Wilted Love

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Chapter 16

He looked at me with a painful expression, mixed in with regret and sadness. I swallowed the remaining crisps, instantly regretting the fact I kept it away from him. It was for my safety, I still couldn’t trust him 100% even if the past few months he has shown to be a lot sweeter, a lot more understanding and gentle, it still can’t wipe the slate of years filled with me walking on egg shells, being careful with what I say as it will lead into another argument and I am not one to back down from an argument.

I sighed loudly looking to the side. I wasn’t prepared to see his face, not with what I was about to say. I know that deep down he wants me to believe he has changed, but change takes time, and it takes years for one to adjust when all they knew from that person was pain.

‘You can sometimes be...’ I trailed off trying to find the right words to say. ‘You can be a little overbearing at times. Or shall I say, controlling? I was too afraid to tell you. Thought you might have said no. In hindsight, maybe that wasn’t the best idea, but then, it was what was best for me to do.’ I looked back at Night, he looked lost in his thoughts with his brows furrowed as he concentrated on one point.

‘I understand.’ He looked up at me with a small smile. ‘Would you care for dinner tonight? Outside of course, or we can get take away, whatever you prefer.’ He rubbed the back of his neck meekly. I giggled at his sudden nervousness. I was beyond happy he didn’t explode into a hissy fit. I knew all too well he probably didn’t understand what I said, but he was putting the conscious effort to try and understand me.

‘I’ll go get ready then,’ I winked at Night, then raced all the way to the top. I wanted to surprise him with my outfit.

After about 30 minutes to an hour, I came downstairs in a light blue chiffon shirt that was layered with another light blue chiffon cropped cami top that hugged my figure perfectly. I grabbed my white tie leg stiletto sandals quickly putting them on before Night comes back inside from moving the car closer to our driveway.

‘Okay, I think I am ready.’ I whispered to myself as I dusted my top. Night walked in side in a black shirt with his sleeves neatly rolled to his elbow and the first three buttons of his shirt undone, giving him a sexy CEO vibe - I read too many books.

‘You look amazing.’ We both spoke simultaneously as we stared at each other with admiration on our face. I could feel the breath in my throat hitch as he walked slowly towards me, grabbing my hand and kissing the back of it, looking at me while doing it all.

‘You ready to leave my princess?’ I nodded and walked along side him. He opened the door for me, letting me go in first. Once I was in, he toddled off onto the other side of the car. Without a second word, he brought the car to live and zoomed off into the late afternoon to our secrete destination. I was beyond excited for what was to come.


We arrived to our destination and unfortunately, the paparazzi were already at the scene snapping away. How do they always know where Night is, always. I looked at Night, who starred out the window, possibly glaring at them.

‘Night, how do they always know where you are?’ I questioned him. He whipped his head towards me. He furrowed his eyebrows, and gently caressed his growing stubble.

‘I wish I knew, baby, I wish I knew,’ His voice strained. It was clear he didn’t enjoy this, not one bit. ‘Let’s wait here, I’m calling our bodyguards.’ Night dialled numbers on his phone. The paparazzi continued to snap and invade our privacy. If Night wasn’t the one one who called them, then who did? As far as I was aware, it was only me and Night who knew about this dinner, unless Night had told someone or even the restaurant themselves. Although I highly doubt the latter considering it would breach the confidentiality agreement that Night, well, Night’s assistance would do. We waited quietly in the car trying our best to hide our faces from them. They don’t need any more shots of us and use it out of context again.

In just under 20 minutes, a black SUV pulled beside us, and out came one of our bodyguards who lead us to the restaurant in one piece, alway from the preying hands and cameras. We were quickly seated at a more secluded area of the restaurant after the manager apologised profusely stating they tried their best to shoo them away. Night nodded his head and told them it was okay and continued to order our meals as if nothing had happen.

‘I’m honestly one of the luckiest man to have you as my fiancée, soon to be wife.’ He smirked whist sipping his wine. I tucked a small strand of hair behind my hear and shook my head in amusement. I could feel my cheeks burning from Night’s intense look. It felt as if he could see all my secretes hidden within me.

‘Night you’re so-’ I was rudely interrupted by a shrieking woman that suddenly appeared by our table. I didn’t need to turn around to know who’s shriek that was.

‘Nightttieeee, I didn’t know you’d be here!’ She exclaimed loudly. I saw Night wince from the sudden high pitch voice that came from her. ‘And I see you brought... her with you too. Are you stalking me? First my job and now this resturant-’

‘I believe my fiancée has better things at hand than to stalk you, Aloisa.’ Night didn’t even bother to look at her. Instead he scrolled through his phone. He was clearly showing his disinterest. This didn’t sit well with miss-entitled as she frowned, slowly turning her head towards me with a hateful glare. I chocked on my wine trying to hold back my silly laughter.

‘Well, I was definitely not expecting you two here. Hello, Diora, I’ve missed you.’ My laughter was cut short when I looked to see who’s husky and deep disembodied voice belonged too. My eyes widen in shock. What was he doing here... with her?

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