Wilted Love

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Chapter 5

I woke up to the sharp light, which escaped from the creeks of the curtains. Although fully emerged within the most finest duvets, I still couldn’t help but notice the coldness within me. My tummy started to churn at the thoughts of last nights events, from being locked up, to him shoving me to the ground. This wasn’t a behaviour he has ever shown. Was it the potential alcohol which reeked from his breath? Or was it the mere fact that he has been holding this within him for years? Lucky for me, last night went by quickly, with me hiding away from Night, his retched mother, and his possible mistress.

I had been with him for at least five years now. Five long depressive years... Some might even question why I had stayed this long, and I have been questioned before. It pains me that even I don’t have an answer to this question, or maybe I do but the pain of unlocking that forbidden thought has me guarded me, stopping me to protect my fragile heart.

I scrunched up my duvet, pulling it closer to me, as I snuggled further into bed. Since I had to call a cab to get back the the apartment, I decided I’d rather go back to our main house, not wanting to face Night at all. I tried to fall back into a peaceful bliss, but it seems like the universe has other plans for me.

My phone rang, and though I tried to ignore, it continued to ring until I turned around to grab my phone from the night stand. I slightly squinted my eyes from the sudden bright light, that emitted from my phone. As soon as my eyes adjusted to the screen, my heart skipped a beat as soon as I read his name. Francis... I was about to answer the call until I heard the main door opening. I felt my skin crawl as my mind raced with many possibilities of who could that be. I tried to think of the most sensible option; the housekeeper had came or it might be Night.

However, I was not about to risk it. I slowly got off the bed, silencing my phone and grabbing the baseball bat which I would always leave under my bed. Slowly, I walked out of the room trying to make as little noise as I possibly could. Just as I made it at the top of the stairway, I heard Night’s voice followed by an angelic laugher. A laughter as beautiful as that could only belong to one person... Alosia.

I slowly turned around, slowly walking back to my room. I put the baseball bat down, and walked towards my wardrobe, aggressively opening the door and rummaging through my neatly placed clothing. If I’m going to interrupt them, the very least I can do is look smack down gorgeous whilst I tear into the both of them with my growing rage.

I settled with a forest green statin dress which cut at the calf, with a deep slit on the right. Pairing it with a thick black belt, embellished with gold detailing, and synched at the waist. I decided to finalise the revenge look with my favourite pair of ankle boots and keeping my makeup to the minimum; blush, liner, and a bit of foundation and gloss can never go wrong.

I walked to the vanity, starting up my curler and listening to the laughter and chit chat coming from downstairs. I wasn’t about to let him get to me. He wants to play dirty, well baby, two can play the game. I grabbed my nearest handbag, sunglasses, and leather jacket and walked out the door. I knew doing this was like playing Russian roulette with the devil, he will always win. However, it won’t hurt to try.


I could feel my heart pound inside my chest, as I walked closer to the staircase. After the millionth pet talk, I managed to set my first foot down the stairs. I could still hear them chatting and laughing downstairs, completely oblivious to the fact they weren’t alone.

Gracefully walking down the stairs, I recited back my little monologue. I replayed multiple scenarios in my head imagining how victorious I would be as I faced the vicious lion. Their laughter grew even more the further down I walked, but so did my anxiety at the possibilities of the million things that could go wrong. Let’s put this in retrospect; my whole revenge-driven outfit and look could amount to nothing because he couldn’t give a flying rat’s ass, and I end up humiliating myself.

‘Oh Dior, aren’t you being toxic?’ I whispered to myself, as I followed their laughter, which lead me to the kitchen. They both stopped laughing and looked at me with shocked faces as I walked inside. Alosia had her back pressed against the marbled worktop, whilst Night mirrored her on the other side leaning against the kitchen isle. Pretending to not see them, I charged to the fridge, which so happened to be next to Alosia. I slowly opened it and bent down, and made sure to arch my back forward, as I chose a simple drink.

‘What you doing here, Diora?’ Night questioned. I simply hummed, as I slowly brought my body up as soon as I grabbed an ice coffee. I pierced the top of the foil wrap with the straw provided, whilst turning around on my heels to look at a curious and slightly furious Night.

I smiled at the both of them before looking away for a brief moment. All my moves have to be calculated, yet natural looking. I faced the both of them with a sickening sweet smile. ‘Morning to you both,’ I wrapped my lips around the tiny straw, gently sucking on it and smiling. Night looked at me up and down, his eyes becoming a darker rich brown then before. He slowly walked towards me, in big long strides. I continued to drink my coffee for a few seconds, before I turned around quickly and started to walk as fast as I could out the kitchen.

My heels clanked against the marbled, and drowned out Night’s interrogation as well as his little minion’s voice, as she called out for him. Once I made it to the front door, I faced Night with a sharp turn. My hair fluttered around before settling down on my shoulder ever so gently. I smiled at Night once again, and just as I was about to speak out, a knock at the door took mine, Night’s and little-miss-fiancé-gold-digger-minion’s attention.

I spun around quickly, opening the door before Night could reach me. I looked up and gasped. I couldn’t believe my eyes as I looked at them.

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