Wilted Love

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Chapter 2

The day went by quick, with the night almost about to descend upon us. I was already at my vanity getting ready for the stupid Gala. Naturally, Night was nowhere to be found, and I knew very well he will try to make a fool out of me once again.

Alas, I pushed my thoughts aside and continued my regime for the night. For tonight’s big event, I decided to go with a long red fitted dress, that had a slightly plunging neckline, low back and a high slit. I paired the outfit with my sparkling diamonded encrusted chocker and my red pumps. For the makeup, I decided on a bold, deep crimson red lip and a black glam liner.

I didn’t bother to fiddle with my hair too much, so I left it in soft curls, allowing them to descend down my body, framing my shoulders and arms. I put on a simple gold watch and grabbed my purse. I checked my phone to see no notifications from Night, but plenty from my angry mother in law.

Dior, where are you and Night?

I’m getting ready, Mrs Anson. I have no idea where Night is.

You better get here quickly And get that boy here too!

I rolled my eyes, ignoring the other text messages that flooded my phone from her. I don’t understand why doesn’t she bother to message her son himself instead of bothering me about his whereabouts. The last time I checked, I was his ‘fiance’, not his babysitter. I took a deep breath, shaking my head and walking back to the living room.

Knowing this man, he’s probably somewhere with his friends getting pre-drunk. And who gets the blame for his stupid shenanigans?

I do.

Apparently, there is no manual on how to communicate with this delusional and dysfunctional family. As much as I fantasised about running away, I knew better not to. I knew when I signed that contract that there would be many downs. I knew what I did when I signed my life away to the most notorious man in the whole of Europe.

After reading one of my favourite books, I decided to finally check my phone to see the time. I jumped off the couch in horror when I saw 7:30 pm. ‘Shit! The gala starts at fucking 8:00 pm sharp.’ I scrambled to the hallway quickly grabbing my coat and my bag. I hastily put on my shoes whilst tumbling over. I finally made it to the door in one piece, making sure to do a quick final check.

‘Got my keys, got my phone, okay I’m se-’ I stopped talking the moment I realised I was locked into the apartment. I fiddled and fiddled with the lock but to no avail. ‘This bastard is so getting it.’ I grabbed my phone dialling the receptionist below, explaining my awkward situation.

‘I’m sorry to hear that miss, but weren’t you the very one that requested the locks to be entirely changed?’ The man over the phone questioned.

‘I- I don’t understand what you mean, but please bring someone upstairs to unlock the door.’ I knew this had something to do with Night. He always tried to pull these delays on me. I checked my phone to see a shit ton of missed calls and text messages from my in-laws and friends. I sighed in frustration, banging my head against the wall.

‘You’re so fucking dead Night.’ I whispered under my breath. This man doesn’t want to see me happy, and the feeling is mutual with him. All I wanted to do was to go to the gala and get it over and done with, so I can sleep in till noon. I picked up my phone and dialled Night’s phone, but of course, it went straight to voice mail.

Slowly, I back up to the wall, sliding down and trying to stop my tears shamelessly seeping down my face. Why must he make my life much more complicated than it already is? Just as I was about to wallow in self-pity, I heard the doorknob moving. The door slowly opened and I jumped up as fast as I could, dusting my red dress.

‘Ms Anson?’

‘It’s Ms Dalian to you.’ I sternly corrected the person behind the door. They sheepishly apologised, whilst poking their head through the door. I thanked them and picked up my things, walking out the door.

‘I’m sorry for the miscommunication, Ms An-Dalian.’ They quickly corrected themselves. Seeing the circumstance I’m currently in, I had much more pressing matters to worry about. The man gave me my new key, and I ran as fast as I could down the hall.

‘Don’t trip, don’t trip,’ I kept repeating to myself as I weaved through the crowd of people. Tonight, I couldn’t care about how I looked whilst running, or what people thought of me as I ran through the halls with a red gown.

As soon as the white automatic doors came to view, I felt a rush of relief. I was almost at the door. That’s when my phone rang. I answered the phone without looking, still running towards the exist.


‘Hello my little flower, just thought I’d tell you...’ He trailed off.

‘Tell me what, Night?’ I panted, finally making it outside, where the summer cold nipped at my exposed skin, and the warmth of my breath causing mini fogs.

’Oh, nothing of much importance, just that all the available drivers are off tonight. Hope you can make it to the gala, my love.′ And with that bold statement, he hung up on me. I tried to call him, but each call was sent straight to voicemail. I tried searching for cabs, but all lines were disabled.

Just when I thought it was impossible to despise him any more than I already do, here he comes in his shiny armour to prove me wrong.

‘I can’t- I won’t let you win Night.’ I whispered to myself in between breaths. With that final word, I ran. So help me God, I will make it there tonight. Luckily, I wore my conventional heels that broke into different types of heels. I took off the heel parts and replaced them with my flat ones, I continued to run-ify myself by wrapping the hem of my dress into a knot to make my running a lot easier. He won’t win, not tonight.

I ran even faster than I did before until I saw a group of young people, roughly the ages of 18-19. I noticed one of them holding a skateboard. Transportation is transportation, I guess. I stopped a few feet away from the group, catching my breath before I approach them.

‘Excuse me, I’m really sorry, this will be a little awkward... but how much for that skateboard?’


I managed to make it to the gala in once piece. Thankfully, I had enough cash to pay for that stupid skateboard. I walked inside as gracefully as I could, trying to avoid everyone whilst looking for the bathroom. To my surprise, luck was on my side. The bathroom was right at the entrance on the right. I scuttled inside as quick as I could, trying to not get noticed by the crowd of preying eyes.

I walked towards the mirror, taking a good look at my face. Everything was presentable apart from my tousled hair. I turned on the tap and wet my hands ever so slightly, then patted my head trying my best to salvage the mess.

Once I deemed myself acceptable, I quickly adjusted my breast and walked out of the bathroom. As I swayed my hips down the aisle, I could see eyes on me from old men salivating to young women with adoring looks upon their faces. And of course, amongst the bliss, there will always be a pack of hungry wolves gawking at you from the depths of the shadows. I could see the disgust and the judgemental looks on some people’s faces as I walked further in the hall, trying to find my in-laws.

You can’t please everyone.

As I walked further, a cold hand suddenly wrapped around my wrist, pulling me to the side roughly. I looked to my side to see a furious bitc- mother-in-law. Auriella Anson. The woman who gave birth to the biggest asshole in the whole universe. I put on my best sweet girl look, as much as I hate her, I was afraid of her.

So, it’s much easier to give in to my fear of angering her, instead of trying to stand up to an untamed beast in the middle of an audience who’s anticipating a deadly brawl so they can feast their ears and eyes upon, and to regurgitate for years to come.

‘Wh-what’s the matter Ms Anson?’ She tightened her grip on my arm, as she snarled her lip.

‘Where were you?’ She looked at me up and down in disgust. I tried to form a simple sentence, but her watchful stare bored straight through my soul, making it hard to even speak a word. Just as I was about to muster the courage to speak, someone caught both our attention. A burst of sweet melodic laughter, a laughter that sounded as if it was crafted by the angels above. I turned around to see who’s laughter this belonged to and there she was.

Aloisa Catchaoran, with her arms tightly wrapped around my man’s muscular arms. His hand was upon her, as he looked at her lovingly. If no one knew, they would have assumed they were a couple. A beautiful happy couple.

I hadn’t noticed that Auriella had let go of her deadly grip until I saw her rushing to Aloisa and Night, gushing at them. I watched as they laughed and interacted all so lovingly. Something that I never received from his mother and neither from Night himself. And again tonight, I wonder what I did do wrong? What did I do for him to despise me this much?

I couldn’t take it any longer, torturing myself with my thoughts as I creepily gawked at my fiancé flirting with another woman. I turned around hastily, bumping into something hard.

‘Are you seriously going to allow your fiancé flirt with another woman?’ The deep voice boomed from above.

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