Wilted Love

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Chapter 14

A few months later

Months have past since the incident; Night was back at home fully recovered and back in work mode. And to my surprise, our turmoil relationship had simmered down back to tranquillity. He had finally changed for the better, although, the relationship with his family still remained the same. As long as I finally have my true man back, the man I fell in love with years ago.

With the new calm, we finally set the dates for our wedding to pursue. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t beyond static. We are finally at the perfect stage in our relationship, and reaching more milestones that I never thought we would reach, or at least not in a positive way.

However, it sucks that our relationship reconciled in a less fortunate way - not to mention the contract Mr Anston made me sign in order to marry his son. When we broke up a few years ago, I believed that was it. We had gone our separate ways, we were too different, we weren’t right for each other. Well, that all changed when my parents went into considerable debt after leaving the Anston Enterprise to open their own business.

Mr Anston found out and gave a ‘business proposition’. Why did I need to marry his son? That I can only speculate; his son was out of control? In the beginning of my relationship with Night, it was like a fairy tale written by the angels. I couldn’t believe how perfect this man was in so many ways. Granted, I knew him since childhood days, I never really knew just how impeccable this man was. Well, until he had to go on a business trip and unfortunately her.

Alas, my parents weren’t and still aren’t happy with my relationship. For some reason, they were always weary of the Anstons, especially when it came to Mr and Mrs Anston. Although, I must say, they do have a strong liking for Endymion, although not so much for his younger brother who happens to be my fiancé and soon to be husband. That being said, my parents seem to be beyond thrill when they get the monthly check pay... but they still refuse to talk to me or even attend my wedding. But you know, pay check do be looking good.


The day had passed by quicker, with me sleeping in most of the day and Night working at his father’s company. I was at peace - not only with myself but also with life - and I wasn’t about to change that. Although, I must say life is getting boring with me at home stuck at home just eating, drinking and watching whilst our maid came and cleaned once in a while. I would do all the cooking as I enjoyed it.

However, I don’t want to continue repeating this boring predictable routine. I wanted to taste life, wanted to become independent once again. No longer relying on Night and his generous family. Already applied to multiple jobs without Night or anyone else knowing. I knew if I told Night, he’d give me the same old speech.

‘I am the man, I will provide.’

Man or not, I should be able to work if I can. And I will make sure I do. I knew I loved fashion and the arts of writing about fashion and the next best things for a population that loves the beauty and history behind fashion. A big part of me knew I probably should just persuade Night to let me work in their family company, however, my knowledge of what the company does is hidden under a woven blanket of mystery. They claimed to be a scientific and medical research group. What they ‘research’ is beyond my knowledge, or maybe I am too sceptical - who can blame me? They never tell me what they research - saying it is top secret. I knew if I asked he would either turn me away or make me his personal, very personal, assistance.

Alas, I had applied for my dream job, at the companies I’d die to work in. Of course, I had to pull a few strings and make up an outstanding resume under the alias ‘Minette’. If I told them who I was, they’d hand me the job on a sliver platter with Night’s approval and money written all over it. That is, if he even approves.

After checking my emails, I almost jumped out of my bed in pure joy after reading that was accepted. The interview dates already arranged for tomorrow. This is pure joy and happiness. I finally have some more freedom. Well, as much freedom as the paparazzi will let me have.

For the rest of the night, I spent arranging my interview outfit for tomorrow. Once I’m there, I sure can definitely silence them with money under the table to pretend that I am Minette, not Diora and if anyone asks questions, I’m simply a doppelgänger. Well, I don’t think they will notice me... after all, I’m always referred as ’Night’s gold-digger fiancé’. The spotlight tends to be more on Night. Which at times I am thankful for. Just wish the times they mentioned my name and articles wrote about me weren’t about Night’s alleged affairs.

The day came and I was already dressed in a oversized white shirt that had ruffles on the hemline, pairing it with a black and white checked sweater that was armless and fit snug around my body. To finish up the look, I wore my slightly opaque black tights with my latex high knee boots. I felt beyond beautiful as I starred at myself in the mirror. With today’s make up look, I kept it simple - a brown nude with slight gloss on top and a simple eyeliner with blush on my cheeks to bring out a little colour against my skin that was layered with a moderate amount of full coverage foundation.

‘I feel and look beautiful, finally,’ I whispered to myself as if further to approve what I had thought as I spun around in joy. For a very long time, I felt extremely horrible about my looks. The media constantly dissecting me and pointing out all my flaws - like I’m sorry, wasn’t this article about Night’s affair and suddenly there is a huge chunk of a paragraph shit talking every aspect of my body? I shook my head, dispersing all the negative thoughts. There was no time to think back, only to think forward. What would I accomplish if I dwelled on yesterday’s news when today is a new day, filled with opportunities and hope.

With that final thought, I hopped into my car and zoomed off to my new work place. It was still very early in the morning, about 8am. Excitement beamed inside of me the closer I got to my new potential job. The building was extraordinary, enormous and whimsical at the same time. The building was filled with windows and above the double doors, above the entrance, the name of the company shone bright with intricate placing of gigantic flowers around the first and last letter - it made the name look as if it was being engulfed by flowers - yet it looked so chic and polished; I wouldn’t expect less from Vivacious. Although the word sounded familiar in my mouth, as if I had heard it from somewhere... but where I had no clue.

The interview was a success! But of course, Non-Disclosure Argument was signed before hand. And due to the tight schedules I have, they offered to show me the place right after to give me at least an idea of where everything will be before I started my role here as staff writer... for the least important parts of the magazine until I ‘prove’ my worth as an official staff writer for the fashion-y parts of the magazine. Oh well, we all must start somewhere, I guess.

Just as I was being shown the place by one of the interns, I heard a familiar voice chit-chattering away about some detailed and personal descriptions of their ‘magical’ night. I knew who that voice belonged to. My heart pounded loudly in my ear, I could feel the blood rush out of me replaced by a cool substance. Aloisa, Aloisa the big mouthed woman. Now I remembered where I heard this company... it was during the very dreaded times where I had to put up with her hideous present, barely listening to whatever she was saying . Just hearing bits and parts.

Fate was not on my side, as just then the person I dreaded the most appeared. Walking so gracefully over the bend of the corner and right in align with me.

My fiance Night.

‘Diora?’ He looked just as shock as me to see each other. I had millions of questions as to why he was here. Wasn’t he supposed to be at work? Or was he here for a different type of work? He looked at me with a weary smile, closing the small space between us and giving me a gentle kiss on the top of my forehead.

‘I missed you, my love,’ He softly spoke, putting two fingers under my chin and gently forcing me to look at his eyes, he’s warm gentle eyes. He looked at me lovingly, and I could hear the women swoon over the small romantic gesture. I looked at him sheepishly. His eyes twinkled with amusement - possibly from my little rebellion? But there was something else, another expression which was hard to read. Was he mad? Was he amused? I will never be able to read him.

‘Good luck on your new job,’ Night winked before moving out of my way and going about his day. I could feel my cheeks flush in embarrassment and awe. He rarely showed affection in public, well he rarely showed affection at all. I could feel my heart race even more and my body burn, yearning for his touch once more.

I let out a deep breath, apologising to the intern for the little interruption. Once again, fate was clearly not on my side. Aloisa might have not noticed me early, but definitely now after the little show. She called out making us stop in our tracks once again. We slowly turned around to see Aloisa stalking her way towards us as her heels clacked against the marbled floor.

‘I will take it from here.’ Making her statement clear. The meek intern tried to protest but was quickly shut down by Aloisa’s mean girl demeanour.

‘What I said was not up for debate.’ She dismissed her with a wave of her dainty hand, her eyes sharp as a serpent ready to attack. She stared her down before turning her attention to me. She looked me up and down with disgust on her face.

‘Fancy seeing you here, Diora.’ Her fake pearly white teeth glistened under the bright lights as she smiled. No, not smiled, as she bared her teeth like a predator. I could see the hatred burning in her eyes. She most likely didn’t fancy seeing me here. Oh, I knew way too well.

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