Wilted Love

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Chapter 12


I continued walking down the darken hallway, ready to meet up with the imbeciles that would make me richer than their dull-witted minds could ever imagine. The closer I got to our secrete rendezvous, the smell of thick, smoky tar evaded my precious nostrils, and the loud cheers of laughter echoing through the vacant hallway. I had to fight ever ounce in my body to resit the urge of rolling my eyes into the oblivion. I couldn't stand them, however, they were my ticket to freedom.

'Welcome everyone!' I cheered from the top of my lungs trying my best to keep a big smile of my face as I looked down upon their disgusting faces. All this money and yet they all look like cat diarrhoea. But then again, when you fall from grace you can't pick and choose who you work with.

'Fashionably late as always, yet still a pain in the fucking arse.' The audacity of this man...

'I will choose to ignore that comment. Now, I've gathered you all here for an important meeting. We know that this rich bastard is beyond smitten when it comes to our beloved Diora.' I projected my voice, scanning the orange lit room. Taking everyone's expressions, it was safe to say our dear lady in a tiffany silk dress wasn't very pleased to hear the angelic name of Diora, my sweet Dior. But what would a tramp like her know what beauty and elegance was even if it hit her in the head? I couldn't help but smirk at the idea of having Diora in my arms right now but with that bastard around, it was hard to maintain her attention when he clearly has her in a love trance.

'This contract is a lot more difficult than I thought, however, if we carry on with our plan, victory will be ours.' I reassured my members. I knew how impatient they were, I knew how badly they wanted this, and so did I. We all had alternate motives, however, one goal in mind that they had to be brought down. And without him in the picture, everything will be mine including my beautiful Diora, a prize I couldn't let slip out of my hand.

The lady in tiffany blue got up from her seat, her heels clicking on the marble floor as she tried to make herself as seductive as possible. I had to supress my laughter, she looked like a baby ostrich trying to walk for the first time. I shuddered under her claws as she roughly caressed my chest purring into my ear.

'Baby, oh baby, I can't wait for this to be over. I just want to sink my lips onto-' To my favour, the man in the back with a black suite interrupted her breathless statement with a tone clearly not appreciated by our little damsel.

'What do you think this is? Some soft-core porn scene? Sit your entitled arse on the chair. This is important. You promised us a big sum, you have some big balls to make such claims hope you can keep up your end of the bargain.' I simply chuckled, dismissing his worries with a wave of my hand.

'Oh please, I certainly do have some big balls to promise you something you had no balls to do. So, you can either walk out of here with no revenge or you sit down and listen to what I am about to say.' I pursed my lips tightly, once again scanning the room. This time, no interruptions, no failed seductions. Just a group of nasty acquittances listening attentively.

'This is no joking matter, no kid play. We will all get what we want once the fateful night arises, but for now we must start calculating our moves and making sure we are always ahead of them.. With that being said, this is what we will do.'


As I drove down the motorway, ready to get to work on time. I couldn't get her out of my mind. No matter what I do, I wasn't good enough for her. She forgot how much she hurt me when she left a few years ago. And the reason as to why still remains a big mystery to me, something we never discussed. Yet, the pain grows each day, and I can feel her slip away from me with every second that passes. I have never met a woman so repulsed by my presence. In fact, she's the only woman that seems revolted by me, the woman I love so dearly.

I know I haven't been the best boyfriend or even fiancé for that matter. Taking over my father's company has always taken a big toll on my life, having to do constant late night shifts and meetings - it meant I had to stay overseas for months without seeing her precious smile. Alas, after what I heard, the love I once had for her became tarnished with the ever growing rumours.

How could she do this to me? After everything I have done for her? How could she betray me like this and when I give her a taste of her own medicine, apparently I am the lying, cheating bastard that deserves all the hate and media tabloids fabricating things even more. I really love Diora. But how can I love a woman who's not truthful? I don't know why I agreed to the fucking contract.

I should have said no. I should have stood my ground. But I guess a part of me wanted to make it work once more... but every time I look at her, I can only think about how she cheated on me during the darkest period of my life. It was one of my worse fears coming true. Knowing another man had laid his disgusting fingers upon my woman. Had slept in the same bed as I, made love to her and what not. It's something I couldn't shake off.

So why do I stay? why...why do I stay when every time I look at her I can't help but feel anger rise in me. Granted, I never saw the affair with my own two eyes, Aloisa seemed to know everything... and surprisingly the photos of her and the mysterious man laughing in the dark corners of fancy restaurants and her walking out with him in multiple occasions whilst I was abroad. It didn't help that Aloisa was right here, tormenting me with her knowledge about this alleged affair which I was in the dark about.

And being apart didn't make things any better, with her miles apart, I felt even lonelier. Only my dark thoughts to keep my company and as each gloomy day passed by, I grew colder and colder. These thoughts now started to suffocate me, I felt like I couldn't breathe, I couldn't escape this hell I was in. My body physically here, but my mind trapped in a maze filled with wilted roses and thorns. Even if I tried to escape, I ended up bleeding from the sharpness of the thorns that tore me apart each day. Aloisa... my personal devil, my personal demon in human form whipping me with the harsh words that escaped her lips in forms of snarky comments and digs towards my failing relationship.

'It's so sad how she can't appreciate what a man you are, you work so hard and for her to do this to you.'

'Oh Night, I don't understand why you're with her... she's clearly using you for money.'

'She's yet again out with this mysterious man... You should cut her off Night. You know I only tell you this because I truly love you.'

Oh and so many more things this woman would say... At first I refused to believe her. Probably just another one of those lazy homewrecking tactics I believed until she became persistent. She was there... caressing my head as I bawled my eyes out at the thought of the woman I loved being with someone else. The stress of work, the stress of being apart, the stress of the unknown. It's way too much for one person to handle. I felt as If I had the weight of the world on my shoulders.

I couldn't escape her, I couldn't escape any of it. All I could do was overwork myself almost to my grave to try and forget, try to forget. Spending most my time at work and at the gym. Stopping our calls as I couldn't bare to hear her laughter any more or even hear her voice.

I was pulled out of my trance of thoughts when I heard a loud beeping horn. And that's when I realised where I was. I was almost heading towards a interchange. I tried to press down on my breaks but the car kept going at a fast speed. Panic arouse as my car got closer and closer but the breaks would just not budge not even for a second.

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