Wilted Love

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Chapter 15

‘That was unnecessary.’ Hissing back at Aloisa. What was the purpose of sending away the poor intern (who was doing a better job then the like of her), for her to take their place. To torment me, there is no other way around this. Her eyes narrowed down, anger evident in them, I could only describe her as a vicious snake ready to attack. Instead of blowing up into a bitchy fit, she smiled, a toothless grin as her thin arms wrapped around herself.

‘Shall we continue this tour?’ She battered her eyes sweetly, and though her voice came out calm and professional, anyone who listened closely, could hear the anger and annoyance laced around her words as she empathised on ″we″, as if to torment me further. There was no way out of this, she was the one showing me the place, the one who tried to steal my fiancé away. I can never escape her claws, so it seems.

To my great surprise, the tour finished quickly without any snarky comments or remarks. Although, she never once hid her disinterest in showing me the place through her sloppy actions and a quick wave of her hands ″showing″ me the various rooms and sectors.

We stopped by a narrow white hallway, that had various bust mannequins dressed in fashionable clothing displayed in a hallow box with soft lights illuminating them. I noticed how we were away from preying ears and eyes. It was possible for the best - if this snake decides to recoil and jump, at least I can bite back without any immediate reprimanded by higher ups for ‘unprofessional behaviour’.

She stared at me, taking in everything before her as she lowered her eyes and slowly brought them back up to meet mine in disapproval. Her fashion attire scream out chic, fashion, and boldness. She wore light beige muslin material - high waisted and wide legged trousers pairing it with a black bodycon top that ruffed beautifully around the sleeves, which cut off at the midst of the upper arm. She always looked stunning, like a supermodel. I was surprised to see her in such casual and chic business attire. Aloisa usually could be seen in tighter clothes that hugged her figure beautifully, in clothes that were brighter then her dark soul. Clothes that were trendy and low-cut. She always knew how to look like a stunner.

‘Did daddy Night not give you, your weekly allowance?’ She cooed, looking at me with her big eyes, her plump lips pouting. There is the bitchy Aloisa I knew. I could tell she was waiting for a reaction from me, a form of aggressive retaliation. Instead, I chose to look at her with an expressionless face. I knew what she was eagerly waiting for, I wasn’t going to give it to her. I could see her face merge from cunning to frustrated. She snarled at me, which I kindly responded with my fakest smile. She stormed off muttering “gold digger”, “fucking bitch” and a few other strings of colour words. I couldn’t help but giggle. She’s usually the one trying to get under my skin, and now I was the one.


After I left the company, I did some quick shopping before the paparazzi’s were alerted or a crowd swarming around me after they “recognise me’” Since apparently, I’m only recognisable when Night is around or when he’s doing something he’s not and the next thing I know, a photo of me has been snapped, where I don’t look my greatest, and is used completely out of context. Something like “Another Night Affair?!“, !Look at distress Night’s fiancé, as he parties with supermodels” and a bunch of crude headlines. Once, I was snapped having lunch “by myself” when I was with an ex friend, who claimed needed the bathroom at the exact moment that the paparazzi’s came. You can only imagine the headlines...

The drive back home was exhausting. As I saw the driveway come through in our secluded home, I noticed Night’s car. My heart pounded in my chest rapidly, as the memory of Night seeing me at my new job raced through my mind.

‘Shit, he’s home super early.’ I whispered to myself aloud, resting my forehead against the steering wheel. But I could easily turn this on him if he decided to shout at me. Question him, why was he there? Although Night has changed, I’m still weary, I’m still cautious. Was I afraid? No, not really. As long as he doesn’t go back to his cold, annoying and frankly verbally abusive days, I shall be fine. Or at least I hoped. He’s an unpredictable man; two sides of Night fighting to get out of him. I could tell he was battling some issues, personal issues, that he wished to not discuss. And I will honour that wish until it gets too much.

I got out of the car, quietly closing the door as I grabbed my shopping bags. I waddled towards the door, which opened automatically as soon as I was just a few feet away. I held back a terrified scream when I saw Night. He stood there before me, his once perfectly styled hair was now in a mop of soft curls that hung down on his eyes, wearing nothing but a pair of grey sweatpants. His abs on full display - I know what he was doing.

‘Welcome back, love.’ He smiled innocently. My heart continued to pound, I was afraid he could hear the loud thumping. The he said ‘love’ melted me. He quickly grabbed my shopping, taking the bags into kitchen. I tagged along, the soft sounds of my feet paddling on on marble floor of our open floor mansion.

‘So, when where you planning to tell me about the new job, baby?’ Night’s back was towards me, but I didn’t need to see his face to know he wasn’t pleased. He continued to put the groceries away as I shoved an ungodly amount of crisps in my mouth to stall the situation. Night turned around and gave me a questioning look.

He shook his head, whilst letting out a breathless laughter. ‘What am I going to do with you?’ He tilted his head to one side as he starred at me. ‘You look like a chipmunk with puffed up cheeks. It’s okay that you didn’t tell me babe, just wish to know why you didn’t.’

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