walked towards me, finally finding a spot where the light gracefully shunned upon him.

He looked at me with a strained face. I kept my timid composure - I didn’t want to cause any more issues. Didn’t want to tick off this unpredictable man.

‘Wh-why are you walking away like that?’ For a split second, his face dropped, sadness overtaking his sculpted face before the anger seeped right in and tore apart any rational thoughts he probably had.

He looked away, clenching his fist as he paced back and forth. ‘She was right.’ He laughed psychotically, raising his hands in the air repeating ‘she was right!’ More than three times. With the little bit of courage I had left in me, I spoke up with a timid voice.

‘What are you talking about?’

‘I’m talking about you! She was right, no matter what I do for you, you don’t care!’ He continued to express his anger, as I say there half naked, trying to process everything he h just said.

‘What are you on about Night?’ I couldn’t handle his sudden mood swings, and what has he done that he expects some form of gratitude towards him?

‘I have no clue what you’re blabbering about.’ I ripped the sheets off of my body and grabbed a random shirt off the drawer, roughly putting it on. ‘What did “you” do, that deserves some gratifications, hm, Night?’ I continued to taunt him.

‘Was it the daily dose of verbal abuse? Or the unfaithfulness?’ He snapped his head toward me, before looking down.

‘Come on, you had a big mouth earlier. Go on, speak!’

’Shut up! Who are you to talk about my integrity! At least I don’t go around rubbing my body against my fiancé‘s siblings!’ I looked at him with eyes wide open. To twist this and throw it back on me was unexpected but to a greater extent, I should have known.

‘Wh-what the actual fuck are you talking about? Oh, you can’t stand the fact another man gives more fucks then you ever did?’ He opened his mouth to speak again but quickly shut it, shaking his head. He stormed out of the darken room without another word. I had enough of this man and enough of his behaviour. But as long as the contract stands, I’m legally his, and he’s legally mine.

I sat staring at the wall as I though back to the day where Mr Anston made the first proposal.

‘I’m sorry, but I can’t do this to my daughter.’ I heard my dad’s shaky voice boom across the closed living room door, as I walked inside the hallway. I had just come back from university and could tell we had guests. The hallway was packed with different types of shoes, in different colours and sizes stacked neatly next to each other

‘We appreciate this generous offer.. ’ My dad’s voice trailed off, as my mum finished off my dad’s sentence.

‘But our daughter isn’t some cattle that is off to be sold. She’s a human being.’ I could hear the venomous tone wrapped around my mum’s voice. I don’t have to be inside the living room to know what type of expression was plastered on my mum’s face.

‘We will decline your offer. Let me show you to the door.’ My mum’s cold voice could be heard once more. I was about to run when I heard them shuffling until another too familiar voice spoke. A deep, velvety voice that with every word that they spoke, rolled out of their tongue so smoothly.

‘I understand, Mr and Mrs Dallian. I simply thought with this ever so unfortunate financial state, you’d be more willing to comply with with terrific contract.’ The man paused and filled the silence with a sinister laughter. ‘In the end, if you choose to sign this contract, both families get an amazing share, and let’s not forget, the young couple already know each other. What harm could it do to sped things?’ And with that, the door swung open and there he stood, Mr Anston next to his snobbish wife. He looked down upon my petite frame with initial shock, which merged into a welcoming smile as he nodded his head acknowledging me.

He continued to stare at me as he spoke his last sentence. ‘You have until the end of this week to make an official decision. Listen to me, Dallian, you shan’t regret.’ and with that final word they left. I walked into the living room still confused by the whole conversation. My mother’s sobs became more coherent as my father comforted her.

I knew from that day what I had to do.

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