Wilted Love

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Chapter 17

Night starred at Francis as if he was some disgusting pile of trash that stood before him within a beautiful scenery. I coughed, trying to get Night’s attention back on me. He was an unpredictable man, unpredictable indeed, and I didn’t want to deal with a full blown fight between these equally strong men.

Night rolled his eyes sharply before looking at me, clearing his throat and not speaking another word. I looked at Night with a worry washed up on my face, then back at Sir Francis and his unusual date.

‘Well, it’s lovely to see you to, Fra-Sir Francis,’ I mentally shamed myself for such a slip up. Francis looked at me with a smug look on his face. I simply smiled back and before I could even say another word, Francis clapped his hand. A waiter came scurrying towards him and he shamelessly asked for two more chairs for the white clothed table that could seat at least two more people. Night was about to protest, however, I kicked him under the table lightly enough to get his attention. He understood and kept his mouth sealed. Every part of me wanted to scream and turn them away, but that would cause unnecessary drama and with paparazzi still outside and eyes on us throughout the dinner, I wanted to keep it as down low as possible.

‘What brings you here, Sir Francis?’ I asked now a seated Francis. He looked at Aloisa who was too busy in an engaged conversation with Night. The food was now already at our table. As I brought a tiny mouth fall of spaghetti, Francis stared at me with a gleam in his eyes that I’ve never seen before, making me blush underneath his intense stare.

’Miss-little-Entitled-Princess here wanted to go out for dinner. Apparently I’m her ″first choice″. He shook his head while laughing. I copied his actions, too awkward to say anything. It’s painfully obvious he’s a ladies man, he wouldn’t dare leave a woman in distress, or dateless. I can only imagine the manipulative strings this woman has pulled on this man.

‘Anyways, enough about me, what brings you hear?’ He whispered enough for me to hear. I sipped on my rosé before answering his question.

‘Because we are on a romantic date. You know, the one where the couple goes alone.’ I slapped my hand onto my lips as my eyes widen in shock. I guess I was a little buzzed. Half expecting Francis to flip, my ears married to the tune of his melodic laughter. I apologised to Francis. He waved it off and told me not to worry. Now I had Night’s and Aloisa’s attention on us.

’We do apologise for intruding on such a romantic dinner,′ Francis said, sneaking looks between me and Night. ‘It’s just usually, I don’t see you out as a couple, nethertheless, happy. Thought I’d just come in a save the day for my poor Diora.’ His eyes were back on me, sneaking in a cheeky wink. I stood in my chair trying to process what this man had just said. I respected him so much, and this was not his usual collective behaviour.

‘First of all, Diora is not “yours”, or anyways.’ Night made it clear he was not amused by the comment and I was just about to chip in when Aloisa cut me to the chase, her tongue sharp like a knife, I was not expecting the words to cut me as deep as they did.

‘It seems she does, am I right, Night?’ She huffed, giving Night her infamous puppy face. ‘She does belong to someone, that someone is Night. I mean, don’t try to deny it, you signed a contract, you signed your filthy life away to claw at my man’s inheritance. My man!’ She screamed, smashing her glass in pure anger. I was taken back by her sudden outburst. Sure, she can be a pain in the arse, but she never stepped outside her “zone”.

I watched the chaos unfold in front of me. Night tried to calm the raging beast down. Why did he bother? Why didn’t he stand up and leave? Why? Why is all I could ask myself. My eyes travelled to an amused Francis, who sipped his champagne, looking at the drama. I shook my head. This wasn’t the “romantic” date he promised, this wasn’t it at all. And he didn’t even bother to look at me, not even once. His hands were now cuddling a distressed Aloisa - ha, distressed? The woman clearly faked it all, with her over exaggerated shouts, and her fake crocodile tears. She snuggled her head deeper into Night, giving me a look of triumph. Oh, of course, he ate the act right up.

‘That’s enough, Night,’ I sternly spoke. Night looked at me me like as if I was speaking to him in a foreign language he didn’t understand. ‘Take your hands off of her, she’s faking this!’ I looked at him with pleading eyes. He furrowed his brows, his mouth opened just slightly. He shook his head in what I would assume was disbelief.

‘Diora, what the fuck? I know Aloisa might have not been the nicest person, but she’s having a panic attack. It’s selfish of you to say that.’ He held her tighter, as he cries became slightly louder as if to approve what he was saying. Francis looked back and forth between me and Night. I held tightly on to my cutlery and then let it fall on the table with a back “clank”. I starred of in the abyss for a few seconds, looking down at my lap and back up, meeting Night’s cold, blue eyes.

‘I’m done.’ I spoke just above a whisper, walking away from the table without a second thought. I could hear Night screaming my name in the background but I couldn’t bring it in myself to stop and look back, no, I couldn’t and I wouldn’t. I felt warm tears slipping down my face shamelessly, however, I didn’t care. The bodyguard who escorted us in, opened the door walking us back to the car. I politely told him I would like to to be driven away in Night’s car (they always had spare keys of our vehicles for those “just in case” moments), and to not let Night anywhere near us. Lucky for me, he was my personal bodyguard.

Without a second word, he opened up the door helping me into the car and closing it behind. I could hear Night screaming and shouting and mixed into that was Aloisa’s voice pleading him to come back, the voices seemed to merge together. Ha, they are made for each other. I looked outside the window to see Night stomping towards us, the bodyguard was already in the car waiting for me to tell him to leave. I continued to watch; Aloisa’s clawed onto Night’s arm trying to push the beast backwards and in the far distance, right behind them, stood Francis with his champagne in his hand. I could have sworn I saw him smile but it quickly disappeared.

‘I must be imaging things,’ I whispered to myself, with my head against the backseat window. ‘Please, drive to my home, my parent’s home I mean.’

‘Of course, ma’am.’

He zoomed off into the distance, Night ran and ran as fast as he could towards the car but he was too late. Too late, indeed. I haven’t spoken to my parents in a long time, will they even want to speak to me? I don’t even know but we shall see. At least this will be the last place he’d suspect us to be at. And with no ‘real friends’, he knows I wouldn’t be anywhere else.

My heart felt like it was breaking into a million pieces, with the shards of memories seeping through. I’m sick of wishing and hoping he’d change, he will never change just sweet talk me into believing he would. I felt beyond stupid, beyond broken. I fell for his lies, I fell for everything. He was my first, my first kiss, my first boyfriend and now fiancé and all I knew about love was from him, wiping away all the things I learnt from seeing my parents away. I thought this was love, but love shouldn’t hurt. Loving him was suicide. Sooner or later, he will devour the last bit of hope and happiness I have within me.

‘We’re here, ma’am.’ My bodyguard brought me out of my depressive thoughts and back into my bleak reality. I thanked him and hopped out of the car. I stared at the building before me. It was one of those fancy apartments you find in parts of London that have a vintage vibe to them, all painted white with black railings and doors. My mother always had expensive taste. I sighed and started to walk towards the black door. Night had already fallen now, and the soft shade of yellow light gleamed beside the door on both ends. My body guard, once again, walked me to the door. I knocked as he waited with me and in just a few seconds, the door opened to reveal a middle aged woman dressed in pretty white pear necklace and a baby blue, off the shoulder dress with bell sleeves.

My beautiful mother.

‘Diora, what you doing here?’ She looked at me with a surprised look on her face as she looked me up and down. ‘You look like a mess, come inside child, come inside.’ She ushered me into the living room. I looked back to see if my bodyguard was still there but I saw he had left and the door already closed.

‘Look who decided to visit her mother!’ My eyes widen when I saw my father sitting at his spot on the left side on the black leather sofa. and beside him where a few people I didn’t recognise but amongst their faces, there was one.

‘Endymion?’ I whispered to myself as if to confirm what I saw true.

‘Welcome home, Diora,’ He sank back into the sofa smirking.

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