Wilted Love

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Chapter 3

‘I- I don’t remember it being any of your concerns, sir Francis.’ I tried to hide my uncertainty, as I peered through my lashes, trying to take a peek at the man in front of me. He shook his head in what seemed to be disappointment.

He was about my age, maybe a year or two older. He is one of the many influential men in London, coming from a family of high wealth and royalty, I could see why. And of course, the Anson family wouldn’t let such a golden opportunity as becoming friends with a royal slip through their dirty, cunning hands.

I smiled at him and bowed slightly, before excusing myself. Once again, I found myself weaving through the net of curious people as they whispered to each other with expensive champagne in crystal glasses wrapped around their hands. Seeing me without Night Anson seemed to bring a spark into the eyes of the women and men who longed to be with either of us. But to their dismay and mine, it seemed as if someone else has already occupied my lover’s hand.

I walked towards the golden staircase, waving and greeting people along my way. I didn’t want to drink or interact with anyone, not right now. Not when all I will be asked about is ‘Where is Night?’ and ‘When will you guys get married?’ ‘When do you plan on having kids?’ Never, ‘Hey Diora, are you okay?’

Once I made it to the top of the staircase, I walked down the dark, long hall which was filled with portraits of people. Just at the end of the hall, there was an enormous golden glass door, which led you to the balcony. I slowly walked, taking in the illuminating rays of the moonlight that shone through the open doors and into the otherwise dark hallway. The moonlight always fascinated me. It’s white, ghastly glow that would make anything shimmer under its light.

I took a deep breath as I stepped outside, taking in the chilling wind that caressed my skin. The city skyline looked so breath taking from up here, with the shining lights from each direction, to the city noises. I further walked in, putting my hands on the black railing, staring at the beautiful night sky. The stars sparkled and gleamed in the sky, and I couldn’t help but think back to my younger years, back during the years where I was in the warm embrace of my parents.

‘Look, Dior!’

‘What papa?’ I remember asking curiously.

‘You see that star right over there?’ My father pointed at a star and started to connect the dots whilst moving his fingers. I remember looking up in admiration, watching the night sky sparkling down on me whilst my father painted a picture in the sky.

‘I miss you paps.’ I whispered to myself, looking up at the sky, staring at the biggest star there was out there. I was lost in the stars, thinking back to how simple life was when the deep voice of my fiancé brought me out of my daydream trance, startling me in the process.

‘Why did you run off like that?’ I didn’t have to face him to know he was smirking right now. I continued to look at the stars, ignoring his heavy presence. He walked towards me and we both stood still, watching the gleaming stars above.

‘You know, my little flower...’ He trailed off as I still continued to ignore him. ‘I hate when you ignore me, Dior.’ He sternly spoke. I looked at him to see him still staring up at the sky. It’s such a shame, how can such a beautiful human have such an ugly personality? I watched as the soft light of the moon captured his face, so beautifully.

‘I know.’ I softly whispered, still admiring his face from the side, until I saw his face moving to the side. I quickly looked away pretending I was looking at the sky. He gave out a throaty laughter, before wrapping one of his arms around my waist, pulling me closer to him.

‘Don’t be embarrassed.’ He continued to tease me. ‘It’s okay, stare all you want.’ I pushed him slightly, and he let go straight away. I shook my head and turned my back to him. The nerve this man has. His cold fingers grazed my skin slightly as he moved the hair which sat perfectly on my shoulder out the way and replaced it with his chin, supporting his whole head on my shoulder.

‘What do you want, Night?’ I hissed at him, I’m done with his stupid games.

‘Is that a hard question?’ He looked at me, raising his brow. ‘Well you, of course, my love.’ His tone appeared somewhat genuine, but I knew better than to believe his sweet words. I can’t even begin to imagine how many women he’s pulled with that stupid line.

‘Get your hands off of me, Night.’ I sternly demanded, whilst he stepped back without debating. ‘I know I’m not your one and only, I know that very well Night. Just stop it, okay?’ I fully turned around to face him. I could feel my eyes stinging as the tears threatened to fall down my face.

His playful smile was gone and replaced with an emotionless face. I continued to express my pain, whilst trying to keep myself from falling apart. I was hanging from a thin thread that’s been getting thinner and thinner for years, almost about to snap.

‘Listen, I know I’m not your first choice for a bride.’ I sighed. ‘I know that.’ I could see he was about to speak, however, I cut him off quick. ‘Or, even your first choice as a lover, but this is our future, please try to be a little more respectful.’ With that, I turned around to walk back inside. Night’s hand wrapped around my wrist, pulling me back gently, whilst turning me around to face him. I had lost all my energy to fight him.

He pulled me into his chest, resting his head on top of mine. I let my arms fall beside me. We stayed like this for a few seconds, in the embrace of each other until he opened his retched mouth, ruining the sweet moment.

‘Yes, you’re correct.’ I would be lying if I didn’t say this didn’t sting. ‘You’re not my first choice, in fact, not my second, or third.’ He chuckled to himself. ’I’m not even sure I even ‘love’ you.′ With the remaining strength I had in me, I pushed him off. He continued to laugh, shaking his head. I backed away slowly, not once taking my eyes off him.

‘What’s wrong with you?’ I rudely questioned him. His laughter started to fade away slowly, and in doing so, he started to stride towards me. I could feel my heart pounding loudly in my chest, my palms became sweaty and my whole body felt as if a million little butterflies where released under my skin, fluttering aggressively trying to escape.

‘I’ve had enough.’ I turned on my heels and quickly rushed inside. I didn’t want to deal with this jerk.


I ran as fast as I could down the darken hall, until I bumped into someone. I fell backwards and huffed. ‘I’m so sorry.’ I looked up to see who the person I bumped into was.

‘Oh no, I’m sorry!’ Aloisa stood up and dusted her self before stretching her hand towards me. I stared at her hand for a few seconds before accepting her kind offer. I looked at her up and down, taking in her stunning beauty. She looked at me smiling. A big part of me just wanted to walk off, II could sense my anger and jealousy crawling up as the scene of them getting cosy together replayed in my head.

‘I just wanted to ask, where’s Night?’ She asked as she looked behind me, possibly searching for Night.

‘I- he’s not here,’ I replied, whilst smiling.

‘I could of sworn he went up here?’

‘Hm, no, not here, love,’

‘Oh really?’ a familiar voice grabbed both mine and Aloisa’s attention.

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