Wilted Love

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Chapter 13


’How are you feeling? I softly spoke, trying my best to compose myself as I saw him laying on the hospital bed, once again I was met with an unbearable silence. A silence which couldn’t broken. Until he spoke.

‘I don’t know how you want me to answer that, Diora.’ He spoke up with a snarky attitude. ‘I had a car accident literally an hour ago, how do you think I’m feeling? Oh, well peachy!’ He rolled his eyes, letting out an ironic laughter. I bit my lips in frustration - he was right though. However, no one prepares you for these type of situations. But clearly, he was well enough to be an asshole...

‘I- yes, I’m sorry, I’m going to go. I’ll be back tomorrow, Night.’ I bowed my head down, getting up from the chair and towards the door until he spoke once more, making me stop in my tracks.

‘Dior... don’t leave.’ He pleaded. With my hands upon the door knob, I had to make my decision. For most, this might be an easy decision, but for me it was one of the hardest to make. This will crush him, or he’ll build up resent and use this moment against me in couple therapy in a few years.

‘I’ll- I’ll stay...’

‘I know... I know I haven’t been the best fiancé. And I’m sorry Diora. You deserve the world and yet you’re stuck with a scumbag that can’t control his emotions’. I turned around to see him looking down with a solemn look upon his face. I smiled and mumbled “you can say that again” under my breath.

‘You’re right, Night. And I don’t know if you’re saying this because of your accident and you’re trying to repent for your sins or...I don’t know,’ I sighed, sitting down opposite him. Both of us starring at each other with no emotions upon our face. Deep down, I knew he was just as confused and vulnerable as me. Although, that doesn’t excuse his behaviour - not to the slightest and his behaviour, the embarrassment he put me through, the pain, the hurt... A sorry and acknowledgement of his behaviour won’t wipe away the years of abuse. And I’m sure he knew this... Well, then again I’m just a naïve woman who believes people can change.

However, this become hard with Night. Every time he apologises, every time he’s sweet, caring, it only last for so long before he’s back at treating me like a worthless rat from the streets. Like a used up rag that has lost purpose. With him, it was like being tied to a moving car.

How much longer can one tolerate this pain?

‘I don’t think it’s the right time to speak about our relationship Night, but I will say... the things you put me through... that’s not normal. And there is only so much I can take. The robe is slowly losing all the threads, my love. Soon, it will snap and there will no longer be a me and you.’ He looked up at me like a deer in headlights. I couldn’t help but feel some type of sick power. But this isn’t me.

The silence between us grew with the tension rising and none of us wanting to instigate the next conversation. However, I knew the only way to cut through this muteness was to speak and lighten up the mood. Even just slightly. I coughed to grab his attention and smiled sweetly at him.

‘Well, considering you’re alive and well, that calls for a celebration!’ I exclaimed clapping my hands. He smiled shaking his head.

‘You’re so adorable when you get excited,’ He spoke, barely whisper, but loud enough for me to hear. I couldn’t help but blush slightly from the statement. Although not too much, I couldn’t trust him. I knew all too well, and I would rather lower my expectations, to lower my risk of another painful emotion event created by no other then the evil and cruel side of the man laying before me on the hospital bed, covered in scratches and bruises. But I must admit, even with the scratches and bruises upon his sculpted face and body, he still remained looked so heavenly.

POV Unknown - Next Day

Imbeciles! Absolute imbeciles.

How can they fuck up on of the most easiest jobs? I mean, how fucking hard is it to crash someone’s car breaks? The person who first said “if you want something done, you got to do it yourself” knew exactly what the fuck they were talking about.

‘Fucking idiots,’ I got up from the pile of red sheets and duvet covers. Grabbing the black silk robe that was thrown lazily on the black mirrored drawer. My whore from last night moaning in bed, waking up with a ungodly yawn. No matter how many women I fuck, none can compare to the woman who deserves my love. No one can compare to Diora.

’Mm, up so early, daddy?′ Her groggy morning voice sounded like nails on a chalk board, oh wait, that’s how she normally sounds anyways. I held by the bile that was threatening to rise inside of me.

‘Nothing, my pet. Go to sleep,’ I demanded, as I walked out of the room ignoring her whining. They can be so annoying and needy, constantly wanting attention. It’s a major turn off.

I walked down the stairs of my spiral stair case and straight to my heaven - the alcoholic bar of dreams. I needed more than a whisky to take away the horror of today’s phone call. Night is alive, well and alive. Ha, how stupid was I to believe such low-lives can preform such a dirty duty successfully. Too bad I need my pawns in order to win in this game of chess.

Oh, the prize, a prize sweeter than Diora herself.

A win I will selfishly claw at and stash away. Once I get what I want, I can’t wait to discard the trash. And if Diora refuses to be part of this clever scheme, well, she will meet the fate just like her -

The ringing of my phone interrupted my thoughts. Let’s hope this is an important call for their sake.

‘What?’ I didn’t have time for hellos and good mornings. Those who called me on this phone already knew that.

‘Ahaahaa, who’s pissed in your cereal?’ Her failed attempts at sounding sexy didn’t go unnoticed as I poured myself the strongest alcoholic drink I could make at 10 am in the morning.

‘What do you want?’

‘I just wanted to see how my ba-’ Without a second thought, I hung up. I have no time for her annoyance. I already have a woman in my sheets that satisfied me throughout the night. With that, I settled back upstairs ready to usher her out and start my day.

Already dreading it, but nothing good alcohol paired with D&G suit can’t solve.

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