Wilted Love

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Chapter 4

‘Sir Francis!’ Both me and Aloisa shouted out. Sir Francis looked at both of us with his charming smile, nodding his head towards us before looking to the side. I stood still, not sure of what I should do. Being in the presence of a royal and the woman who is possibly whoring around with my fiancé is quite intimidating.

‘Please, relax ladies.’ He smiled at the both of us, waving his palm up and down. ‘Now, why would you want to know where Night is, Aloisa?’ I couldn’t help but feel smug when I heard this sweet question.

‘I-I just wanted to hang out.’ Aloisa sounded like a young school girl being told off by her teacher. She was caught red-handed in her possible infidelity act.

’Oh, is that so? He hummed. ‘I don’t see why you need to rub elbows with a taken men. There’s plenty of available bachelors downstairs.’ He looked at Alois with a stern look. She didn’t reply, instead she curtsied and excused herself.

I looked up at a smiling Sir Francis, with his hands in his pocket. I smiled back, tucking a bit of my hair behind my ear. I pressed my lips together before popping them. ‘Thank you.’ I smiled at him. He shook his head still smiling. He slowly walked towards me, and stopped just a few inches inches away from me. We were close enough to feel each other’s body heat radiate from each other, yet far enough to clearly see each other.

‘No need to thank me.’ His deep velvety voice broke the calm silence between us. I looked down at my feet, too shy to look up at his intense yet mesmerising hazel eyes. I felt his finger touch the tip of my chin, as he slowly brought my head up, making me look at his towering figure.

‘I don’t understand why you’re with him.’ His face scrunched up in what seemed to be disgust. ‘With a man who doesn’t even love you.’ As much as Night angered me, as much as I was repulsed by his behaviour at times, no one will ever understand the love I have for this man. No one has seen the vulnerable side of him apart from me. The loving side.

I stepped back, trying my best to create as much space between me, Sir Francis and his intense aura. I looked away, cradling myself. I could feel my heart beat pump faster under the watchful eye of Sir Francis; this man could see right through me - all my dark secrets, all my fears, all my worries.

’I see you’re enjoying the presence of my fiancé. Night’s voice ate away the silence. I turned around to see a pissed-looking Night. I couldn’t help but smirk at the idiocy and hypocrisy of this man. Just as I was going to open my mouth, Sir Francis chipped in.

‘Of course.’ He smiled. ‘Who wouldn’t enjoy the presence of such a beautiful, charming woman.’ I turned to look at him, and Sir Francis outstretched his hand, gently picking mind and pecking the top of my knuckles. I starred at him in shock and awe; someone had to give Night a taste of his own medicine, even if that person isn’t me, the feeling of victory rose.

Night snickered in the background before wrapping his had around my arm, dragging me away from Sir Francis. I was in absolute shock. Who did he think he was? Picking me, and dragging me as if I were a ragged doll in a nursery. I struggled to keep up with his fast pace as he dragged me to the end of the hall.

‘What the hell!’ I screamed. Night didn’t seem one bit phased as he continued to weave us through different corridors. ‘Let go off me, now!’ Instead of obeying to my command, he decided to open a random door, shoving me inside with much force, causing me to tumble over my own feet and crashing onto the hard, cold tiled floor.

‘Who the fuck do you think you are?’ Night raged. Too afraid to look up, I continued to lay down on the floor. This wasn’t his usual behaviour. This wasn’t the Night I knew, the Night I fell in love with. ’You think you can make a fool out of me, huh? He continued to ramble in anger, whilst I started to tremble in fear.

‘P-please...’ I tried to form a sentence, but my voice came out as a mere whisper which was quickly drowned out over his loud screeching. I managed to muster up the courage to scream ever louder, and over take his screams with my voice, ‘Stop it! I’ve had enough!’ I slowly got up and faced the demon. I tried to hold back the tears, I didn’t want to show him an ounce of my tur emotions.

He looked at me with disgust in his face, as he charged towards me, grabbing my wrist and pulling me forcefully against his chest. He lowered his face down to my ear and whispered harshly with each word, he squeezed my wrist a little more tightly.

‘Don’t you dare,’ His right hand moved to my waist, once again, squeezing me. ‘Speak back to me. Don’t forget what a worthless, piece of scum you are.’ He let me go, pushing me backwards; I tumbled but managed to hold myself with grace, without falling. His dark brown eyes scanned my body, as his face plastered a loathness look.

‘Tsk, selling your body to a man to pay your parent’s debt.’ A cynical laughter left his lips as he ran his fingers through his dark black hair.

‘How pathetic, and you think you can talk back to me? Back to the man who saved yours and your families ass?’ He looked away, before looking back at me, continuing his spiteful speech as I stood under the illuminating moon light, taking in his verbal abuse, too afraid to speak out.

‘You would of been nothing but a street rat revenging for scrapes in the streets of London, trying to make ends meets. Be grateful I ruined not only my love life, but my reputation for a money hungry whore like you.’ He spat.

And with that final sentence, he walked out, shutting the door hard, and making the whole room shake. I couldn’t hold back my tears any longer. I let them fall shamelessly against my cheek, not bothering to wipe my face at all as I sobbed. I slowly dropped to the cradling myself.

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